D'amore si vive

D'amore si vive

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Robert C (br) wrote: I loved Monsters, Inc., but this was pretty stupid in my opinion.

Timmy S (gb) wrote: The All-Star cast this film boasts is more than capable of making a great film one way or another but being able to make the source material better than its meaning is a whole other level. North Country transcends a fairly redundant topic held together fairly well by a particularly determined Charlize Theron.

Ken S (jp) wrote: Woah boy. "Get Shorty" was a funny little movie, and it needed no sequel. I guess Elmore Leonard, the writer of the original book, wrote the sequel "Be Cool", and since "Get Shorty" had been a hit, it was only a matter of time for the sequel to come out...but they might've waited to long after the heat of "Get Shorty" had long passed, and quite frankly the film is not nearly as sharp as that film had been, and the casting is terrible. Vince Vaughn is AWFUL. Mostly this film just feels like no one involved is trying to hard, and those who are don't really have the talent to back it up.

Mike W (ca) wrote: Johnny goes from the waves to the mountains. Great movie!

m f (it) wrote: "Hey Oppenheimer! Oppenheimer! You oughta stop playing God, 'cause you're no good at it, and the position's taken!"

Carlos M (de) wrote: In his first film, Kanievska brings out solid performances from both Rupert Everett and Colin Firth but succeeds only fairly at creating a compelling story whose themes could have been more efficiently explored and led to a much more thought-provoking drama.

Laurence A (jp) wrote: With music by Burning Spear, the late Gregory Isaacs, Peter Tosh, Third World, Bunny Wailer, etc., this is the coolest film ever!"Musical disc from the flick of my wrist to make you jump and twist"

Kevin M (gb) wrote: Technically is impressive and very well done, I loved the long shot in the restaurant, the dance scene and the minute of silence took me by surpise and I loved it. But the characters had no charm, I found them kind of annoying and unreal and Odile is on my list one of the worst female characters ever.

Aritra S (mx) wrote: leaves you teary eyed

John M (nl) wrote: Basically CSI:Noir circa 1950. An interesting early look at forensic science and a good potboiler.

Orlok W (ca) wrote: People are strange, when your a stranger on a train--Simple and well done!!

Brandon T (ru) wrote: Morgan Freeman is once again extraordinary in this inspirational film.

Millissa M (nl) wrote: Different and Creepy with some Gore.

Eric H (au) wrote: Its one every scifi fan should see. Despite the name this is a very well done pre-Star Trek movie. If you think that its about a year or two older than the original Star Trek then you will have an easier time renting/adding it to your queue. It certainly has better dialog than most scifi flix of its time.