Daca bobul nu moare

Daca bobul nu moare

Two fathers, a Romanian searching for his daughter who was forced into prostitution in Kosovo, and a Serbian seeking the body of his son killed in a car accident in Romania, meet on the ...

Two fathers, a Romanian searching for his daughter who was forced into prostitution in Kosovo, and a Serbian seeking the body of his son killed in a car accident in Romania, meet on the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicole G (ag) wrote: Good story, great acting.

Elisa T (de) wrote: Pas d'accord avec les critiques... Le film est une bonne petite com (C)die romantique avec un casting trs sympa et r (C)ussi.

Jennifer L (nl) wrote: The stars are for the acting only. Guy Pearce is phenomenal as usual, but the story is a turgid, predictable Lolita fantasy. A family invites a young female musician into their home - one the same age as their daughter. The couple has an obvious lack of connection. This is never explored in any meaningful way. Pearce's wife played by the very capable Amy Ryan is very one dimensional - we never get into her perspective but once. She's flat and boring. The daughter is only slightly more interesting. Kyle McLaughlin has an inexplicable cameo as the old lecherous neighbor that's pushing 60 and making inappropriate comments about the 17 year-old exchange student played by Felicity Jones. I guess it's supposed to foreshadow the gross attraction Pearce's character is beginning to have for the girl that has moved into his home (as an exchange student and for the time being under his care as much as his daughter would be). I wonder if this narcissistic character would be happy to have the reverse happen. At any rate, the most predictable things occur amidst this throughly dysfunctional family - the relationship between the three not the least bit explored until it all blows up at the end. Boring. Boring Boring. And insulting. We don't need another Lolita story. Nabokov wasn't a genius, he was a pedophile. And so is this character who doesn't have to make up for his actions in the least. Terrible.

Stephen Y (br) wrote: I rate this movie 3.75 stars or perhaps 4 (I'm on the fence.) A Taiwanese made film, its a nice touching story that's well written and directed. In fact it the most Taiwanese I've heard in about 15 years but I think there were other dialects mixed in there ...too. Interestingly, one of the songs in the movie is Japanese (though the Japanese dude can't sing), and one I heard growing up. I think its called Furusato (Means: Home/Hometown).Acting was well done and the main actress is cute. I guess Taiwanese girls have a particular way about them that makes them different. If you're a guy, my advice from the movie would be..."slow and steady wins the race" and know some good stories to tell.I liked this movie and recommend it highly.

Angie R (gb) wrote: A grim reality check on many lives way too familiar. Matt Dillon and Naomi Watts were fantastic. If you're a fan of the Walking Dead, Norman Reedus plays his part to the T.... This movie was well written, acted, and given a surreal perspective... But it is dark and depressing if that's something you avoid... Well done in the end.

Hakeem J (ag) wrote: I'm far from a pious person. But this "documentary" is an insult to documentaries in the sense that, Maher makes an effort to find very ill representatives of all major religions simply to poke fun at them as opposed to genuinely understanding the issues.Borat was more educational than this joke.

Mesh B (de) wrote: How will I describe Shortbus in one word? Different. It's not that weird, well sure there are some scenes that made me cringe or goes 'who would have thought about that'; but the whole movie feels different. It's not like the director is an amateur, he knows his stuff, and it's a treat to watch the core reason of why people have sex or look for sex even, in that matter. Not for prude audience obviously, but if you are in the mood for some funny/absurd sexual escapade with touch of comedy, watch Shortbus!7/10

J K (it) wrote: Meh, I like pizza but a movie about a pizza restaurant? Bleh.

Aaron W (ca) wrote: This movie tries way too hard to be "edgy" and tough. I absolutely hate the lead role and everything just seems phony in this movie. Not into it.

Rancour C (es) wrote: One of the cheesiest films I've ever seen with an even cheesier soundtrack. What always amazed me about Strangeland is that it was written by adults! It's really like they raided the brains of a couple 14 year old Slipknot fans and worked everything they found into a script.Three stars for cringy hilarity. I haven't seen this film since it was relatively new, but I find myself being reminded of it fairly often.I would say that it's well worth watching, but not for the reasons Dee probably intended.

Erick A (de) wrote: Gran pelicula,una leyenda viviente que recupero la mistica del Rucker Park,uno de los creadores del Street Ball.

Gordon C (ag) wrote: True story of author Helene Hanff brilliantly inhabited by the lovely Anne Bancroft. She was simply perfect, never acting, just being. The ending made tears stream down my face. The more you love books, the more you appreciate this, but moreover it's about the human spirit and the growth of relationships, strong even without physically meeting. I highly recommend this wonderful film.

Ville H (jp) wrote: Very nice old movie. Just watched it first time and liked very much.

