A New York playwright is summoned to Ireland to bury his father (his "Da"). While at his boyhood home, he encounters his father's spirit and relives memories both pleasant and not.

A New York playwright is summoned to Ireland to bury his father (his "Da"). While at his boyhood home, he encounters his father's spirit and relives memories both pleasant and not. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gimly M (ru) wrote: Decent things are done in The Tunnel for such a petty budget.It's a little bit Blair Witch Project and a whole lot Death Line.The concept of the film being a mockumentary rather than the standard "Found Footage" of Paranormal Activity 2, Cloverfield, The Last Exorcism etc. was an intriguing notion. It means that the underground shots (which are the film's focus) are interspersed with interviews and non-chronological footage. Though this struck me as a pleasant little flair of originality, it did sort of ruin the suspense that The Tunnel worked so hard on building up, continuously brining us back out of this terrifying world they created.I did come across more than a few people asking if there was any more information about the events of the film. They had indeed assumed that the whole thing was an actual documentary. The world is full of pretty stupid people, but kudos still goes to Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey for an apparently believable script.Sticking to the tried and true method of "less is more", The Tunnel barely even gives us glimpses of what's going on. Though I suppose this leaves them with room to move in the future, as well as giving them a more believable angle and, let's be honest, less money spent on SFX. I did still end up feeling ultimately cheated by it all however. Then again, how can you be cheated by a movie you can own for free?While I'm on that, major damn props to Distracted Media and the crew behind The Tunnel for releasing it for free, and making it well known! It was a relatively inexpensive film to make, certainly, but it speaks for the team that they were happy to release their film to the public, caution to the wind, and hope it was just enjoyed.Which, all in all, it was. I have a bit of a soft spot for Australian Horror, and for POV Horror, so it hit the right buttons for me and gets some points off the bat, I'll admit, but it's still a solid little piece of film. And let's face it, you can own it FOR FREE! What's your excuse or not giving it a chance? Make up yo' own damn minds, shit...-Gimly

Veena R (au) wrote: b grade and the dvd cover is misleading!!!

Holly F (ca) wrote: like the scary movies

Kyle G (fr) wrote: In spite of an intelligent construction and some positive, forward-thinking stylistics, Machucha is dragged down by unforgivable thematic difficulties, harsh and boring politics being just one.Early on, there are glimpses of a sharp, fun style -- especially in the charming pop-music cuts around the more adventurous scenes (parties and kissing and condensed milk), and in the skillfully woven intersections of privileged boyhood angst and national torpor -- but suddenly the script hits a strident, speechifying narrative speed bump, and it all goes to hell.

Jase N (fr) wrote: For young Walter, (Haley Joel Osment), being stuck on his "crazy" uncles' farm is the last place on earth he wants to spend summer. First, shocked by their unconventional behavior, including ordering an African lion through the mail,Walter soon gets caught up in their mysterious past. The rumors that his uncles (Academy Award winners Robert and Michael Caine*) were bank robbers or maybe even worse are hard to believe,but they do seem to have an endless supply of cash!

Giovanni V (es) wrote: Very pleasant dark commedy with a special and personal touch from Billy Bob.... I loved so much to see Ben Affleck as a Jamie Lee's boy toy ;-)

Jennifer L (mx) wrote: Had more substance to the storyline, as well as more twists and turns than I expected from such a movie. Surprisingly funny and entertaining.

Alex K (us) wrote: I Don't Look Up Female Film Actors On The Internet.

Abel D (it) wrote: Sometimes it does stretch its loopy premise thin, but camp is plentiful in this wonderfully silly action caper. A stream of hilarious, comic savvy gags delivered by some all star and absolute pros, make it a genuine treat.

Eric C (fr) wrote: I watched the double feature backwards, finishing with First man Into Space. While scientifically interesting (these characters should have substituted the over-dramatic characters of Sunshine), the pacing and creature backstory weren't as interesting. Although dated, I find it fascinating that this is what space exploration could have looked like at the time in the imagination of people, sort of reminds me of the steampunk genre.

David A (fr) wrote: It's amazing how a movie with one actor onscreen in a tiny set can provide such a compelling story. Really excellent work from Tom Hardy here. The film makes you think of your own decisions, the roots of those choices and how their consequences are rarely how we envision.

Andrew L (us) wrote: Come on Watson! There's not a moment to lose!