Daal Me Kala

Daal Me Kala

On the run for unpaid bills, an unemployed slacker is mistaken for a professor.

On the run for unpaid bills, an unemployed slacker is mistaken for a professor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Damir A (jp) wrote: A well done indie thriller. Well worth a watch.

Nurul K (mx) wrote: basketball? yes please.

Johnny B (au) wrote: The animation may not be great, but the movie is amazing. The depth of the story in terms of philosophy, metaphor, allegory, science, everything. This is one brilliant film, the kind you almost never see.

Yorkelvis F (fr) wrote: Beautiful music, beautiful scenarios, interesting culture, great people, etc, etc... It is a delight, i just want to go to Istambul ! NOW !

Charlie M (ca) wrote: Arrogant scientist turns himself invisible and attacks his support team in this sci-fi flick that is more hollow than its lead character.

Jim H (br) wrote: A scientist writes about book about his sexual exploits.As I watched this film, I wondered if it was supposed to be satirical comedy or if there was something I wasn't understanding, that it was saying something complex about sexual politics. Even as the film drew to its conclusion, I couldn't figure out if Francois Truffaut was taking me for a ride that ended nowhere or if I simply wasn't smart enough to be in on the joke. I feel the same way now.What is certain is that this is a lesser Truffaut film, not up to Antoine Doinel par, but nevertheless the images are sharp, the plot unfolds with ease, and the acting is quite good; Charles Denner is uninhibited and occasionally charming.I wish the film would have more fully explored his few attempts at love over lust, but considering I don't really know what Truffaut was shooting at, I don't even know if this a fair criticism.Overall, I suppose this should be on one's checklist of Truffaut films to see, but there are so many better ones.

Luciano G (ru) wrote: The special effects really aren't as bad as you'd expect in such a low-budget film....a major plus is the cast, which includes the beautiful Munro.......while her acting might not be the greatest she at least fits the role perfectly and there's no doubt that her charm really helps keep the film moving....Starcrash isn't a masterpiece and it's not even a good movie but fans of camp should at least be entertained by it.....

Kenneth B (ag) wrote: Thanks to BBC 2 having what seems like a Jacques Tourneur season this Christmas I've been able to catch up with the man's work. I Walked With a Zombie is a bit of an oddity. Much like Cat People, the running time is short, in fact it's barely over an hour and although it doesn't feel stretched it seems as though the plot is barely thick enough to sustain the run time. There are some interesting ideas but it doesn't feel fully formed, there is a lot of the kind of subtlety that Cat People relied on but even less of a pay off.