Cutting Up

Cutting Up

Cutting Up is a short documentary that examines female bodybuilding from the perspective of three women dedicated to the sport. These female competitors, including 8x Ms. Olympia champion ...

Cutting Up is a short documentary that examines female bodybuilding from the perspective of three women dedicated to the sport. These female competitors, including 8x Ms. Olympia champion ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester K (ca) wrote: Much better than the predecessor but some of the entries were still pretty horrible (due to the pollution of multiculturalism in some entries) but there were a few really great shorts such as S is for Split, D is for Deloused, K is for Knell, O is for Ochlocracy, U is for Utopia and Z is for Zygote.

Ruben L (de) wrote: Not only are the actors hot, the story-line is hot, and the scenes are hot! This was def a soft-core movie that had me fully erect for the majority of it. I loved it and now am in love with Marcel! The sex scenes are amazing, especially the rape scene. Fantastic, i def would love to see more of it!

LUCA Z (ru) wrote: Virz is one of the few italian directors I admire, check out "Caterina"!

Jacob F (gb) wrote: Amazing film. The cast does a great job especially Ellen Burstyn, its directed and edited perfectly, and the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. It's haunting and disturbing, but impossible to look away from. It's basically the ultimate anti drug movie.

Johnny L (es) wrote: Very raw and real. You'll want to read about the production technique.

Frit C (fr) wrote: God, it's good! Ardently good. Beautiful true story of CS Lewis and his American wife, Joy Gresham

Nonya B (jp) wrote: This movie was straight up stupid, the only thing that I liked in this movie was Rourke, and his Harley, he was pretty damn sexy other then that, this movie was a waste of time I just can't believe I sat thought the whole thing prolly because of Rourke.

Jessie S (au) wrote: This is actually one of the few westerns I can sit through and enjoy (and they are on quite frequently when my family gets together). Kevin Sorbo is super good looking in this and plays his character well. The best character in the movie though is Maggie's daughter. She's the most adorable child actress in the planet! This movie has a good story and the good guy's win which is nice once in awhile.

Movie K (br) wrote: To me this movie is titled Ffolkes. A rather good action thriller. Old school action style. Roger Moore is an eccentric anti-terrorism expert who trains a few commandos for situation on board a ship. He hates woman and likes cat a lot. Anthony Perkins lead a group of men pretending as reporters and hijack a supply ship "Esther". They plant mines on 2 oil rigs belonging to British government and demand ransom of 25 million pounds in 5 different currencies. The Prime Minister decide to employ Roger's help. Navy Admiral James Mason meets him to discuss the rescue plan. After landing on 1 of the oil rig, Roger plan is to stall time for communication, to play psychological war. And while radio communication, the Navy create an explosion to fool the baddies they trigger the oil rig mines. The plan works because those baddies didn't press the button for assurance. "Esther" female crew Lea Brodie is thinking if they should put poison in the food for the baddies. When one of the sick crew volunteers to take the poison, Lea and the rest suspect he is a mole and quickly stop him in time. Anthony saw one of them take the poison and spoil their plan. Lea jump overboard. Roger plan is to board "Esther" with James, get a crew to call in for safety check. James will then use dropped cigarettes as diversion in order for Roger to have a clear shot of Anthony. After boarding, Anthony immediately send Roger back because he didn't like his face and has bad feeling about him. The mole want to leave too but Anthony lie to him and kill him instead. Now the plan is not according to Roger. He tell the PM that the helicopter to drop a bomb on "Esther" if he didn't give a flare signal for the success. Roger put on wet suit and go on board and his team also arrives to kill the rest of the guards. Roger is save by Lea who is hiding in a compartment. James manage to convince Anthony to let him get radio contact with the oil rig crew. The plan must continue. So he drop his cigarette and Roger in time kills Anthony. The others all kill the demolition expert before he can press the button. Anthony is slowly turning himself on the chair to press the button and Roger grab him and unplug the cables. The PM didn't give Roger any medals because he didn't like them at all. Instead he is given 3 kittens name after the ship and 2 oil rigs and it pleases him more.

Donald W (mx) wrote: This was the last Pink Panther movie made while Peter Sellers was alive. It's not as funny as the pervious films but it's still good. In order to get a PG rating they threw in a few four letter words. There are a few funny scenes but the story doesn't make much sense. A French gagster who speaks perfect American English and calls himself the "French Connection" is trying to make a big drug sale to the American mob. To show his power his advisors recommend killing Clouseau. Instead of killing Clouseau they kill a French bank robber dressed in Clouseau's clothes. Then in the last third of the movie to make the drug deal they all go to Hong Kong to meet the American gangsters. The chase scenes through Hong Kong are funny. In a way this movie is a spoof of Hong Kong made Kung Fu movies. Dyan Cannon is hot in this movie, but why would a French gangster have an American secretary and girlfriend? This movie came out after I saw the first four Peter Sellers' Clouseau movies at a Pink Panther film festival at Oklahoma State's Student Union Theater. I saw this movie a month later at the Cowboy Mall in Stillwater. I have this on Laserdisc now.

Joel I (ca) wrote: A very good movie, but I was hoping for more in the ending. It felt kind of abrupt.

doris c (gb) wrote: Now there's and actress from the past all her movies..a joy to watch...

Jim S (fr) wrote: Overwrought and over acted (especially Damian Lewis, who really chews up the scenery), The cast does their best with what they have here, but you just expect so much better from director Kasdan. It's over long and very confusing and really isn't that scary, considering the Stephen King source. The visual effects aren't that bad and it does have its moments of gore. Meh...