Curse of the Golden Flower

Curse of the Golden Flower

During China's Tang dynasty the emperor has taken the princess of a neighboring province as wife. She has borne him two sons and raised his eldest. Now his control over his dominion is complete, including the royal family itself.

During China's Tang dynasty the emperor has taken the princess of a neighboring province as wife. She has borne him two sons and raised his eldest. Now his control over his dominion is complete, including the royal family itself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elena V (au) wrote: Very funny! Not what I expected which was a plus.

Tavip T (ru) wrote: Funny, witty and I am surprised that Diane Kruger speaks good French in this movie. Anyways, a good romantic movie that you can enjoy to watch.

Debbie M (nl) wrote: Pretty Good.Held my interest,but reminded me of Misery in a lot of ways.

jai w (ca) wrote: Definition of shocking thriller.

maxwell w (es) wrote: Disney a magnum opus. A great film in every way, finding a flaw in this film is difficult, but it's not exempt. Still, the flaws are minimal. I highly recommend this film.

Zachary Y (ag) wrote: Much better than European with much better actors for the children

Simon D (br) wrote: just rewatched this for the first time since the late 80's. This is probably the only film I have ever seen where I can say that the make-up was the best part of the film. The actors were very annoying and the story was a lot less complex than I remembered. I guess I'm gonna have to watch the sequels now to try and understand exactly why this became a cult classic in nerd circles.

Cresswell S (au) wrote: "My Name is Michael Caine"

STCENTERPRISE (fr) wrote: Sergeant YorkSergeant Alien York and Gary Cooper shared similar beliefs, life styles which they could relate to such as shooting, raised in the country, how they were viewed in the publics eye. Because of that I think that Gary Cooper was able to do more to add to his part the honesty, realism and believability.Howard Hawks did a good job in displaying the war in the trenches as well as cutting the film for comedy purposes in the case of the beginning of the film when an old man walks in to the church service late and the wood floor boards are creaking. Directed by Howard HawksMusic by Max SteinerI have never seen a preacher work in the general convent store shop for the local shop as well as church before this film. I like how they integrated the Bible, Bible verses, and Early American history in order to find out why to fight based upon religion. God and country defend.Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God what belongs to God. Trust into something bigger than own self. This film manages to depict a very good image of trench warfare during World War I that portrays an honesty concerning the aspects of the fears, horrors, but manages to put in the heart with a little comedy of unexpectedness that seemed natural instinct and honesty that may be considered unusually unexpected in such as situation and in normal situations can be an unusual find. For instance this film has instances sergeant Allen York saying its just like shooting turkeys when shooting the Germans in the Trenches, having a bunch of Germans decide to surrender or being smart enough to have the German leader say we are surrounded serenader. Or facing the problem of a POW camp not excepting the prisoners because it can not fit them all in.This film is good in that it does not begin with the World War but instead starts in 1916 with a Newspaper that reads about the situation in the Battle of Verdun in France and how those in the countryside of Kentucky and Tennessee see the war before 1918.This film I see how it was viewed as relatable in the 1940's to the American People because it deals with a hard worker, farmer seen as low on the economical chain, a hunter, religion. This film hits upon the themes which are all aspects which mankind deals with. The ideals that are to be considered the American way of life as well as the Biblical way. Going places you don't feel comfortable with but God or country has led you to. I can understand how this film was used as a World War II propaganda film to recruit soldiers. This film does a great job and has a strong message about faith, loyalty, trust, truth, honesty, working hard and more. One flaw I did find is that it is clear when a place is filmed on a set, is at a real location or is using real footage that already exist which I think is a problem. I understand that it is the way films were made back in the day but I don't think it is good when an audience member can clearly identify when something is fake verses real because it can detract from the way the story is being told when an audience member is paying attention to other things rather than the story itself. If an audience member does not believe in the world the character is in it looses something. For me some of the country side scenes of Tennessee did that for me in this film just because I could not see a particular distance so I knew the set was contained or the lighting did not look right for the environment or time of day.

Laken B (de) wrote: This movie wasn't great by any means, but it is well worth it to see Kate in one of her early leading roles. Quite frankly, she never looked lovelier. March was great as her dapper, handsome Scottish hero. Florence Eldridge turned in a nice supporting role as the evil, hell-bent on destroying Mary, Elizabeth; altough the characterization of Elizabeth, at times, seemed a bit over the top. I'm not sure why this film didn't work. March (who, as always, looked quite lovely himself) and Hepburn are convincing in their only on-screen pairing. The film seems to lack direction, which is odd, considering John Ford directed it. Overall, this is worth a look. If anything, it's worth a look just for the on-screen greatness of March and Hepburn.

Anne R (jp) wrote: Not sure if I found this movie mediocre because of the ending or the story was just slow?

Steven H (fr) wrote: It's the worst movie ever made.

Johnny R (jp) wrote: kinda forgot how bad this actually was. but I still watch it ever December

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