Daggaraga Dooranga

Daggaraga Dooranga

Daggaraga Dooramga movie is romantic thriller based movie in which, Sumanth playing a role of Gautham who is working as creative director in Advertising agency, Vedhika playing a role of Meenakshi.

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Guy M (us) wrote: Gentleman Broncos is a comic triumph - hilarious from beginning to end offering insights into the minds of aspiring writers & directors as well as commenting on the psyche of the only child with absent father - though obviously not fully understood by reviewers of the time - this movie will slowly be revered as a shining gem and standout amongst the over-rated ilk of its decade and century - Gentleman Broncos is fabulous. 5 big ones!

Tristan M (nl) wrote: Not a whole lot of really good movies about the resistance in WWII, and even less featuring a female lead actor. This is definitely one of the best in the first category, up there with Flame and Citron, and far better than Defiance, Soldier of Orange, or Army of Crime. There is a few things that didn't go great with me, for one the B-17 bomb that landed right beside their boat would have put a quick end to the movie and killed them both, and the action, although not bad, did seen a bit one sided in favour of the resistance when it should have favoured the Germans, and the people getting gunned down could have been preformed better. But those are minor setbacks to an otherwise great movie, that tells it's story very well and doesn't glorify anything or end in a unrealistic happily ever after. It doesn't shy away from gore, although not particularly common when it's shown it doesn't hold back. Also the nudity is rather similar and doesn't hold back, and that in itself is a character in the movie, as holds a big importance to the events. Like all movies about the resistance or occupied territory in WWII many of the characters are double crossers, trying to survive and join the winning side, and it makes for characters that almost always cannot be trusted. Often we can detect this beforehand, but it's not too obvious. The story isn't exactly fast paced, but it's not really slow, and has the content to keep us engaged, as if we don't something important will surely be missed. The ending is good, has us torn between who to root for, who are the real bad guys and who is bad but we still like. It ends good, most loose ends are tied up, but we find most of our characters dead, through various causes, mostly bullets. Overall good movie, could have benefited from better action and slightly faster pace, but all in all portrays what it tries to almost to perfection.

Mark Anthony C (ru) wrote: Are you sad? depressed? ready to give up? Go see this movie! The comeback is real!

Tyler W (gb) wrote: Anyone Who Dislikes This Film, I Know Very Few But Know Some People Wjo Didnt..Anyway If U Hated This U Either A.U Hate Monster Movies Or B.Have Piss Poor Taste In Monster Movies!

Dan B (es) wrote: This will seem like a typical comedy of someone falling for someone else and hiding it from the one they are dating. It's that for about 20 minutes then this just changes completely. Novocaine is a very strange story with so many twists and turns it totally turns into something you did not expect. For what it is it's good and pretty funny but if they stuck to what the first 20 minutes gave off, it could've been a little better. Steve Martin was great as always and so was Helena Bonham Carter, yet everyone else sort of over acted or just didn't act well. IT was cool seeing Kevin Bacon in it for a bit. All that being said though, it's a pretty entertaining movie but don't expect the movie to stay the way you want it the whole time. It has ups and downs but sort of keeps you sucked in for most of it and ends on a strange note.

Charles M (kr) wrote: A slowly paced debut for a phycological thriller flick might be the reason not to watch this movie. Somewhat like a fine wine, highly praised by Roger Ebert back in the 90's, Mr.Joanou's film has slowly turned to vinegar with age. All the ingredients to make a delicious degustation are in place, with a fine cast, including a pre Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman, as well as a fine machiavelique performance by Kim Bassinger. The movie picks up mid-way, and finally does what thriller is supposed to, make you lean towards the screen. At the time of Final Analysis's box office release, it was somewhat of a Armegeddon/Deep Impact double featurette, meaning that it had the same sort of scenario, and basis as another movie that came out at exactly the same time. That movie was the infamous Basic Instinct. Sharon Stone's and Kim Bassinger's characters are quite similar, yet the end outcomes of the films are totally different. Skip this film and go buy Basic Instict instead. The UPS: 1. The murder weapon, and its originality 2. Uma Thurman's performace as well as Bassinger's The DOWNS: 1. It's sappy, and far too dull at the beginning 2. The physcological evaluations of Rchard Gere and his performace 3. Cheesy locations including a lighthouse, as well as the same court room seen in every 90's film 4. The non creditability of the escape from an insane assylum 5. The over played, badly aged climax.

