• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:44 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Dutch,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,  

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Daijobu torrent reviews

Jessica L (kr) wrote: This brings back so many memories! It made me realize how much I misses this show. Every element of Veronica Mars is still present. LoVe it!!! I feel so obsessed I want to rewatch all three seasons again.

Antnio J (gb) wrote: This is a C Movie or something like a trash movie. Seriously, not even close to the game history.

Elvis T (fr) wrote: The story is a bit gaudy and lacks authenticity. Much of it is very predictable. However: Striking cinematography, brilliant choice of music. Very aesthetic.

Dustin L (it) wrote: It's a documentary on why men seemingly take unreasonable risks on their beloved sport. I've seen similar movies on a different sport, climbing. Different sport, same story. The director does do a decent job to make his presentation quite shocking at the end.I'd never do extreme snowboarding, but Chamonix is definitely fun place to be.It should be rated 2.5 stars, but there is half star bonus for the cinematography.

Phei Yee O (us) wrote: A lil too slow . But it's quite meaningful at the very end

Bobby L (it) wrote: A fun little animated flick, with a nice mix of fantasy and sci-fi.

Adam R (de) wrote: (First and only viewing - December 2009)

Janetta B (ru) wrote: I have been all over best buy looking for this flick!!!!!I love this movie..

Erik B (it) wrote: A good example of how the British version of same things, same themes, is almost always more true, more mad and deep (and of course more literate) than its American copies and counterparts. At least to me.

Eli B (mx) wrote: Pretty cool fighting, and it's funny too.

Lovro H (ag) wrote: _REWATCH REVIEW_I had seen this movie way back in 2009 for the first time and I wanted to revisit it, so when I saw the movie in the shop, I just had to get it! The movie is just as I remember it. The story follows a group of people trying to stop an alien parasyte from taking over the world. A meteor fell on the Earth and has infected a man, Grant. He then started to make breeders who will make more of the parasytes to infect more people. His wife and the police department try to stop him from destroying the world. It's quite an interesting story, but what makes this movie so special is the way that humour and horror get combined. The whole tone of the movie is very comical and rarely it's scary, it's more disgusting than scary, but that doesn't matter, it's really awesome! There are many scenes where I laughed out loud, but also a few scenes where the gore is so over-the-top that you don't know whether to laugh or be disgusted. The characters are likeable, witty and very amusing, especially the Bill character, played by Nathan Fillion. Bill is one hilarious guy! Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is funny (lots of great one liners). The acting is great and everyone did a really great job. I have to admit Michael Rooker as Grant was fantastic! Speaking of Grant, the makeup looks amazing! Although CGI is quite obvious at a lot of points, it's also obvious when they're using practical effects, and they look really sweet. All in all, this is one of the better executed horror/comedy movies that I would strongly recommend checking out for it's tone, gore and characters.

Lydia S (es) wrote: A romantic comedy that every romantic comedy seeks to copy, but without luck as the original surpasses the fakes.

Tanisha K (fr) wrote: Never seen this, but I will... :)needing something to fill my wall :)

Orlok W (us) wrote: Nick and Nora and their hectic New Year's Eve and beyond--Sparkling Follow-Up!!

Tim R (it) wrote: I caught this film in the theater when it was 1st released. Yikes, I really thought Speiberg's career was over. Recently, I found a copy of it at the Good Will for a dollar. Watched it again and...hey, I was entertained. I no longer consider1941 filmed excrement.

Pavan R (kr) wrote: Some great action sequences but have to wait for it. The sword fights in the latter part are real good. Overall good fun though the beginning can be a bit slow and melodramatic