War erupts between dirty cops and outlaw bikers as a drug kingpin (Ed Harris) tries to protect his empire.

The gritty story of a take-no-prisoners war between dirty cops and outlaw bikers. When extortion, betrayal, and fiery passions threaten his criminal empire, a drug kingpin is driven to desperate measures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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charlie h (br) wrote: I don't think it was suppose to be as funny as I thought it was...

Konrad A (jp) wrote: I thought the movie was to slow and not enough action, it could have been a better one

Zbynk S (it) wrote: Siln 1/2 a bez nutnosti hereck 1/2ch exhibic zpracovan 1/2 p(TM)b>h otce a dcery, kter (C) svede dohromady v 3/4n nemoc matky.Stellan a Lena jsou bez koment(TM)e Hans Petter Molland m> u 3/4 podruh (C) p(TM)esv>d?il o sv (C) vysok (C) kvalit>.

Jackie J (kr) wrote: I feel in love with this movie when I was a kid. So I may be slightly But i have watched it several times as an adult and I still love the movie. It's bit of an unconventional chick flick; without a lot sap it hits both the "girl power" and "romance" chords. It's easy to find a band member to relate to, as they are all pretty cookie cutter. (Think the breakfast club) There's the tom boy who's tough exterior hides her fragile heart. The boy crazy girl who end up deciding she's ready to comitt to her highschool sweetheart. The party girl who OD's and falls in love with a dog. (no, seriously she does. lol)And then the wise buy naive girl who's headed to college, but needs a litte freedom before she gets there. If you liked "Mystic pizza" you'll love this movie. It's more or less the same story, with some decent rock n roll mixed in. ;)

Aniko V (gb) wrote: when i found out it was based on a nexo novel, i knew pretty much what to expect. great acting, great directing. how can farm-life misery look so beautiful on a screen?

horse c (br) wrote: Better than average "been there, done that" kind of film

Sara M (fr) wrote: How can I blame him? French Truffaut's women are soooo charming. Love his legs obsession...

Paul Z (ag) wrote: Two guys meet in a California poker parlor. They did not know one another before, and they don't know much about one another now, yet they know all they need to know: They're both compulsive gamblers, and the extent of the universe of gambling match the extent of the universe they care anything about. It is an insular world and a flat one, and they are always menaced with careening over the tipping point. They're the lions of this rambling, non-judgmental film by Robert Altman. Their names are Bill and Charlie, and they're played by Elliott Gould and George Segal with candid realism and unadulterated fussy weariness. We don't require any knowledge about gambling to grasp the adventure they pursue to the tracks, to the private poker parties, to the bars, to Vegas, to the gallows of failure, to the scene of triumph. Their obsession is so vigorous that it moves us along. We??re amused by their hangovers, their bruises nursed with hot shaving cream, the loopy part-time prostitutes who supply them with breakfasts of Froot Loops and beer. We coast smoothly through the racket of their friends, nonchalantly presented through Altman's penchant for overlapping dialogue and downplayed visual openers, so that we're not so much shown new characters as guided to suppose we were already familiar with them. And since Joseph Walsh's screenplay is amusing and Segal and Gould are genuinely engrossing, we have a good time. However then there are scenes that assume darker implications, like at one point, at the craggy fringe of sleep, inebriated, conquer, Bill and Charlie stick hopelessly to a bar and rather gravely bet with one another on the names of the Seven Dwarfs. And at another time, trapped with their winnings in yet another parking lot by yet another mugger, this one armed, they hand over half their winnings and bet him that's all they have. As California Split rambles along we find that Altman has not made a farce about gambling. He's taken us into an American vision, and all the people we met along the way felt and looked authentic. This movie smacks of a musty rotating fan. As always, Altman stocks his movie with eccentric peripheral characters, people who have by some means grown to parody themselves. At the exclusive poker game, Gould stands at the bar, analyzes the table, and in a whisper sizes up each player. He's correct about them, but he and we have never seen them before. We know he's right as these people bear their idiosyncrasies and fates on their faces. So do the hookers played with a sort of kindheartedness by Ann Prentiss and Gwen Welles. So does one of their customers who's a middle-aged man who likes drag as much as he's frightened of the cops causing a scene painfully mixed of tragic and comic character. Altman's movies invariably appear brimming and abundant, one way or another. We don't have the sense of a stationary screen into which painstakingly delineated characters are inducted single-file as much as a camera delving into a simmering surf of berserk civilized commotion. I also saw The Long Goodbye just before this, which looks like a noir, sounds like a noir, but it??s not a noir. I don??t know what California Split looks and sounds like, certainly not a comedy, but in its own weird, subversive way, it is a comedy. What Altman comes up with is occasionally a sense of naturalism. At the end of California Split we??ve seen something about organized gambling in this country we hadn??t seen before. He draws his visual approach from a deeply conscientious soundtrack, employing ambient sound with painstaking delicacy so that our ears inform us we're moving through these people, rather than that they're taking turns talking to us. Indeed, this is the first film ever to use eight-track stereo sound that wasn??t shot in Cinerama. It worked.

Scott R (es) wrote: a deeply meditative western

mick t (it) wrote: I kept waiting for something funny.

Michael H (ru) wrote: Stanwyck plays an unapologetically opportunistic woman who uses sex to gain security. The unvarnished primacy of security (here in the guise of money) as the driving feminine motivation may not sit comfortably with modern audiences, but it is still a very active force in our relationships. The story is a bit of a hit-the-highlights outline, but still effective.

Omar A (es) wrote: Bastante boluda y poco real. La visin de la salida del closet de alguien que no tiene la menor idea.

Alailson B (jp) wrote: Sofre por seus personagens quase todos falarem na mesma voz, mas ainda assim Ellen Page tem grande atuao e, ao lado de Jennifer Garner, garante um belo filme.

Mark J (it) wrote: This remake takes a slightly satirical approach on the classic tale, yet still manages to deliver like the original, albeit lacking slightly in depth. Still, with Bill Murray in the lead, this is my favorite "Night before Christmas" version to date.

Steve S (kr) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***