Toohey B (it) wrote: I really good early Kurosawa film that was a huge step forward in his abilities as a storyteller-- unfortunately the greatness of the film is marred by the Mei Ah transfer.

Greg H (au) wrote: One of my favorites. A tender relationship between Gramps and Pud.

Sherief Z (gb) wrote: An enjoyable primitive experience in film-making.

Vince J (nl) wrote: Currently my favorite movie.

Arlene M (it) wrote: HATED THIS MOVIE!!So wrongly advertised!!I thought it would be a Rocky kind of film!!Gratuitous heartbreaking sadness! Sadest movie ever. Wanted to walk out but husband wanted to stay. Why is it that if a movie is sooo sad it gets great reviews and ratings!

Cristbal S (ag) wrote: What a waste of good actors and material. It's not a boring picture, but along with bad CGI and over the top interpretations (with the exception of Jeff Bridges), this isn't a recomendable film.

Howard E (br) wrote: One hundred years ago this week marked the start of the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey, the World War I campaign that lasted 8-1/2 months, claimed over 100,000 lives and resulted in a stalemate between the two sides. In THE WATER DIVINER, Oscar (R) winning actor and first-time director, Russell Crowe, plays an Australian farmer who travels to Gallipoli to find the remains of his three sons, who were lost in battle there.THE WATER DIVINER is based on the book of the same name by Andrew Anastasios and Dr. Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios. The germ of the story came from a letter from a colonel in the Imperial War Graves Unit, who noted that an Australian man came to Gallipoli in search of his sons' graves. (World War I marked the first time that attempts were made to recover and identify the bodies of fallen soldiers, and provide them with proper graves.)In the film, Joshua Connor (played by Crowe) not only has the ability to douse water from underground sources, it seems he can find pretty much anything including his sons in a Australian dust storm and their bones on a plateau overlooking the Dardanelles. After his wife dies tragically, Connor promises her that he'll go off to Turkey to bring her boys back home and bury them next to her. With only one change of clothing (if that) and a copy of Arabian Nights in hand, he makes the arduous, three-month journey by ship across the Indian Ocean, through the Suez Canal, and across the Mediterranean Sea. I take more than that with me for a weekend in Mid-Levels and I don't even look that good when the journey from my office in Central is over!Suspended belief aside, Connor arrives at the rather Disney-fied port of Constantinople and is immediately brought by a precocious boy to a picturesque inn that is run by his mother, Ayshe (played by Olga Kurylenko), a fetching woman who lost her husband in the same battle. Thinking Connor is wasting his time, she nonetheless decides to tell him how he can get to Gallipoli, which is off-limits to civilians. Connor boards another boat and soon enough arrives at the mass graveyard where he is immediately intercepted by the British military officer who is in charge of the Unit. Not surprisingly, the lieutenant-colonel wants Connor gone as quickly as possible - to where, we have no idea. It's not like there's a Sheraton around the corner. But a retired Turkish officer who is assisting in the search and identification of the bodies says that Connor is the only father who has come to look for his boys so he should be allowed to stay.THE WATER DIVINER is not a bad film and kudos to Crowe for his first effort behind the camera, but one can't help but wonder if the story could have been a bit more magical and larger-than-life. It's not every day that one meets a diviner yet people seem to take his ability all in stride. (And if Conner really can find anything, why doesn't he look for gold or opals in Australia instead of being a poor farmer?) The film also suffers from a hefty dose of stereotyping. The British are all surly and elitist; the Turks are all hot-blooded. Even Connor's pastor in Australia is a bit too holier than Thou. The best scenes are when Crowe plays it rough and rugged - almost Indiana Jones-like. He rides a horse a few times in the film - once in the Australian outback and the other in Turkey - and those are the most exciting to watch.Unfortunately, there is an unnecessary romantic subplot involving Connor and Ayshe that doesn't go anywhere. While Kurylenko is nice to look at, she is not much of an actress. Her Turkish accent wavers, often revealing her Ukrainian roots. I've seen her in a few films over the years (such as TO THE WONDER) and I'm never impressed. For Crowe, while this is his best performance in years, considering his recent body of work includes NOAH and LES MISRABLES, that's not much of a compliment.Maybe the book is better.