A friendly St. Bernard named "Cujo" contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a small American town.

Cujo is a 10 years old dog, which is 100kg. It is the best friend of Brett Camber. One day, Cujo chases a rabbit, which is living in a cave full of giant bats. Here, Cujo is bitted by these bats. And then, it becomes a mad and aggressive dog. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiberio S (de) wrote: The final shot breaking the fourth wall almost undoes everything, but otherwise this film holds up nicely.I love the character interactions between youth and adult - it's so risqu and yet normalized over the course of its awkwardness. That they develop into a kind of quasi-posse is actually exciting. A lot of times we see these cliques form of people that should never be friends, and we really embrace that. Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men... But that's contrived, they are aiming at selling us on this should-never-be status, but meanwhile we know what they're driving at. Here, the forbidden is clear with stakes raises by having an assistant principal involved who knows all these youths through school - she definitely knows she shouldn't be here, but she feels more free amongst them. It creates conflict at home with her conservative, money man, adult-oriented husband John, perfectly embodied by Joshua Harto. The core of the group are Leigh, Todd, Little Jason, and Matt. There's an odd moment that kind of works when director Garcia sidesteps Todd and Matt getting to know one another, something which will further develop. It's at this point the camera focuses on a two-shot ensconcing Leigh and Little Jason intimately as they get to know one another over some pot. The moonlight may backlights them a bit too stark, but I appreciate that it's there to create some separation and add an element to the scene that'd otherwise be muddled in a muted navy blue. What this isolation does is it allows for Matt and Todd to develop without having to contrive a lengthy dialogue - we need to keep Leigh and Little Jason the central focus, but we'd like to know that each time we arrive at the Todd and Matt, there's more to their story. Also, not knowing just what they're developing allows us to wonder for a moment whether or not what Todd is doing to Matt later is acceptable to Matt... It is definitely not, and creates such mistrust that it leads to his ultimate demise, having nobody left to trust or care about in Ridgefield, CT. Cinematographer does a quality job setting director's stage, keeping the frame interesting at all times. Use of wide-lens is select, but poignant. There's a low angle capturing Bell at her lifeguard chair near the rail. There's them driving through the field, recapturing their youth, wide lens freely panning around to create a sense of dizzying freedom. There's a shot framing the four adults a the table of a restaurant oddly placed in front of a gas station, whose parking lot is inhabited by skaters. It stands out without anyone having to point it out, and I'd of preferred they left it that way rather than the cheesy cutaways that come later in the scene. Its as if Garcia was backing herself up, not confident that framing them wide, in focus, and spotlit in the BG would do the job. It's an ugly shot with the gas station, but it's kind of supposed to be, and I ultimately like what it foretells. These worlds of adult and youth are going to mere, FUELING the flames that ignite illicitly -- they are later at a youth party with some kind of bonfire going.

Nupur D (au) wrote: A simple storyline perhaps all can relate to. Predictable in its emotionality and tear-jerking moments, it does show us how Kapoor/Sid does wake up and take on life's responsibilities as demonstrated by Sharma/Aisha. There is a lack of actual struggle in Sid and Aisha's life leading to a certain lack of realism in the plot.

Jillian S (ru) wrote: Couldn't eat McDonald's for a year after this. Makes you think about what you put into your body.

Ian R (mx) wrote: It's a shame that Bill Plympton is working in relative obscurity when you see wackiness like this. He's a real creative genius in a field that has had a few in its day. Bizarre and original.

Tim M (es) wrote: "A blending of sci-fi elements, gothic horror, spaghetti westerns and Beauty and the Beast romance." "The movie has a visual poetry that's refreshing." "Surprisingly entertaining and very clever."

Gary K (gb) wrote: Charming yet very slowly paced. Strong performances and picturesque setting.....still, I felt underwhelmed.

Aj V (us) wrote: A familiar story line, but still a good movie for a low budget sci-fi fifties movie, I enjoyed it.

Dean K (mx) wrote: One for the trailer made it look much better category. It's a mix of Blair witch project and Turistas (Paradise lost). Told in hand held cam format as two couples head into the jungle looking for a long lost heir to the Rockefeller fortune. Very slow to start and quite bleak, by the end you don't care what happens to them. Only gets gory for the last 15 mins or more. One for camcorder horror fans only really.