Follows a young cyclo (bicycle cab) driver on his poverty-driven descent into criminality in modern-day Ho Chi Minh City. The boy's struggles to scratch out a living for his two sisters and grandfather in the mean streets of the city lead to petty crime on behalf of a mysterious Madame from whom he rents his cyclo.

A young man who struggles through life by earning some money with his bicycle-taxi in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) gets contact to a group of criminals. They introduce him to the mafia-world ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cyclo torrent reviews

Malinalli G (it) wrote: Guin interesante, buenas actuaciones, la msica un poco excesiva.

Max S (kr) wrote: Funniest comedy I have ever seen. The part where Jackie Moon gets punched in the stomach and throws up made me laugh so hard I threw up! Funnier than Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

Tom D (br) wrote: nice horror flick, has its disgusting twist

Parker M (ag) wrote: One of the happiest, saddest, and happiest films I've ever seen

Jonny P (ru) wrote: just like vampire wars_ :PS

Kari W (gb) wrote: Indie film. If you like diaglog you wont like this film

Mike C (br) wrote: Michael Douglas plays a first rate crazy long lost parent. A mixture of trouble and endearment for his struggling daughter.

Jeff T (gb) wrote: Cool Korean movie with hollywood style action.

Emma W (it) wrote: Saw 'meet the parents', thought it was average. May as well see this for completeness

Lanning (nl) wrote: A moving story about lost fathers and lost sons. Billy Crudup always picks his roles with care, often looking to play unique characters who are searching for something, are damaged somehow, and are in need of healing. Julianne Moore plays well the wandering mother, traveling to connect with her son at a train station somehere out there in space and time. Willie Nelson provides the bulk of a memorable soundtrack. A must-see for Crudup fans, and an interesting part for David Keith, whom I'd like to see back doing more films.

pepper j (nl) wrote: This movie is definitely one of my favorites. It was shot in my state.Great acting performances by Billy Bob Thornton, Natalie Canerday, John Ritter, JT Walsh, etc. It has a great story to the type of film. This movie deserves a 9.4 in my book.This is in my top 100 favorite movies.#14 out of 100

Asi420 T (us) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Magnus S (de) wrote: Vrldens enda kristna anti-drog-propaganda-film med ett bestialiskt kalkonmonster i huvudrollen. Machomannen Herschell hamnar i klorna p den "dliga flickan" Ann som lurar i honom marijuana. Tv joints senare r Herschell fast, tar jobb p en kalkonfarm fr att finansiera sitt beroende, ter genmanipulerad kalkon vilket muterar honom till ett blodtrstande monster som enbart kan stilla sitt beroende genom pverkade narkomaners blod. O detta r en KRISTEN film! Det hr trder ver det bisarras grns till ett universum man bara kan kalla dess eget. Det finns inte ord som gr denna filmen rttvisa. Jag vet, har skrivit en artikel om den.

Seiya M (kr) wrote: This is a COMPLETE insult to the original book! And in no way does it follow it or be faithful to it at all. Disney, you should be truly ashamed of this turd. Just stick with the animated version by HBO and show your kids that, that version is much more faithful and FAR superior.

Rangan R (br) wrote: It's the same all teenagers love and sexual curiosity.It's a little surprise film. The theme was a bit inappropriate, but there's nothing seriously offensive in the narration in the name of art and everything was explained loud and clear. Especially the way it ended seems the best one from any angle. If you are a parent, that too for a teenager, you will get it. So this is the story of the 16 year old girl Molly, who attends a progressive school. Her new undertaking is the photography which is guided by her English teacher whom she develops a crush. Since teacher-student should not involve in any kind of close relationship, their's attraction to each other will be tested. But how it will be dealt was focused on the remains.I really kind of liked it. Though this is not the first time in a film to focus on an affair between a teacher and his student. But, how nicely and properly portrayed that issue was the highlight in this. There are no familiar faces, maybe because it is a Canadian film. It was a simple story, so no extraordinary performances, but I liked the girl in the title role. The first feature film for the director and he also wrote the screenplay. Overall a decent film, but a great indie. You should check it out if you are convinced with what I said so far. So I say go for it.6.5/10

Cliff M (es) wrote: This movie gets 10/10 for Hoffman's phenomenal performance, that makes you care so deeply about someone who if you met in real life you might try to avoid. Thought provoking.

Gordon R (kr) wrote: Three friends go looking for DB Coopers money. What happens along the way becomes a hilarious adventure. Sure, the plot is predictable but the jokes are funny and Burt Reynolds makes a funny cameo.