Two escaped brothers track down the people who sentenced them to death row, including a doctor and the judge. But when they get to the D.A. and his family they have an especially lengthy revenge plot in mind for them.

Two escaped brothers track down the people who sentenced them to death row, including a doctor and the judge. But when they get to the D.A. and his family they have an especially lengthy revenge plot in mind for them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul A (it) wrote: pretty good documentary, disturbing story, about a cannibalistic serial killer, I think it could of been a better documentary though.

Cynthia S (br) wrote: Am I rooting for the underdogs these days? I was mesmerized by this movie, yet others seemed to not like it.....Great cast. Captivating. Raw, without being cheap. This is a story largely revolving around religion and music, but mostly having to do with personal struggles, and ethics. Well done film, with a very satisfying ending. Personally, I think that Mark Ruffalo has a promising career as a director.

Russell H (it) wrote: Larry The Cable Guy is funny as a small part of a stand-up routine, not as an leading actor. Bill Engvall has no business being famous.

Alex S (nl) wrote: Small-scaled look at the price paid in the face of the increasing Islamist fundamentalism of Pakistan. Effectively intimate, the film works best in reveling in the small details of its place and time. Perhaps a little hard to parse for those more ignorant to 20th century Pakistani history, yet it provides lots of nuances for us to ponder: the son's discontent with the lack of economic choices in rural Pakistan, the mother's disillusionment with the sexism of both Islam and Sikhism, etc.

jenna k (kr) wrote: ish they plat this on disney sometimes and its all like zenis the penis im just like WTF???

Alan F (mx) wrote: it was a good original movie

AZ D (kr) wrote: This is a great little film for lovers of the organized crime genre!! Although low budget with a mostly unknown cast, the performances and chemistry between the actors are top notch!! A film about loyalty and betrayal between childhood friends that test their friendship to the limits!! Look for the young academy award winning Mira Sorvino in the cast!! One of my favorites!!!

MEC r (kr) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Whit w (kr) wrote: This is another fun Amicus anthology starring Donald Pleasance and Joan Collins. The wraparound story presents "Doctor" Pleasance overseeing the primary victims of four short stories within the walls of an insane asylum. I really liked the glaringly white set and the ready-to-snap sanity of Pleasance's doctor. The wraparound story itself is very thin. Nothing as cool as Amicus Film's quite similar 1972 effort, "Asylum". The four stories that make up the creamy center of the movie are all really good, though. And they are surprisingly original. The first is a story of a little boy with a very large imaginary friend and some very annoyingly self-centered parents. I don't think I need to explain what happens, but one thing I will point out is that there is some surprising gore here. It's nothing excessive mind you, it's just unexpected. The second entry is a tale of an antiques dealer who acquires a penny-farthing and an old picture of "Uncle Albert". It sounds boring on the surface and doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense, but watch for the changing expressions of the picture of Uncle Albert. They are strange and creepy in their presentation. Thirdly, Joan Collins is challenged for the affections of her boyfriend by a section of a tree that he found in the woods. Yep, you read that right. Finally, Kim Novak's daughter is sacrificed to appease the spirit of her handsome client's dead mother. This is probably my least favorite of all of the stories but the main course served at the ritual dinner and the way it is presented is stomach-turning. The ending of the wraparound story is supposed to be a twist but really doesn't make a lot of sense. But dammit if it doesn't make for a satisfying finish.

Keating T (ag) wrote: A bit confusing, but like all of the stories Hitch chooses, it is worth it in the end. He displays a couple of his trades marks, including a large emphasis on shadows, sometimes too much.

Cathlene B (gb) wrote: It hurts to be a teacher. This movie shows it.

Michelle M (br) wrote: I swear I only want to see this for the dancing. I assume the plot is stale and the dialog unoriginal (like Stomp the Yard - I only watched it for the stepping!!!!)