Underworld thugs kill one of three brothers, in order to create a rift between the remaining two.

Underworld thugs kill one of three brothers, in order to create a rift between the remaining two. Typical Hindi flick, with lots of songs, action, drama, and some comedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lorette G (mx) wrote: This was a fun night out with my husband! I loved the message of the movie, and there were plenty of funny moments to keep you interested. I love the movement of trying to put real women in film, both in front of and behind the camera. If I'm being 100% honest, I really wish David Arquette's character didn't have that British accent... It's odd, because he was the person I was most excited to see in a film, since I found a lot of his older work to be very funny. I think he took this role in a more serious tone than everyone else, and I enjoyed the other characters more, especially the best friend of the lead character, and of course Cathryn's character. I'm excited to see what comes next from this group!

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: it's just too hard to hate cause it's made for kids and kids alone.

Natalie M (au) wrote: This film highlights Iceland as much as it features Sigur Ros. There are some really beautiful images and great music, but it gets very repetitive, and overall, the documentary form wasn't delved into as deeply as it could have been.

Dominic M (kr) wrote: Shit men, sa ses du bon film, me fait bcp rapeller un bon film '' la main meurtriere'' en plus dans celui la , ''rebeca'' so cute, peace

Tracey H (ca) wrote: seen it... totally divorced

Micheline S (ru) wrote: Rosie Perez got on my last nerve with that voice of hers but overall really liked it. Christian Slater is one of my favorites too.

David B (gb) wrote: Not nearly as complete a film as I was hoping, but still a good film. It was all a little too predictable, which is not not a good thing if your a thriller, I'd recomend this but not before Old Boy.

Christine D (ru) wrote: Pretty sure I saw this one years back. Great love story and loved the music!

Michael W (mx) wrote: Engineer spends 10 years searching for his kidnapped son in the Amazon rainforest. Quite good, well filmed in the jungles and makes a few statements on man's intrusion on the environment.

Art M (it) wrote: i can sum it all up in 5 letters... -> sucksfrom top to bottom...