Sunil Kohli and Sonia are attracted to each other, and both get married. They go to spend their honeymoon, and on the way there spend a night at Sunil's boss' bunglow, which is occupied by his son, Dhiraj Kapoor. Dhiraj welcomes the two, and allows them to spend the night. Next morning, when Sunil leaves the house, Dhiraj attempts to molest Sonia and have sex with her. He is interrupted with Sunil's return, a fight ensues, and Dhiraj is killed. The police arrest Sunil, and sentence him to prison for life. On the way to the prison, a fight breaks out amongst the prisoners, and the driver loses control of the van, a accident results, and all occupants are killed. Devastated at these turn of event, Sonia relocates and becomes a school-teacher, and lives as a widow. Years later, she finds out that Sunil is still alive, has got a new identity as Sudhir, is married to rich and attractive Chandni, and even has a child. Written by rAjOo ([email protected])

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:social,  

Living a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother, Shankar sells toys for a living, but is addicted to alcohol. He is attracted to Parvati, who also lives a poor lifestyle along with her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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EQ R (nl) wrote: "Death Race 2"'is a DTV sequel and it sure does feel like one. With an interesting premise of a prequel showing how "Frankenstein" came to be sounded promising. But with the many cliches, certain points used from the first film and an unbelievable hero in an unworthy Jason Statham replacement in Luke Goss, the film feels more unnecessary the more it's on. With the exception of some good race action that entertained a bit, the film feels not needed up until the final 15 minutes but other than that it felt very stale and unoriginal. Watch it i you NEED to see a half-ass prequel but don't expect originality or anything noteworthy. D

Robert B (au) wrote: Wendy and Lucy (Kelly Reichardt, 2008)So it seems like everyone I know went wildly in love with Wendy and Lucy at some point in the past three years. They're not the only ones; the movie has an impressive 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes as I write this. In the face of such blinding opposition, I will say from the outset that I can't be sure my main criticism of this film is something that's actually there or something I'm reading into it, and that probably hinges on the answer to a single question. But I'm getting ahead of myself.Plot: Wendy (Brokeback Mountain's Michelle Williams) and her dog Lucy are on a cross-country trip in a ramshackle car to Alaska, where Wendy is hoping to get a job (or a job is waiting for her). She makes it as far as Oregon when her car breaks down. She's already economizing something fierce, but it seems that if she shifts a few things, she should be able to cover the cost of repairs. After dropping her car off at the garage, she takes Lucy over to the local grocery store, ties her to a post outside (since dogs are not allowed in), then conducts a ham-fisted shoplifting attempt that gets her detained"during which Lucy is taken to the local pound. The rest of the movie details Wendy's quest to recover her dog.And here's the question: what was Kelly Reichardt's intention with Wendy's character? How I feel about the entire first hour of this movie hinges on that question. If we are supposed to be seeing Wendy made her bed, and now she has to lie in it,? that's all well and good, and you've got a mediocre, if well-shot, slice-of-life drama. But there are indicators that this is not the case. The largest of them is Larry Fessenden's cameo, which steers the movie in a somewhat different direction (and is the movie's first truly striking scene, which adds to the gravitas): it's the first point at which something happens to Wendy that is entirely out of her control, and it's here that it crystallized"perhaps erroneously"in my head that Reichardt does not want us to see Wendy as a character who is making increasingly bad choices and is being forced to live with the consequences, but wants to show her as soe sort of indie/counterculture/hipster antihero archetype. And if that is truly the case, the first hour of this movie is loathsome, patently offensive, and no longer justifies the final fifteen minutes, which are a great deal better (and during which Wendy finally makes the single logical, objectively-right choice she makes during the entire course of the movie).Your call; I'm giving it the gentleman's C. ** 1/2

David G (nl) wrote: Typical teen movie... but Tara Reid makes it better.

Noname (es) wrote: This is one of Eddie Murphys better movies lately released in my opinion. Some funny scenes and a decent story makes this worth seeing.

