An elite Interpol agent Jeong-woo and a ruthless hitman Park-yi, both stationed in Amsterdam and are in love with the same young woman, Hye-young. Hye-Young is a simple sidewalk artist, with dreams of one day holding a real exhibition in a real gallery. Her pure love will draw these deadly men into a spectacular showdown in the process, revealing Hye-Young¡¯s hidden past.

Set in Amsterdam, DAISY tells the story of a love triangle between a young girl and the two men in her life. Hye-young (Jeon Ji-hyun) is a painter in Amsterdam who looks after her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Daisy torrent reviews

Natalie M (fr) wrote: Loved it. Beautifully done Am seeing it again

Dan M (jp) wrote: An excellent screenplay, great story that will also break your heart, and Thomas Doret is amazing.

Anna H (au) wrote: Great in some parts, but too British in some...

Ahmed M (nl) wrote: Fantastic Four was an average try to make a good comic book movie, some cons include, poor acting, a predictable plot and the action itself feels boring.

Miona J (gb) wrote: Maybe it was a bit too old fashioned (made in the 90's) for me and boring since I've seen more recent Korean films similar to this story. It felt a bit too fake and didn't really raise many emotions in me. Still there was something that threw me into it and a photolab was an interesting place for the story to be set in. I know this is a very famous and popular Korean movie but I've seen better.

Brad S (nl) wrote: This movies owns. All over the place. Imagine Lovecraft meets Argento/Soavi... Definately one of the best...

Mitch H (br) wrote: An extremely interesting film that deals subject matter that is emotional and sensitive and did so with a beautiful touch. The plot was pretty straightforward, but the film was intertwined and woven together in a very complex manner. 30 minutes into the film I can honestly say, I did know what the hell was going on. But I'm sure glad I hung in there because by the end it all came together nicely. Matthew Goode was fantastic and played quite a different role from the film "Stoker" (which if you haven't seen go watch it, seriously... now). I'm not sure how great of a film this was because something is telling me it was a little style over substance, but it's still an enjoyable movie that increasingly grew on me. Definitely check out the mind-boggling drama that's more than worthy of a solid rating -- 8/10.

Eric J (ca) wrote: Similar to "This is Spinal Tap" Not as good as that film but funny nonetheless

Logan M (de) wrote: Steven Spielberg's gripping masterpiece is a true tearjerker. Personally, I think "Schindler's List" is the greatest movie to ever win Best Picture.

Stephen B (br) wrote: This is arguably one of the most under appreciated films of the 21st century(possibly even in cinematic history). The opening sequence gets your attention right away and never lets up. The finale is not only action-packed and visually stunning, but it carries an emotion that is helped greatly by the score done by John Williams, and it sets up the events in Episode IV in a manner that works well, even though it may seem a little flawed. The script is fine, and Anakin and Padme seem to show more chemistry than in the previous installments through their dialogue, in addition to their overall acting. In a scene shortly after things begin to settle into the second act, the couple has a conversation that includes elements that foreshadow future events in the movie, which is done in an ingenious way some may not catch in their first viewing or if they are new to the series. The scene slows the movie down enough to avoid the story flying by too fast also, which helps the pacing problem of the first two in the trilogy be mostly nonexistent throughout the film. In fact, the best elements from this movie overshadow the few problems to be found.Altogether, a dark and exciting conclusion to the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Dunia C (de) wrote: Fairytales is never die~TBatGFR is one of the best fairy tale ever. This movie is not just tell a simple bedtime story for kids but a huge story about a story, :D it is a miracle. Believe me!!

Anya S (au) wrote: Wow, the title made this movie sound like it would be pretty decent to watch, but when it started right away I could tell I was going to be in for an hour and a half of horrible acting uninteresting story plot, and really bad fight choreography. There was nothing special about this, the characters were very unrepresentable which made it hard to care about.Also if you read the synopsis above it says that they are in high school, their not they are in community college trying to get into Brown University. Also a note to whoever made this movie, just because you have three used-to-be famous girls does not mean you have a hit. What I found interesting about this was how similar this movie was to Charlies Angels. In a way it was a combination of mainly Charlies Angels and a little bit of But I'm a Cheerleader. Don't waste your time.