Daag: A Poem of Love

Daag: A Poem of Love

A widowed mother discovers that her husband, a fugitive presumed dead, is actually alive and married to another woman.

A widowed mother discovers that her husband, a fugitive presumed dead, is actually alive and married to another woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rodrigo D (mx) wrote: A real love story and painful too, shows you that the art way could be (and it is already) hard and full of limitations but it is freedom at the same time. She is a very strong woman, he is kinda an asshole. But both of them art true artists.

Richard I (ca) wrote: Elegant, handsome version of the old tale which returns to the spirit of the original story and the first days of cinema.

Krys L (au) wrote: I couldn't love Mark Paul any more than his adorable self in this Christmas movie. Watch it if you are looking for a cheesy, made for TV, Christmas movie to put you in the holly jolly state of mind :) very cute with some good quotes on happiness and living life to the fullest.

Alejandro M (jp) wrote: Don't be fooled by the black and white and mute dialogs, this is a great movie filled with drama, joy and comedy. But what makes this movie so great is the outstanding performances of Dujardin, Bejo, and of course the dog (jack Russell terrier). Worthy of its Academy awards.

Eric M (mx) wrote: Great story. Bad implementation. A bit too much of the blame it on the Internet vibe. Still surprises me how many cavemen can be found lurking on the nets. And I don't actually agree to the film's conclusion.

Phil H (de) wrote: Doesn't pretend to be original, far from it, this is your basic group of random survivors holed up and fighting off some nasty monsters with little weaponry. One by one people go down as the creatures rip them apart, no one knows where they are from or what they are, its a very simple premise but always effective.This isn't as good as I thought it would be as the creatures do look ferocious enough in the face but when seen from head to toe they do look rubbery and obviously a man in a suit. Of course you don't see them much as the camera work is fast n furious when the action kicks in and this is actually one problem with the film, the action cuts and moves very fast and its hard to follow and know who's been killed.There is a good sense of being uneasy as you watch the film though as you genuinely don't have a clear idea of who will survive from one minute to the next, there are a few 'Ellen Ripley' wannabes but not even they are guaranteed to make it. Plenty of gore and body parts and the always amusing sight of a bunch of people facing mortal danger yet still intent on beating each other up and acting aggressively to one another to not help their precarious situation.

Jacob D (gb) wrote: Now I never knew an actual documentary could be funny until I saw Super Size Me.

KJ P (us) wrote: When an R-Rated comedy is released nowadays, it usually only goes one of two ways. Either the rude and crude humour overpower everything, being an excess of gags that run dry very fast, or it will be a cleverly written screenplay that balances the crude with a well-mannered story. When Bad Santa was released back in 2003, it personified the latter half of that statement. Although this is the absolute last Christmas film I would ever want to show kids during the holidays, it does rank among the most memorable holiday films to a much more mature audience. It does not hold back when it comes to cussing or sexual innuendo, but its core story has a very nice payoff that warrant a viewing each year around the Christmas season. Here is why I believe Bad Santa will always hold up.While it is odd to call a film directed at a specific audience a classic, it is worthy of that title for a few reasons. Released in a time when 3D animation was on the rise, films like The Polar Express or even the live-action Elf are what many families cared more about. They were the films celebrating the holiday spirit the way everyone normally thinks of them. Strip away the technology, the endless presents, the pretty colours, and what do you get? A drunken Santa Claus that swears every five seconds, robs shopping malls with his elf, and uses a young boys home for shelter. Now, normally I would not be attracted to films like this during a season where people try to keep themselves happy, but the overall message is what truly makes this film memorable. For this reason, Bad Santa will end up being a timeless film like Christmas Vacation or It's a Wonderful Life. That being said, It's a Wonderful Life may just be my favourite Christmas film, so I am not trying to compare this to the classics, but it is well on its way for its own special reasons.To be honest, this is a film that took some time to grow on me. Upon my first viewing many years ago, I enjoyed the film, but never found it to be quite as funny as I do now. The fact that it was so crude was also slightly startling to me, having me miss the big message as a whole. Rewatching the film over the years, I have come to think of Bad Santa as a great film. Sure it is extremely simple, but the fact that an elderly drunk playing Santa Claus can come around and begin to care for a kid that annoyed him from the beginning, just goes to show what having people in your life who care for you can really do. Bad Santa is absolutely hilarious, but that is not why I choose to watch it. It is filled with so much heart that the comedy almost feels like the cherry on top.The title says it all, and if you are not in for this type of film, I would not suspect it will win you over. This humour is directed at a very specific demographic and if you do not enjoy balls-to-the-wall comedy that doesn't hold anything back, Bad Santa is not for you. There are moments where I feel it goes too far for being a Christmas movie, but it is easily redeemed moments later. I truly can't believe this film has already been in release for over 13 years, but it does hold up better than most Christmas films from its time. Films like Four Christmases, Jingle All the Way, or Christmas with the Kranks are still viewed by many families on cable and whatnot, but they are very mediocre films at best. Although this film is not for everyone, it definitely stands among the top of its genre in its decade.With loveable characters like Thurman Merman, cleverly written jokes about the Christmas season, a story that takes a while to develop, but in turn makes for a moving conclusion, Bad Santa holds up as one of the better films to watch around Christmas, even if it does dampen the mood quite a bit. If you are looking for a film to genuinely make you smile during the holidays and not laugh due to a film full of grinches, then stay far away from this picture. That being said, even though not everything works throughout this film, it sets up its punchlines perfectly and does everything it wants to before the credits roll. In the end, Bad Santa is a great time if you know what you are getting yourself into.

Peter Y (au) wrote: Not bad.Reminds mo of so many other films which in itself isn't always a good thing but the slight quirk in the characters helps make this more enjoyable that it should've been.Not entirely convinced by the ease in which the two leads fall into their situation and somehow, it all seems a bit too brief. Perhaps the biggest flaw is that everything does happen so matter of factly and in such quick succession that it ends up feeling a little undeveloped.There are some moments that stand out as masterul touches, even though they are a touch cliched and as per usual, it's the comic edge that saves this sort of film.I couldn't help but want this to have ended differently, probably because of the familiarity of the plot and I did feel a little let down that it did end in such a typical fashion.Enjoyable but perhaps too slow and too "dull" for some. Will be very familiar to a lot of people.

Arash B (jp) wrote: Another great movie by Louis Malle, Irons is great as always

Colin S (gb) wrote: a lost film that was made in the 70's and took forever to come around to the home market..suberversive have done a fine job restoring this classic...a must for those into 70's cinema/revenge movies and exploitation....a true gem.

Reece L (ag) wrote: More a harrowing cautionary tale about the nature of human self-indulgence and the problems associated with anthropomorphizing animals than a coherent piece of filmmaking, Roar nonetheless warrants a viewing for film buffs clued in on the nature of its fascinatingly troubled production history. That being said, it offers little in the way of story, existing as a loose collection of shots documenting a pack of lions repeatedly mauling their captors for an hour and a half while Marshall seemingly invents a narrative on the spot in between his passionate speeches about the need to respect the animal (apparently oblivious to both the fact that his film only serves to underline the horrific violence these animals engage in and the effect seeing this kind of material would have on an audience).

Jason C (mx) wrote: This is either 4 stars or negative 4 stars depending on whether or not you're in the mood for some garbage. Hilarious story of a nerd who looks kind of like Mark McGrath selling his soul to the voodoo devil (or something?) to become the greatest hair-metal artist in the world.