Curse of Alcatraz

Curse of Alcatraz

A curse borne of torture and isolation comes to life and terrorizes a group of scientists who travel to the Alcatraz Prison to investigate a series of unsolved murders. The very last film ever to be shot on The Rock, prepare to experience the terror yourself inside the prison's haunted and deadly walls!

A terrifying horror within the walls of the infamous Alcatraz Prison. The last film ever shot on The Rock! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Curse of Alcatraz torrent reviews

Rintuna S (au) wrote: One whole star only for Varun Dhawan's performance.

Geoff J (es) wrote: How do you make yr low budget slasher fun and memorable? why you add a kick ass disco soundtrack and vibe....

Camille K (it) wrote: Intressante cette petite balade en bus ! Je ne crierai pas "formidable !" ni au chef-d'oeuvre, mais ce film est un vrai Gondry et le voyage vaut le dtour, tantt navrant tantt porteur d'espoir.

Sylvester K (gb) wrote: It was cute except it was not funny at all... How do you know had excellent chemistry between Witherspoon and Rudd but script was it was disastrous and the running time way too long for a pleasant viewing.

Matt H (kr) wrote: This is an atrocious film! Nothing new is brought to the table, and there is no entertainment value to be had. There is nothing good that can be said about this Texas Chainsaw Massacre knock off.

Joe C (fr) wrote: A powerful film about survival in the concentration camps during WW2.

Denny T (ag) wrote: In my opinion, this is an excellent "Rocky Balboa" hero type movie in a marshal arts setting starring Jean-Claude Van Damme in his 1980's prime.

David F (ca) wrote: A surprisingly gritty movie about teenagers in a special High School for performing arts in NYC circa 1980. The period detail is great, depicting New York before it(TM)s Disneyfication through the eyes of kids determined to express themselves through music, acting and dance. Ultimately the cast is too large and their individual problems too stereotypically presented to be very captivating.

Jaysin H (nl) wrote: A wonderful film for William Castle fans. Hard to find and perhaps under-appreciated.

Matt B (ca) wrote: The sort of old timey cinema that still played by one too many theater rules, but even mediocre Lumet is usually worth a gander. If you need a break from summer's lite cinematic fare, curl up with your favorite anti-depressents, queu this up on Netflix, and enjoy!