An unsuspecting, disenchanted man finds himself working as a spy in the dangerous, high-stakes world of corporate espionage. Quickly getting way over-his-head, he teams up with a mysterious femme fatale.

Morgan Sullivan is an excellent accountant who feel happier when his fob is a corporate spy. Out of the blue, he meets a charming and attractive woman Rita. She tells him an important secret which makes him shock and worry about his future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cypher torrent reviews

Casiano A (us) wrote: Primera vez que le creo a Jake.

Julian A (br) wrote: The odd composition served only to make you just as weary watching as the characters were weary of moving at the end. I'm sure there are ways to couple romance, family life, political activism, and genocide, but this went way off its mark.

Michael H (br) wrote: A day in the peculiar life of an actor.I think. Sort of.Mesmerizing and puzzling. If you insist on clarity, don't look for it here. But it's a delightfully perverse puzzle.Sadly, the potency of the movie is diluted as a result of digital distribution. Digitally projected, the movie looks dull and unfinished - as if it were released before contrast adjustments and color corrections were made.As much as I'd usually recommend seeing any movie in a theater, if you have access to a good home theater or high quality large screen monitor you're probably better off waiting to see it at there.

Troy V (br) wrote: Awesome movie, I cannot wait for a sequel!

Hector E (jp) wrote: Slow at times but if you stick with it, becomes an enjoyable post apocalyptic adventure that does not disappoint. Forget those "professional reviews", and let yourself enjoy.

Rebel Chick (ca) wrote: I hope they make a quiz for this movie, it's great

Lee O (us) wrote: Fairly interesting if you are able to forgive it's heavy handed preaching and clunky dialogue. I didn't find it too long but I did watch it in two sittings. It certainly shows us the horrors of war for all sides.

Ryan M (ca) wrote: Such a predictable and boring ending.

Jake G (ag) wrote: Two of funniest pairs in acting. I forgot how funny this movie is. I used to watch it all the time as a kid, and thought it was funny then. Its not until you grow up that you catch all the "big kid" humor in it.

Shantell P (gb) wrote: Bad. Bad. And still bad. I'm curious. Have any good movies come out of Romania? If so, I want to see them.

Gergely K (au) wrote: Abel Ferrara kultfilmje melyben egy zavaros elm (C)j fiatal fest'mv (C)sz csveseket gyilkol egy frg (C)ppel. gyesen kihasznltk a fest' (C)s festm (C)nyei vizulis egyveleg (C)t mik (C)ppen megbomlik az agya, emiatt van egy nyers mv (C)szi hangulata a filmnek. Tovbb er'sti ezt a f'szerepl' szomsz (C)djban (C)l' rockbanda jelenl (C)te, radsul prbik gyakran rvidebb videoklipeknek megfelel' (C)keket vernek (itt inkbb frnak) a film test (C)be. A szn (C)szi jt (C)k menthetetlen 1/4l rossz, durvn lerontja az (C)lvezhet's (C)get.

Duane B (fr) wrote: Much better then the American make!

jay n (es) wrote: Moody, stage bound drama with some typical Williams touches has a heavy gothic atmosphere and good performances to recommend it. Geraldine Page conveys the Alma"s yearnings with her customary skill and even the usually stiff Harvey is more accomplished than usual. Also standing out in a small role is Una Merkel as Alma's mother giving an affecting performance in just a few scenes.

John B (nl) wrote: San Francisco has the firepower (or should that be the earthquake power) of a very strong lineup. It was the 30s version of the blockbuster and similar to modern blockbusters, the script is a little thin and sensationalist.

Ethan A (br) wrote: BEST BRONY DOC EVERY!

Lau H (us) wrote: It still brings goosebumps to me even it is just a 1960's movie. Hitchcock is definitely a master in horror and suspend. The classic shower scene is just unforgettable.