Daft Punk's Electroma

Daft Punk's Electroma

Follows the history of two robots, the members of Daft Punk, on their quest to become human.

Follows the history of two robots, the members of Daft Punk, on their quest to become human. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay A (jp) wrote: Poor execution. The last quarter of the movie was the best part and that's saying a lot.

Coltin L (br) wrote: Filled with a stupid political agenda and a boring, lame, joke-ridden story, The Lorax is nothing like the classic Dr. Seuss story. Kids will enjoy it for the animation it is but anyone else will be bored to death.

Shamith G (fr) wrote: A very funny heartwarming tale of unrestrained enthusiasm and perseverance. Such a fabulous duo, Marlin and Dory, supported by a fine cast and incredible visuals.

Jose H (ca) wrote: One more of those moves that makes you see how americans felt about Vietnam.

Michael H (ag) wrote: Much copied; seldom equaled. Capra established the template for romantic comedies with IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT and did it better than most anyone since. The energy of the movie ebbs and flows between quiet, reflective scenes and manic energy as Colbert and Gable gradually transition from finding each other useful, to finding each other indispensable. Until their budding relationship is undone through misunderstandings that throw them back into old patterns.The couple isn't separate from their environment, but lives in a populated world where people interact (for good or ill) and we see how people lived and traveled in depression era America. The dialog is sharp. The mores perhaps a bit more nuanced and less black and white than we might expect looking back with what we believe are more sophisticated eyes. All in all; a delightful movie that sneaks in a few jabs at society.

Justin E (jp) wrote: This is Bad! Really Bad! Lots of music numbers fit into a plot that can't be saved. This is an effects movie musical.

Bob V (us) wrote: An unusually expensive production for Warner's, famed for bringing in low cost products. This film however, was meant to be as lavish as "Gone With the Wind" and no expense was spared: over 60 sets were constructed, Davis' wears more than 20 expensive authentic period costumes, and then there's still the rest of the cast's costumes & varying star treatments.Despite all that, "All this..." doesn't come anywhere near the lasting fame of "Gone with the Wind", but that doesn't make it a bad film. The story of a governess, who goes to work for a Duke & Duchess in post-Napoleon France and inadvertently causes the 1948 Revolution sounds preposterous, but it did actually happen (Revolutions never happen for just one thing of course, but to simplify let us say that the governess was the proverbial last straw) and the film does a good job at capturing atmosphere and climate.Davis plays against type, not the shrew, slut, bitch or antagonist of any kind this time, nor the wounded bird characters she also did on a regular basis. Her portrayal of the almost saint-like, modest, intelligent, yet independent of spirit Henriette is wide-eyed & restrained and one of those rare films in which she manages to rein in her own volatile self almost completely. The almost perfect governess could very easily have become an unbelievable caricature in the hands of a less able actress, but Davis gets away with it and more than just that.Charles Boyer & Barbara O'Neill are each cast to pitch excellence in their parts as estranged spouses who cannot let each other go, nor give each other peace.

Victor T (fr) wrote: Back in 1999 a film called "The Matrix" blew the mind of countless people as they saw it as an original concept, but I am here to say that if you believe that then you are wrong. Some films/comics/TV series have already approached the idea of mankind being the slave of another superior race and/or that everything you thought was real is not (the latter idea has been around since the times of Ancient Greece). Some examples of this statement are the original TV miniseries "V", John Carpenters "They Live", the Japanese manga "Ghost in the Shell", the comic "The Invisibles", the dramedy "The Truman Show", and the overlooked cult classic "Dark City". J. Murdoch is a man who can't remember anything from his life. In his search for answers, he starts to unravel a conspiracy that makes him doubt of his own existence. Just to clarify, I watch the Directors Cut and I recommend you watch it instead of the Theatrical Cut. Director Alex Proyas had met some critical acclaim with the stylish "The Crow", so it's no surprise that he managed to surprise audiences with his follow-up film. "Dark City" counts with peculiar acting, either it is solid or it is hammy (with the perfect example being Keifer Sutherland); a fantastic twisted story that has a lot of surprises and it is filled with creativity, a suspense vibe that will grab your attention and put you in the edge of your seat, some beautiful surreal visuals, Proyass directing is as energetic and stylish as it was in "The Crow" (it really reminds of Terry Gilliam), the setting is a bizarre but gorgeous combination of "Metropolis" and "Blade Runner", the themes are executed with subtlety and they ask some interesting thought provoking questions, the atmosphere is a gorgeous film noir tribute, the production design perfectly recreates the fashion of the 40s, the pacing is adequately slow as it takes its time to provide explanations, the character relationships surprisingly feel genuine (I say surprisingly considering the story), the cinematography is beautiful, and it has a big entertainment value. But even with all that greatness, "Dark City" has its flaws. The CGI is bad and as the film progresses it gets worse (sure, it is an element that can be forgiven due to all the things this film gets right but they take you out of the experience more than once), the characters arent memorable, and by the time the film finishes to surprises us and answers all the questions presented in the story (around the 90 minute mark), the film goes to a laughable action sequence that its reminiscent of the anime "Akira" but it doesn't work with the style the film has set. "Dark City" is one of the best-if not the best- science fiction films of the 90s. It is clever, fun, thought provoking, stylish, surprising, a well-made tribute to film noir, and beautiful to watch. One of the best films of the uneven year that 1998 was, a must see for sci-fi fans and people who like puzzle films. This is what "The Matrix" failed to be.

Brian K (nl) wrote: Stupid. The acting is pretty bad and extremely conventional execution.

Ville H (kr) wrote: Ensimminen tunti oli oikeastaan melko hyv, mutta viiminen puoli tuntia ihan paska. Ihan niink ois ksikirjottajalla tullu tunnit tyteen ja lopettanu vaan kki elokuvan kirjottamisen. James Woods oli hyv, samoin Franklyn Seales. Lupaavan alun jlkeen aikamoinen pettymys.

Alex r (ru) wrote: Killing Kennedy is not a great drama, but for what it is, it's a pretty good one. The cast is quite impressive, and to be honest, I kind of dislike Rob Lowe. And never been a fan of his work, but here, he really impressed me. I thought he was very good as JFK and for what it is; it's a performance that can prove that the man can act. The film is a bit short, but that's alright because sometimes adding too much material presented on-screen can make the viewer lose interest. However that is not the case with Killing Kennedy. Keeping it short and sweet, this is a film that dives quickly into a thoroughly enthralling story and with some wonderful performances, more than makes up for the film's flaws. This film is quite good and it definitely deserves to be seen, even by skeptics of Lowe or Bill O'Reilly, (who is notorious for his views on his show and who wrote the book that inspired this film) will probably enjoy the film. This is a highly entertaining picture that manages to work quite well considering its limitations, and for what it is, it's a fine little film that can get viewers interested in the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I think that the film can get people interested in the subject here, and the film manages to be a film that should not be passed up. This is a terrific film that deserves to be seen. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's quite good at handling its subject matter.