Dabbe: Bir cin vakasi

Dabbe: Bir cin vakasi

Turkish director Hasan Karacadag is something of an unusual case. In a nation that appears uncertain how to feel about its own history with exploitation film and generally reluctant to embrace genre film - though there are obvious exceptions - Karacadag has jumped headlong into the horror pool. The director first came to attention with the J-horror influenced [email protected], a surprise hit in Turkey that allowed Karacadag to move on to the more visually ambitious - and effects heavy - effort, Semum. Both film showcased Karacadag's growing ability to shock and terrify his audiences by taking the rich folklore of his country and pushing it to its dark extremes. And he's at it again with [email protected]: Bir Cin Vakasi. The sequel to his original hit, this latest efforts puts away the Japanese influence in favor of a more Paranormal vibe, but the underlying mythology remains purely regional with the story following a Turkish family whose home is possessed by angry jinns

Turkish director Hasan Karacadag is something of an unusual case. In a nation that appears uncertain how to feel about its own history with exploitation film and generally reluctant to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christie N (es) wrote: Beautiful... you can tell there is incredible passion behind this much needed film.

Rara L (mx) wrote: Don't be fooled with this film's trailer! The movie actually gave me the creeps, especially at it's last 15 minutes. A very good one!

Robert B (gb) wrote: Fire in Babylon (Stevan Riley, 2010)"My bat was my sword at that time, and it's people I wanted to put it to." --Sir Vivian RichardsWith the Caribbean T20 Championships having just finished over the weekend as I write this (Trinidad and Tobago three-peated for the victory, and honestly, Guyana didn't make them work too hard to get there in the final), it seemed like a perfect time to watch Fire in Babylon, Stevan Riley's documentary about the rise of the West Indies cricket team during the seventies. You've got cricket, you've got human rights, you've got Bunny Wailer, what more could you possibly ask for? The film's focus, obviously, is on the West Indies cricket team that was eventually dubbed the "rebels" (not to be confused with the "rebel tours" of the eighties, though those are touched on towards the end of the film), captained by Clive Lloyd but truly headed by Vivian Richards, who would go on to captain the Windies for most of the eighties (and who was recently voted the third-best test batsman in history). The film first discusses the early years of putting together what would eventually become the team that defeated England for an entire decade, focusing on their first few disastrous trips to Australia in the mid-seventies, focusing on the kill-or-be-killed tactics of the infamous Lillee and Thomson, whose "injure the batsman at all costs" style would be copied by a few of the West Indian cricketers later in the decade (and which has since been outlawed). After that, it focuses on the tours of England and what they meant in terms of the human rights aspect-"you brought this game to us, oppressors, and now we're better than you at playing it." They were indeed for quite a while.It's an obvious must-view for cricket fans, and I think that sports fans of any stripe will identify with the national-obsession angle ("when you got out of school...you bowled until the light faded"). As far as everyone else, well, let's put it this way-I'm not a sports fan at all, really; T20 cricket and horse racing are the only two spectator sports I've ever really been a fan of. But sports documentaries? I've always loved them, for some reason. There's just something about them..and Fire in Babylon has a whole lot of that something, be it using the sport as a lens for the bigger picture or highlighting the colorful personalities or scoring compelling interviews with fantastically famous people who you never knew were obsessed with the subject (again: Bunny Wailer!) or whatever. This is phenomenal. ****

Shane S (it) wrote: I joined just to review this movie because it is so TERRIBLE. I've watched some awful movies in the past, but this one isn't even so bad it's good. Horrible production values, terrible acting, god awful script, embarrassing effects, and so many inconsistencies and holes that you can't even begin to take it seriously. I want my five dollars back. Avoid this movie, even if you watch every straight-to-DVD slasher flick you can get your hands on. Soooo bad.

Annette M (it) wrote: Beautiful and powerful. Ignore the rubbish those idiot critics have said.

Isadore H (kr) wrote: Let Me In was a great vampire film with a satisfying ending. The two young actors were great in this one, and the script was superb. I really enjoyed the pitch-black tone and all the characters were believable and well acted. The bullying aspect really added something to the film and really made me feel for the main character. If you enjoy your films dark and mysterious, Let Me In is a great one

Roman R (ag) wrote: Es dificil describir el encanto de "Lake Tahoe". La pelicula es lenta con muchas escenas estaticas de hogares y refaccionarias en Yucatan, pero la cinta nunca me aburrio. De hecho me parecio fascinante la manera en que se enfoca en lo mundano y como percibe la vida de un adolescente (su director, Fernando Eimbcke, tambien logro esto con su opera prima "Temporada de Patos").La cinta no tiene mucha historia y sucede en un solo dia. Creo que si hubiera mas acontecimientos entraria en cliches haciendola mucho mas convencional. No, me gusta que la cinta sea minimalista y natural. "Lake Tahoe" es una bella y sencilla pelicula de arte mexicana. Muy recomendable.

Brett H (fr) wrote: The third pairing of two of the greatest actors of our time is a sad affair with an obvious twist and horribly under-written characters. Though they are not in their prime anymore, Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino still manage to have great chemistry together and try to elevate the material as best they can, though this ship can't be salvaged. The cliched murder-mystery is old as time itself and nothing much of interest happens here because the people being killed are all scumbags, so you don't care one way or the other if the killer is ever caught. The supporting characters are mostly uselss and 50 Cent has NO PLACE being in a movie with these two legends of cinema. A true disappointment coming from these two and it smells like a paycheck movie for all involved.

Matthew S (ru) wrote: - on dvd - Never even heard of this movie until spotting it in a my friends dvd collection. Doesn't appear to be a critcally acclaimed movie but I thought it was great. John Travolta puts on a great performance and Hoffman's character is very cool. Plus Alan Alda from Mash and William Atherton from Die Hard play small roles, what more could you ask for! Sure it get's a little preachy with the media by the end of the movie but to be honest I probably agree with what they are saying to some extent. A unique heist movie, if you can call it that, with great performances from Travolta and Hoffman.

Mesieur T (jp) wrote: one of the best psychothriller

Sumeet P (jp) wrote: gr8 hate n love story........

Lawrence B (ru) wrote: While it may no longer be the fright-fest it once was, there's no denying that the excitement, suspense and tension of Steven Spielberg's seminal blockbuster never seems to diminish with the skill, craft and sheer quality of the piece becoming only more evident as time goes on.

Dustin I (ca) wrote: The fourth outing is magical stuff! It leaves you wanting more!

Farah R (fr) wrote: Emotional but not memorable.