Marieke v (it) wrote: Story about friendship, war and obsessions. But what a feast to watch and how painfully lonely at times. Two great actors playing a great role.

Cal (gb) wrote: "There's something about blasting the shit out of a razorback that brightens up my whole day."Razorback can best be described as Jaws in an Australian outback setting with people being killed by a large marauding pig rather than a killer shark. As far as the quality of these types of creature features go, this Ozploitation effort falls pretty much in the middle - while not as brilliant as Jaws, it's certainly not as dire as Jaws 3 or Jaws the Revenge. Former music video director (and future straight-to-DVD flick purveyor) Russell Mulcahy made his feature film debut as director here, resulting in a generally enjoyable horror flick thanks to its nostalgic '80s vibe, an engaging visual style, a few moments of genuine terror, and its camp appeal. Nonetheless, Razorback is marred by special effects restrictions and a poorly designed narrative which inadvisably concentrates more on boring villainous machinations than fun exploitation elements.New York journalist Beth Winters (Morris) is a vehement animal rights activist, and for her latest assignment she travels to the small town of Gamulla in the Australian outback to investigate the problematically widespread kangaroo slaughtering industry. Things do not go especially well for Beth, though - the colourful locals make her feel unwelcome, and she soon goes missing. Hearing the news of her disappearance, Beth's partner Carl (Harrison) travels to Gamulla in search of answers. Not long after, he meets an embittered hunter (Kerr) and a few unsavoury locals. It soon becomes clear to Carl that the community is being terrorised by a large marauding razorback with a taste for human flesh.A film solely focused on the effects of a killer pig on a small outback community would have easily been enough to sustain an 80-minute exploitation movie. Unfortunately, Razorback becomes weighed down by a wholly unnecessary subplot concerning evil kangaroo hunters which detracts a degree of focus, momentum and fun. Nevertheless, there's a lot to enjoy here. Using Jaws as a template in the way that the titular pig is not clearly glimpsed until the third act, the razorback attack scenes are fast, vicious, gory and aggressive, culminating with a climactic confrontation that's genuinely nail-biting. In its uncut form, Razorback is even better, with a larger amount of exploitative (Ozploitative?) gory violence. Director Mulcahy was clearly limited by the special effects available to him at the time which are by no means perfect, but the marauding beast nonetheless looks mean and serviceable enough.Before Mulcahy made his debut with Razorback, the Australian filmmaker was known as one of the most stylish music video directors in the industry, having made videos for such '80s musicians as Duran Duran and Elton John. In keeping with his background, the film looks like a product of the MTV generation, and this is a very beneficial asset. Leaps and bounds superior to lazier, more stereotypical horror films, Razorback is exceptionally stylised, with frequently artistic shot construction. After all, what else would you expect from the combined instincts of Mulcahy and Oscar-winning cinematographer Dean Semler (Max Mad 2, Dances With Wolves)? To the credit of Mulcahy and Semler, there is barely a scene that goes by that is not rich with atmosphere; a testament to the filmmakers' ability to both make the most of a tiny budget and present a rather ridiculous premise with visual panache.The visual styling clearly took precedence over plotting and acting, but at least the acting is not necessarily awful here. Bill Kerr impresses the most, slipping into his role of the gruff razorback hunter with often intense and engaging results. In the stereotypical hero role, Gregory Harrison is believable though by no means outstanding, and Judy Morris made the most of her somewhat thankless role of Beth. Meanwhile, Chris Haywood and David Argue are the proverbial villains of the story, and they seem to have been lifted straight out of the Mad Max series due to their behavioural instincts and costuming. They're serviceable enough, but entirely clichd and unremarkable.Unfortunately and unexpectedly, Razorback foundered at the box office in both America and Australia during its 1984 theatrical release despite its distributors having confidence in the final product. Fortunately, though, it eventually found its audience on home video before transforming into a minor cult classic. Heck, Jaws director Steven Spielberg is even a big fan of this outback monster movie, while Quentin Tarantino can also be counted among the film's self-confessed fans.

Roger W (de) wrote: A fine performance from Meryl Streep.

Sorin P (ca) wrote: one of the best movies ever made, it's a masterpiece

michelle w (ag) wrote: a pretty swee action/thriller movee you can watch anytime and still enjoy it

Jenn M (ca) wrote: This seemed a tiny bit promising.. But 45 minutes in and it's just a bunch of arguing and.nothing has happened yet. nothing!!! gah! So I waited and then it was getting scary but it wasn't enough to make up for nearly an hour of boredom

Gordon R (ru) wrote: Teenagers hit a man in fishing boots, a year later a killer in fishing boots knocks them off one by one.