Pavandeep S (jp) wrote: Fantastic, the only problem, was that it was read in English, it lost the sting of the original Deautsche tongue especially when we see original footage of Goebbels speaking. I like how when Goebbels speaks, he violates may of the rules in regards to speech, like how he waves his hands and points his wrists, his flinging is utterly amazing. It is worth watchin, above all, as a historical document, and I like how he describes Churchill as a 'fat slob' and how he shoots disses at Riefenstahl herself.

Mary K (fr) wrote: I really liked this movie ... It was very cute n a lil sad.. but i really liked it.

Deepak R (us) wrote: A feel good movie powered by a stellar cast.

Chris C (ca) wrote: Cube is a cleverly written sci-fi thriller about a group of strangers who wake up to find themselves trapped in a maze of cube-shaped rooms which contain a variety of deadly traps. To have any hope of surviving, they must work together and try to find a way out.This is a fairly low-budget movie, but the filmmakers were able to construct an engaging film with their limited resources by relying on clever directing and a solid script. Since all of the rooms in the cube look identical, the entire movie was filmed using a single room. Using only one room could get visually boring, but the director was able to keep things interesting with a good use of lighting and camera angles. The focus is placed on the characters and what they're going through, and the direction emphasizes that with the way the film is shot.The characters themselves are interesting. They each have a specific role to play not only in the story, but in the cube itself. Each of them has a certain ability that will help them figure out how to escape, and a good part of the movie is spent showing how the characters discover what they have to offer. Their personalities are all very different, some of them bordering on caricatures at times, which leads to some tense conflicts that are more dangerous than the cube's traps. At its core, Cube is a movie about people and how they react to life-threatening situations.There are also some bigger themes going on in Cube. There's a very clear statement about the figurative machines that drive society and the roles citizens play in that. There are also themes relating to guilt, desperation, deception, and even the meaning of life (or at least how much life is worth). To say much more would spoil the movie, and I think Cube is worth discovering for yourself.Fans of thoughtful sci-fi will definitely like Cube.

Arelis R (es) wrote: Whenever I hear Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons "Walk Like A Man" I think of this film! :)

Michael T (jp) wrote: A serving from the cheese plate for sure...But the film is actually clever in its spoofing of Conrads's Heart of Darness and APOCALYPSE NOW (with Adrienne Barbeau in the 'Kurtz' role and Shannon Tweed being sent up the river into the Avacado Jungle to find her).

Alejandro S (nl) wrote: Si el sentimiento del amor se convirtiera en sonido, pueden apostar que sonara igual al tema msical intrumental de "Love Story". Desde el momento que usted escucha los primeros acordes, usted empieza a aclimatarse para la experiencia del filme. Ryan O'Neal y Ali MacGraw crean una buena qumica y presentan muy adecuadamente a una pareja enamorada de los 70s. La trama no se complica mucho en la fase en enamoramiento, y se concentra ms en ellos ya enamorados y las fases lgicas que su amor va generando. Pienso que la actitud del personaje de O'Neal hacia sus padres en la pantalla, es poco forzada y se pudo haber justificado mejor, pero sin embargo, funciona para que la trama sea fluda. Ray Milland como el padre en pantalla de ONeal hace un trabajo impecable y aunque sale poco, es clave para la trama. Una trivia curiosa es que este filme es el debut en pantalla de Tommy Lee Jones, el cual tiene un breve rol en la fase inicial del filme con algunos dilogos. Aunque para los estndares, el filme pueda no impresionar a muchos, pienso que la trama sigue funcionando bien y definitivamente su mayor fortaleza para hacerla inmortal es su tremenda msica instrumental. Altamente recomendada.

Jg M (mx) wrote: Light horror tale about a haunted house and a hidden treasure.Stylish direction and neatness stand out in this old flick.

Alex b (mx) wrote: this movie for sure one of the most quoted films in my home ha ha BUDDY

Joaqun S (de) wrote: The performances by the two leads are wonderful. The premise is very interesting, and even though you get the idea of what's happening early in the movie, you should just watch it without reading anything about the plot and let it surprise you.

Phillip J (br) wrote: So compelling. Probably the best political documentary you're likely to find.