Daddy's Little Girls

Daddy's Little Girls

Monty is a mechanic struggling to make ends meet as he raises his three young daughters. When the court awards custody of his daughters to his shady ex-wife, Monty desperately tries to win them back with the help of Julia, a beautiful, Ivy League-educated attorney. Monty and Julia couldn't be less alike, but a flame is ignited...touching off a firestorm of love and conflict.

A mechanic (Elba) enlists the help of a successful-but-lonely attorney (Union) while trying to wrest custody of his three daughters from his treacherous ex-wife and her larcenous boy friend... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(br) wrote: The movie was a mixture of the bright side of young coupe and the dark side of their daughter's cancer. They were not "decent" couple with a lot of tattoos, but I liked a lady's voice when she sang.

Anne S (gb) wrote: I actually really enjoyed most of it.. There were a few side track moments that irritated, but.. overall very cute little film. I think, when kept at a "fun" level, this contest is awesome.. when taken to the extreme (like breeding dogs specifically to "show" in this contest, and making your living off of showing off the dog it goes too far)One of the guys featured on here, not only goes too far.. but never says anything about the dog's personality at all.. the dog seems to be a fashion accessory and money maker... and that's it.. Everyone else talked about their dog like it was family, to him, it was a meal ticket. That saddened me.

Richard H (it) wrote: Interesting history if true

leane e (gb) wrote: pretty damn good sci-fi B flick good action and not to bad of a story and its got billy zane and mark dacascos in it :D

Andy F (br) wrote: Started off reasonably but soon fades into tiresome horror hokum. The two 'star' leads seem to be treading water in this predictable fare.

Adam R (au) wrote: I'm not sure what everybody else watched, but the Hoop Dreams I saw was terrible. The only thing I can figure out is that time has certainly not been kind to it. It now seems poorly made. (First and only viewing - 11/22/2016)

Sam N (de) wrote: This rocks. Got some of the best one liners delivered with perfection from the highly underrated comedy genious that is Mr Sheen

Robert L (nl) wrote: I liked this movie a lot. It has a made for TV feel to it. (as it might have been made for tv). I like most summer camp movies and this one is no exception.

Rhonda Lowe P (ag) wrote: This movie is great it has a realy nice story and is great to see a few other Sheens in it aswell.Soul Patrol march 5 stars

Tony G (de) wrote: Possibly one of the most beautiful films you'll see. Without a doubt, one of the most underrated films you'll ever see. This is such a wonderfully romantic film. You're sure to have a smile when you're done with it. Not only that, but the music is absolutely gorgeous, simply perfection. I cannot give this movie enough stars.

Eric R (br) wrote: Under the Roofs of Paris is an rather simplistic story about a street performer who falls in love with a woman but is sent to jail briefly after falling in love with her. When he returns he comes to find that she has fallen in love with his best friends. I really found this film to be trivial overall, lacking anything that really grabbed me on either an emotional or intellectual level. The most interesting aspect of this film for me was seeing a filmmaker in Rene Clair, struggle to find a balance between the silent and talkie aspects of the film. Under the Roofs of Paris might as well be a silent film, and when their are scenes of dialogue they tend to brief and a lot of conversations in the film are inaudible, whether this was intentionally or merely filmmakers wrestling with the new technology, I have no idea. Yea, maybe I am being a little harsh on this film but I just found it all to be so lackadaisical and though parts of the film are charming (the opening sequence, the way Clair camera pans up and down the streets of Paris, etc), I didn't think the film was anything special.

TheMumblelover (kr) wrote: Not the best Connery Bond its static and can quite bore at times but it does have its moments even if the story is a bit shoddy. While Connery kind of still looks the part but only just you think it should of been a vehicle for someone else, it entertains but at times it looks a tired film, its fine but not great

Nathan A (us) wrote: A tense and thrilling zombie film ruined by one of the most infamously bad endings (or alternative endings) ever forced upon audiences.