Cuori nella tormenta

Cuori nella tormenta

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   love,   1980s,  

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Cuori nella tormenta torrent reviews

Jordan C (us) wrote: A great little film that is a mix of hilarity its definitly a dark comedy but with a great twist watch it have fun with it and remember its cheaply made

Robbie V (de) wrote: Stupid, gross, occasionally offensive...but pretty funny.

Sarah J (au) wrote: I loved this movie when I was little.

Trent R (ca) wrote: Weird tv movie that milks an insane premise extremely well. Based on a Jack Vance novel and directed smartly by Buzz Kulik, (Twilight Zone). Ronald's paintings of his fantasy world characters, and voyeuristic weirdness are played out convincingly. This makes the most of what they can and can not do in the medium of the time, and within those limits it delivers quite well.

AJ E (it) wrote: I agree with someone else on here who describes this as "pure hell on celluloid", but I find that to be a good thing rather than bad. The animation is constantly challenging, over-the-top, revolting and beautifully layered. That said, I don't see myself ever watching this with anyone, ANYONE else, or even recommending it, for fear that they'l think I'm racist, sexist or just a general pervert.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Directors McGuire and Gray go down an Easy Rider type road and try to make it a trippy, ignoring horror and spend too much time trying to be psychedelic. The final scene with the werewolf on the motorbike is the balls but up until then it is just painful to watch.

Kristen P (de) wrote: Gorgeous colors and great music.

Sausages M (de) wrote: Amusingly campy melodrama with Crawford being a bitch. The supporting players do quite well, but I think this is just too much of a 'vehicle' and a little too Tennessee Williams-lite to be worth more than an arched pair of eyebrows (how appropriate) on a bored afternoon. I expected it to veer over into high camp, but it doesn't quite make it there despite Joan's best efforts. At times, the pace is overtly sluggish, and the characters are all a little one-dimensional- especial Crawford, who has no real depth here beyond being nasty. More could have been made of the husband- Sullivan does his best but it doesn't really work.Consequently, the whole thing comes off as soapy. Having said all that, it's an entertaining enough film- probably the sort that improves upon a second viewing- with the boys and the booze!!

Mochiuki S (ca) wrote: Carole Lombard is one of the greatest comedic actresses who has ever walked God's green earth. She and Fredric March are perfectly matched in this marvelous classic of a screwball comedy which skewers the press's tendency towards creating false stars just to tear them down again. Filmgeek Note: this film was the first time most of the world got to see New York City in color.

Patrick W (au) wrote: Ellen Ripley as a human/alien hybrid? Okay, I'm listening. Script lacking any real point other than to escape getting killed by aliens. Yeah, you're losing me. Oh and Brad Dourif's character really is just off putting and terrible. Decent amount of "alien action" saves the flat dialogue from a lower score with this one. Pretty surprising seeing as that Joss Whedon wrote this one.

wedstarfish 8 (br) wrote: Billy Madison is a movie with two handfuls of laughs, slapstick violence, and childish humor.

Pavinder A (jp) wrote: Movie was dope for its genre. Ghetto style ass kicking with some great acting. Not joking -- the acting was great.

Mark A (nl) wrote: Closer is an unabashedly sardonic and cynical film, made utterly entertaining and mesmerizing by its sharp direction, fantastic performances, and hefty dose of black comedy. It's a gloriously trashy movie filled with gloriously trashy characters, but it's also, unfortunately, true to life

Randy T (mx) wrote: Tarantula is 50's sci-fi gold, complete with a giant guinea pig and a mysterious microphone that appears from time to time in the upper frame of certain scenes. Unless you suffer from severe arachnophobia, this is not a film that will cause you any sleepless nights. It is, however, a lot of fun to watch and a must-see for those who are old enough to remember Saturday nights at the local drive-in theater watching two-for-one "creature features".

Rob A (nl) wrote: Not bad. Action packed.