Curse of the Blood Ghouls

Curse of the Blood Ghouls

On their wedding night, a newlywed couple find themselves menaced by a bloodthirsty vampirer.

On their wedding night, a newlywed couple find themselves menaced by a bloodthirsty vampirer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas W (mx) wrote: In Their Skin wishes that it were a tense psychological thriller but it is more annoying and boring than anything else as it is yet just another "home in the woods" horror flick that feels like it has been done before. After the tragic death of their daughter, the relatively affluent Hughes family decides that the best way to "get their lives back" is to grieve "off the grid" (of course ... as it is necessary for this specific genre) in their nice summer/vacation home by a random lake in the middle of the woods. The married couple (Joshua Close [The Exorcism of Emily Rose] and Selma Blair [Hellboy]) struggle to reconnect both emotionally and intimately and their living son is just kind of there. When a chipper yet incredibly and uncomfortably odd family shows up offering them some chopped wood (?), they are invited over to the house for dinner and ... well, the new family (James D'Arcy [Hitchcock] and Rachel Miner [The Black Dahlia]) wants more than dinner. They want the Hughes' lives! Even though parts of In Their Skin are superior to other very similar films of this type, predictability in this genre is a killer more deadly than smiling neighbors.

Kristina W (nl) wrote: Really beautiful movie with an incredibly strong female lead.

(mx) wrote: a very cute, romantic movie

Joshua L (jp) wrote: good movie but poorly directed. it had potential

Brice B (br) wrote: "Paparazzi" raises some ideas that are interesting and are worth taking seriously, but it uses the safe formula of a thriller to compress its story and make the villains more bitter and savage and the victims more vengeful than rational. The movie was produced by Mel Gibson. Gibson said he and a group of friends shared some paparazzi stories and maybe they should have collaborated their ideas more acutely with the screenplay because I can hardly believe that the paparazzi's target would scheme around with a black mask killing off the paparazzi that severely wounded his family. How about more names and real events. Hollywood is in this movie, but we do not believe the actor really exists in the world. It's more name-game than real atmosphere. In other words, it's no "Sunset Boulevard." Now the story is about a new actor arriving in town named Bo Laramie (Cole Hauser), who sees how it works with the paparazzi here, infamously stalking his good name and reputation, looking for Bo at his most vulnerbale, like at his kids' soccer game. Bo punches out the cameraman, a fury machine named Harper (Tom Sizemore). Harper and his three cronies have nothing better to do than get the perfect shot of Bo Laramie. When they cause their car to be involved in a horrific car accident, it is easy to believe that they would have no empathy, but then there is a scene that involves a paparazzi's leg hanging by a thread from a motorcycle, about to fall off a mountain. Maybe mainstream was not the way to go, if it was not going to pack its punches and use the intriguing idea of how paparazzis operate as a foil for a thriller vehicle. It is too safe, takes the usual jabs and punches associated with a film that maybe should have taken the documentary route, I guess, where it would be able to be more open. Then again, it has real actors in the movie like Matthew McConaughey and Vince Vaughn in the movie, but you do not really believe that they are part of the system, that there is a confident tone here and that real people exist in these situations. Mainstream movies could be just as open and uncompromising. Look at other great movies about Hollywood: "Ed Wood," "L.A. Confidential," "Sunset Boulverard." There is still another movie to be made about the ideas that "Paparazzi" raises, but does not execute.

Bjrn Gabriel L (us) wrote: Terrible film. It's supposed to be a comedy, but it's no fun.

Jose G (kr) wrote: An underrated gem. Ahead of it's time showcasing a side of Eastwood we rarely see.

Matthew C (kr) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever had the displeasure of seeing.

Adam E (nl) wrote: ?31 Days of Horror (2011): #23

Nathan M (ca) wrote: Hitchcock proves that humor isn't too far from tension as he wonderfully constructs hilarious mysteries and complex scenarios with #thetroublewithharry.

Maximus D (mx) wrote: A very funny and entertaining film. Ben Stiller is very underrated as a movie villain

Ian M (au) wrote: A gorgeous romance with attractive, mature, funny dialogue, an incredible setting, characters whom you really like. A powerful, memorable, wonderful movie. One of my favorites.