Cut Loose

Cut Loose

Tom, een jonge, progressieve journalist, wil settelen met zijn vriendin, maar net dan kruist de beeldschone asielzoekster Nadia zijn pad. Ze haalt zijn emotionele leven volledig uit evenwicht. Op de krant vindt hij ook al geen evenwicht, want daar botsen zijn idealen meer en meer met de realiteit. Als dan ook nog een nieuw leidersfiguur onder de allochtone jongeren opstaat, slaat zijn wereld helem

Tom, a young and idealistic left wing journalist, is about to settle with his girl friend when his life and views get shaken up by the young and beautiful Pakistani refugee Nadia. At work ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mehek A (gb) wrote: Wish it was not as much british because missed many words because of the strong accent. Ending was the best to make it a 3 star.

Greg W (jp) wrote: good period piece reminded me of 'the red violin"

Efrainalfredo B (mx) wrote: Liked a lot. The history of Hypatia from Alejandria, a scientist in tumultuous times.

AD O (mx) wrote: cultural divides in a terrible country; a good but frustrating watch.

Scott C (gb) wrote: This was actually a pretty good little low-budget horror movie similar to HILLS HAVE EYES. A group of people take off for a deserted area of Mexico to surf, which is a big mistake! Pretty creepy, the acting is pretty good, and whilst we have the usual people doing stupid things stuff, you actually like the characters and there's an Okay flashback explanation for what's going on. The gore is minimal and there's nudity. You could do worse for 1:22. Caught this on Netflix instant watch.

Devon W (ru) wrote: depressing but reals you in and insightful

David L (mx) wrote: Great concept, great cast, and great entertainment. Panic Room revolves around a mother and daughters struggle to defend their million dollar town house on the night they move into it. Complete with several floors and an impenetrable steel room, it provides the ideal setting for a cat and mouse chase between them and 3 burglars. Typically the items the thieves are after are located in the safe room hence why they persist with their intrusion, whilst inside, the two females conjure up ideas to attract help. With the majority of the movie taking place in one room, it's reasonable to assume it could become dull, yet this is never the case. There is plenty of originality to keep the suspense rolling with the cast taking it in turns to have the upper hand, both in and outside of the room. Definitely an advert for girl power with two strong leads often getting the better of the three male counterparts, despite them not having access to an Arsenal of weopans, although not all of the villains are as brutal as one another. The range of personalities and traits in this film add to its appeal, with the merciless Raoul, sneaky Junior, and big softy Burnham all having opposing views as to how their heist should proceed, whilst the girls must overcome their physical disadvantage and diabetes in order to survive in such a claustrophobic environment. The success of this movie is of course helped by a very familiar looking group of faces, which ensure the story is solidly performed. It's one which I'd happily watch over again despite it not being my usual crude humour or slasher thriller, which may go some way to further strengthening its status of being a quality production.

Demonic N (kr) wrote: This looks really crap.

M C (jp) wrote: Lovely humorous 80s noodle-western.

Eric B (jp) wrote: Yasuzo Masumura's "Blind Beast" is a wild, confrontational film in every way. Its small cast (only three actors) would be a radical enough move, even without the story's bold theme of sadomasochistic obsession.Aki (Mako Midori, also in Oshima's "Three Resurrected Drunkards") is a fashion model whose renown attracts Michio (Masumura favorite Eiji Funakoshi), a blind sculptor who compulsively crafts likenesses of beautiful women via exploring their curves with his hands. It's all part of his grand manifesto about a new form of art based on touch rather than sight. Armed with a delusional sense of purpose, Michio and his mother (Noriko Sengoku) kidnap Aki and imprison her in his studio as he prepares his ultimate masterpiece. Aki understandably treats him like a demented kook, but is gradually sucked into his quest. Her change of heart eventually turns rather implausible as the pair's relationship escalates into seriously twisted territory."Blind Beast"'s unrelenting intensity and lack of variety (most of the action is one-on-one conversation between Aki and Elji) would be a chore if not for the film's secret weapon: its set. Imagine a large, darkened room where spotlit walls are covered with clusters of isolated body-part sculptures. Eyes, ears, mouths, noses, legs, arms, breasts...even navels. Meanwhile, two giant, headless bodies recline in the middle of the floor. Many crucial scenes occur with the two stars draped across these oversized female forms. Even if you forget this movie's premise, you'll never forget its decor.

Adam M (kr) wrote: Based on Jean Larteguy's excellent novel "The Centurions" this film follows a group of French Paratroopers from the endgame of the IndoChina war at Dien Bien Phu to the Algerian War. Anthony Quinn is fantastic as the hard-ass colonel. As much action as war films like the "Dirty Dozen" it also has a surprising deal of depth in that it doesn't portray the war in Algeria as a black-and-white/good-and-evil issue. We see atrocities and horrors commited by both the French and Algerians. I highly recommend seeing this film alongside "The Battle of Algiers."

Thomas O (mx) wrote: A really fun movie to watch.

William K (kr) wrote: This 2 hr movie feels at times like a 3 hr movie. Even by Kurasowa's standards, some of the scenes go on way too long. Still, and perhaps in spite of any attempt at editing, this film does succeed whenever "Dersu" is on camera. In essence this is a film about friendship between two cultures, and one man's inability to adapt to "civilized" life. If you are looking for classic, more action based Kurosawa, stay with "Seven Samurai", "Throne of Blood" or "Ran". This film at times feels more Bergman than Kurosawa.

Bill T (us) wrote: Fun Charlie Chan vehicle here, as Chan goes to a TV/Radio studio to seek out a killer. Mantan gets all the best lines and he's less annoying than usual. Which I can say the same for Benson Fong. Is really quite fun and humorous, loses it somewhat during the final act though.

Quiche E (it) wrote: Cradingue, inconstant, insolant !