A brother and sister with a past incestuous relationship have a current murderous relationship. He murders the women who reject him and she murders the women who get too close to him.

A brother and sister with a past incestuous relationship have a current murderous relationship. He murders the women who reject him and she murders the women who get too close to him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luciano G (gb) wrote: "Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge" is a let down..... the story is a thin, fragile spectre of the Max Seed mythos, with more torture porn attention paid than actual, purposeful story, plus the setting and deeper development of Max Seed's character, and a few others introduced, just seems convoluted..... on a positive note, the kills are gruesome, bloody and brutal.... the ending that ties into the first film is a really cool moment in the film but not enough to save this sequel.... if you set out to see the film just be warned that it is less impressive than the first movie by Uwe Boll.....

DorothyJean D I (nl) wrote: i want to see more of these type of stories in theaters. it felt like an awesome independent film. :)

Aniket P (gb) wrote: what a movie! Vidya Balan is too good at acting. Amazing suspense movie, must watch especially for that amazing ending

Lawrence D (au) wrote: It's an alright film, except some are just non sense.

Eduardo S (fr) wrote: me gusto, nada increible pero la disfrute

Michael Y (ag) wrote: A complicated little piece about Canada's cultivation history, Black Robe isn't your happy movie where everyone gets along in the end. This is the times as they were, and that's just fine. A Jesuit on a mission to bring Christianity to the Huron tribe of Canada is going to need a little help from the Algonquins to cross the vast wilderness. Tension rises within the Algonquins as the judge the Jesuit's religion, but he is determined in his belief that through Christ he can save them from their "savage ways", even when horrors come for them. It takes a bit of Canadian history knowledge and interest to like this movie, but what you see in Black Robe is a heavy racial drama about the pride or 2 races, and whether a priest truely wants to save a race he thinks strange and sinful. This is a bold, depressing and unforgiving film about cultural differences that doesn't tie everything up in a bow, (especially if you know your history) but it makes for an incredibly thoughtful and well written history piece movie. It may be a small movie, but a fine looking one at least. This movie mostly takes place right in the wilderness, so there's a lot of beauty in the scenery, but in a very dreary and dark sort of way, heavy shadows and a snowy setting make this movie even more depressing. But the real beauty comes from the creative and dark cinematography that sets an entirely different mood than what you would expect. Nice variation in costumes and makeup to destinguish different tribes, and great set designs that look totally regal. And there's a nice smooth music score that builds up a lot of the movie's emotion. This is like Canada's answer to The Mission, but Black Robe is a more bleaker and depressing side of European/Christian cultivation. But what Black Robe presents is a great character study of prejudice and a journey that might be strange to others, but doesn't need to be explained because it's what the main character believes in, which will raise questions by the time you watch it all till the end.

Allan C (fr) wrote: I really dug this marital arts action film! Directed by Lau Kar Leung, who did some other classics, including "Drunken Master II" and "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin" he really delivers a classic here. Besides the film having terrific martial arts action, I think I was most taken with Lo Lieh's evil white-beard-stroking-character, Bai Mei, who I'm sure was the inspiration for the white-bearded Gordon Liu character in Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films, Pai Mei. Probably the only weak point of the film is more an issue for my western sensibilities, in that the film has the genre's usual oddball tonal shifts, going from ultra-violent eye-gouging action to ridiculous slapstick (i.e.. Bai Mei grabbing an opponents foot with his crotch and then grabbing the opponent across the ground). This film is a real classic and one I want to re-watch sometime soon.

Jason P (nl) wrote: It's like two movies--tense ethical thriller, then high stakes detective drama. Great acting, as usual, by Mifune--his character's transformation is incredible. The scene where the kidnapper gets a light from the man he's extorted in front of the shoe store is Kurosawian and Hitchcockian at the same time. The scenes in dope alley are mesmerizing and harrowing. I've only seen Kurosawa's samurai films before this, and this was just as incredible. Truly a master.

Mary P (us) wrote: I work with people with memory impairment and their families and Alive Inside is the only movie out there that shows what can be done to enhance the lives of those affected. If you didn't like it then you have probably never come in contact with someone struggling with this disease. The movie is a powerful demonstration of a simple intervention with and IPOD and music. We spend billions on drugs yet the cost of a weeks worth of drugs could buy an IPOD and give so much more joy. Congratulations to Dan and Michael, Alive Inside should be seen by anyone who wants to see the power of music. You have to see it

Tanner M (ru) wrote: I actually enjoyed this movie. I originally thought it would be a disaster, but no the movie pulled it off. I liked the new twist of having the main girl be a person in a wheelchair. The movie can drag on at times, but it's all worth it for the cool twist ending. This movie isn't as good as the original Child's Play trilogy, but close.

Jei P (ca) wrote: its so hard for me to light political anything!

Bridget C (gb) wrote: Deeply disappointing

Kathie H (it) wrote: If you love Hank it is worth seeing for the costumes etc...Hiddleson does a great job, but the story is not well written or interesting. They needed a cinematographer and more mood.