Sheltered by her parents, a small-town teenager finally goes out on a date.

Sickly girl finds an outlet in music. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica H (br) wrote: unbelievably predicatable and dull with several compied idea one after the other and and a horrible script.

John M (us) wrote: About as independent as these things get. Kabluey is about a man named Salman (Scott Prendergast), a down-on-his-luck unemployed loser who comes to live with his sister-in-law (Lisa Kudrow), so as to help take care of her kids. She manages to get him a job at the company she works at, a job that entails handing out fliers in a cumbersome, top-heavy costume. Now I have a huge respect for movies like this. Looking at it, you know this couldn't have cost more than a few thousand dollars to make, with most of that undoubtedly going towards Lisa Kudrow's fee, which, ironically enough, is the biggest thing I did not care for here. It might just be the distance in the character she's playing, but it just came off to me like she didn't care and just showed up. Fortunately, the movie is not really about her. The lead guy, Scott Prendergast, despite being ne'er-do-well, he has a personable charm about him, and the movie really plays to the strength of his likablity. I also liked the costume that they got for him to wear, and it's very comical to see him emote through such an unwieldy outfit. This is a small, light movie with that indie smell all over it that you should give a go, if only to show support to filmmakers outside the Hollywood circuit.

Karen H (ru) wrote: 2016-06-24 uneven, but Ashley and Stacy were good.

Bambi J (br) wrote: Loved this film! :D I also loved how it had a nice ending which is rare with a film of this subject matter. I loved how it developed and the acting... it was nice and different! Not entirely same-old but different, and with enough taste of home to relax and enjoy it for the ace film it is! :D

Camille L (nl) wrote: Quand on fait une comdie pour enfants, l'important est de ne pas oublier qu'ils ne vont pas la regarder tous seuls et qu'on n'est donc pas oblig de bcler son film pour en tre dbarrasss le plus vite possible. See Spot Run n'a donc rien compris. Jamais vraiment drle (sauf quand Anthony Anderson est en scne), particulirement dbile sans pour autant tre rjouissant et surtout mis en scne avec les pieds (quelques scnes durent deux fois trop longtemps pour tre efficaces), le film ne vaut que pour quelques acteurs qui viennent y cachetonner sans remords, comme Michael Clarke Duncan et Paul Sorvino. David Arquette et Leslie Bibb y sont scandaleusement nuls.

Darren B (ca) wrote: It wasn't all that great, but good if you have 90min to kill.

Brian S (it) wrote: Many don't like Terror Train and it's true that this movie is far from being the best. For a slasher film what is most important i the killer. He has to be original and has the same look all the time. But in this movie,the killer changes masks about 4 times!

JennBug (nl) wrote: A "must see" for anyone that likes WWII movies or is interested in history. Excellent film.

Chris V (mx) wrote: We watched this film as it made the Netflix top 50? One of the worst films I've ever seen ...

Garrett O (jp) wrote: This is so much better then Ouiji