Dae! Ingottu nokkiye...

Dae! Ingottu nokkiye...

The film is about Vettikadu Sivan (Jayasurya), a young, intelligent man who sets out on a mission to settle a score and give a peace of mind to his uncle Vettikadu Sadasivan (Jagathy Sreekumar) who is the chief minister of the state. To do this, Sivan hatches a plan to get the twin brother of Sadasivan who is settled in Gujarat and is an ordinary banana seller and a bit on the lesser side of intelligence.

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Allan C (fr) wrote: A classic film noir and one of the all-time great boxing pictures. Robert Ryan plays over-the-hill 35 year old boxer Stoker Thompson, who's got a break to fight a young up and coming fighter and can revive his career. However, his crooked managers has taken money from a mobster for Stoker to throw the fight, but fails to tell Stoker he's supposed to throw the fight thinking Stoker will lose anyway. Taking place in realtime, the events of the film unfold over the course of a tight 73 minutes, which includes the boxing match shown in it's brutal entirety. Robert Ryan gives a terrific performance as the washed-up Stoker. I think either this or his performance as an on-the-edge cop in "On Dangerous Ground" are my favorite of his many great performances. Director Robert Wise also gets big credit here for crafting a stylish and very dark film noir classic. Milton Krasner provided excellent photography as he did for more big budget of pictures when he worked with the likes of Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Billy Wilder. One of the all-time great film noir and one of the all-time great boxing pictures, this one is a real American film classic.

Robert M (gb) wrote: While intense, it is also yet another good and catching thriller that uses the more "accidental" style of filming. I don't watch much of these kinds of films, but the idea of this forceful sorcery is one not to miss. Well done on the lower budget special effects also.

clinton e (kr) wrote: A lot more scary and entertaining than the original

Armando L (ru) wrote: Was a great movie. I enjoyed the plot and how it moved through out the story.

Jon C (es) wrote: Crazy Bitches. Nuff said...


Tim S (au) wrote: When you talk about remakes, lots of different films come to mind as examples, but one that will now come to my mind more prominently than before will be Nightmare at Noon, which is a remake of the film Mutant by the same director. This awful movie feels like a clone of The Crazies and a pre-cursor to 28 Days Later. Not that those comparisons are justified, mind you, but they popped up in my mind now and again. The film seems to have been stitched together with good intentions, but ultimately, with bad results. The acting, the cinematography (I'm thinking it was shot open matte because I noticed the camera's top visor in shot a couple of times), and not to mention the unnecessary use of helicopter duel footage, the movie is pretty bad. One redeeming thing though is that the crew at Rifftrax did a hilarious take on it. Otherwise, not good.

Patrick F (au) wrote: What a lousy piece of shit this was. It was downright moronic - compared to its predecessor, one of the worst sequels I've ever seen.

Chris S (au) wrote: Very unknown movie featuring a terrific performance from Pierce Brosnan. Compelling for the most part, but the addition of many unnecessary side characters weigh it down.