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Czas surferów

Three young guys got work from unlucky gangster... they try to make a great job but everything goes wrong

Three young guys got work from unlucky gangster... they try to make a great job but everything goes wrong . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William W (fr) wrote: I definitely would have tightened the slack pace of this--it seems perhaps 15 or 20 minutes too long, and really lags in spots--but it has some really excellent ideas and, in its basic underlying tenet of adult siblings trying to take care of their elderly parents, yet at the same time having fulfilling lives of their own, remains unfortunately very timely. I'm NOT a George Segal fan in the slightest (in both his previous roles in 'Ship of Fools' and 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf', he seems to think that simply by screaming at someone, that it inherently means 'range' and 'intensity'), but his work here is solid and he makes you care about his character's plight enough to actually empathize with his situation and root for him as a result. Solid work--and director Carl's son Rob is absolutely hilarious in a rare, pre-'All in the Family' performance. Good stuff here--contemporary PC-awareness notwithstanding, of course... ;)

Alan C (br) wrote: A really good (and funny) rom-com with an excellent cast.

Mike S (it) wrote: Excellent Holocaust related film about Jews of Macedonia, an inspiring football (soccer) coach and his overachieving team, plus a love affair & political intrigue. Well-acted and directed, and very engrossing. Highly recommended for the Festival circuits if it does not make its way into general distribution.

Nestha A (au) wrote: Awesome, action packed!!!!

Patrick K (nl) wrote: i love what all of these guys were doing back in the day, but i guess i would've rather seen a documentary from back in the day then, you know? not some hipster bullshit hero worship doc...

Paulysses H (gb) wrote: Fans of Lovecraft and the occult in general will likely find much stock in this film. Set entirely in two rooms and largely around a cast of four this film delivers in terms of dramatic tension and remarkable creepiness. An excellent example of the occult/horror genre.

Candy R (de) wrote: David Arquette is a mailman who wants to go out with a hot girl in his block. He ends up looking after her son while she is on a business trip.

Adam T (br) wrote: Featuring a heart-felt performance from Selma Hayak as artist Frida Kahlo, this is possibly one of the more successful artist biopics I have seen.

Bengt W (br) wrote: Stabilt snutdrama med rikigt stark rollbesttning och ett knippe tunga mnen som korruption, rasism och sexism. Lider tyvrr av en uppenbart tunn budget och en del kantig dialog. Sevrt men borde varit mer.

Brian B (ru) wrote: A relatively funny movie about a man raised by wolves and then trying to adapt to society.

Allan C (us) wrote: One of the few Jonathan Demme films I had not seen and it's a really good one. Distancing himself from his exploitation roots, Demme made this obvious Hitchcock homage that really delivers. Roy Scheider plays a mentally unstable CIA agent who receives a mysterious threatening letter,w which then serves as the McGuffin to move the story forward. There's also a superb supporting cast that includes Janet Margolin, John Glover, Charles Napier, Christopher Walken, Mandy Patinkin and ALF's dad, Max Wright, who no matter what film or TV show he's in, I always like to imagine that when he's offscreen that he's going home to that crazy ALF. Old Hollywood composer Mikls Rzsa provided the score and longtime Demme collaborator Tak Fujimoto did the photography. Casting was by Scott Rudin long before he became an Oscar award winning film produced of films like "No Country for Old Men" or "The Social Network." Outside of DePalma, this is probably one of the best Hitchcock homages, moving at a fast pace, with strong cast and some really good set pieces, particularly the climactic one taking place at Niagra Falls. Well worth watching.

Davey M (fr) wrote: Sturges' first film feels like a sad, wise, and painfully ironic older brother to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. One of the most assured and beautiful debuts of a writer-director in history.

Ian S (it) wrote: lackadaisical platoon is whipped into a first-rate fighting machine, favoring teamwork over such New Age gobbledygook and with Eastwood as Sgt this platoon will be kicking ass and taking names

(de) wrote: Any message about Jesus deserves more than five star.... this movie will not go down well with skeptics. But for believers it definitely solidifies the faith. Heaven is definitely for real. According to Colton, Jesus is definitely white and has bluish green eyes.

Ana P (ru) wrote: Great movie packed with action