Dakota Lil

Dakota Lil

Female outlaw helps lawmen trap railroad bandits.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:outlaw,   railroad,  

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Lynda M (nl) wrote: A beautifully made film. It's amazing that this film was filmed in Afghanistan, while there is a war going on.

Anthony M (mx) wrote: Ken Loach hits me with a story and film with such gritty realism which is forced along with great performances showing life in Scotland and of British working class families. Sweet Sixteen is film based around Liam (Martin Compston), a 15 year old lad who wants to start a fresh life with his mother, who is completing a prison term. Liam finds a caravan on a idilic Scottish lake which he wants to buy for his mother, his sister and nephew so they can all live happily ever. However, as his pursuit for money to pay off the caravan, he delves deeper into the underground world of drug dealing while trying to deal with his family and friends. This film is a fairly hard hitting coming of age story, as we follow Liam as his 16th birthday approachs, we look at his life in a working class council estate with an abusive step father and grandad, a sister trying to keep a stable and healthly lifestyle for her child and his mother in jail. The film is one that touchs home, a fairly local film that is not only sometimes emotionally draining but also quite touching. Martin Compston as Liam gives an outstanding performance, one of the best I've seen in a long time. You can't help but feel sorry for Liam through-out as he tries his hardest not only to keep everyone happy but to also create a better life for his family that he adores. With a great supporting cast, that help drive this film, this is a true British gem. This is my first look at anything by Ken Loach and his style of filming and direction is inspiring, he films with a dirty realism and raw power that fused with a brilliant written story by Paul Laverty creates an emotionally driven, original and unique experience. My only gripe with the film is undeniably the hard to understand dialogue. The very strong Scottish accent is even hard for me to understand, I'm half Scottish with most of my family hailing from there and I still find it hard to understand and had to use subtitles to help me understand what was being said. Sweet Sixteen is a raw, powerful and brilliant British coming of age drama, with some great suspensful moments, witty dialogue and touching story. This is without a doubt one of my favourite British films. Check it out.

JJ J (fr) wrote: A fun movie about love and mortuary business. Laugh out loud funny.

Hiromi N (au) wrote: much much better than "botanist's daughters." After all, she chose passion, not reason. That is, Balzac gave her nothing new, but it taught her how to find the strength She had already had inside her. the strength that the continent has produced has never been destroyed by the cultural revolution nor another reform of capitalism in 90s. i like the scene in which the seamstress left her lover at a steep and narrow mountain path. the path not showing where it leads, is a metaphor; we could imagine hardships in the future of her own and her village. still the mountain would keep holding everything inside her even after it has gone under the deep water.

Kurt B (ca) wrote: Bridge Over The River Kwai without all the whistling and romaticism.

Mahesh P (nl) wrote: I've heard great things about this movie, but it was worse than torture. The worst soundtrack I have ever heard, the lead actor (i don't know or care who he is) with his wheezy/scratchy voice made you so angry. There was barely any story, and the direction is so bad that you can barely tell what is going on half of the time. I had mixed feelings about the last scene because on one hand, it was the worst scene of a bollywood movie i have ever seen, but on the other hand, it ended the torture of this movie...if you want to watch a good movie about Indian racial tensions, watch Gadar. That has great songs, and actually has a story. But don't waste your time on this movie no matter who says it is good. I could go on for hours criticizing this movie...

Joe M (nl) wrote: Started watching this with Vince. He asked if there were any Steel Dawn drinking games, I told him to just drink whenever Swayze unnecessarily twirls any object or weapon in his hands. Vince finished 2 beers in the next 3 minutes.

RayNormanBateman (it) wrote: An absolute classic and the reason why kung Fu films are so damn great to watch. The fighting scenes are not as good as many I have seen and the story is the typical avenge someone's death but the main character and who ever dubbed his voice is worth watching the whole damn thing alone.Some of the sounds used as well, you will know what I mean, are just hilarious and used so many times in one scene. It's all just great.

David B (mx) wrote: Another great adaptation of a play by the brilliant Neil Simon ('The Odd Couple', 'Biloxi Blues', etc.); this funny yet poignant film tells four totally unrelated stories: two serious ones (both realistically and insightfully depicting complex relationships) and two humorous ones... with superb chemistry in the Michael Caine/Maggie Smith and the always hilarious Bill Cosby/Richard Pryor 'couples'

Bruce B (jp) wrote: This is an outstanding early John Wayne Film. Another early days at sea movie. When I first saw the title cover I thought maybe this was the same movie as Reap The Wind but I was wrong so wrong. This movie out does Reap the Wind by 10 fold. John Wayne is a sea captain who scuttles the Red Witch because of the cargo which is 5 million dollars worth of gold in 1948 so imagine the price today. The man he stole the gold from wants it back so this makes for a very exciting movie. 4 stars for this old Black and White.

Deadly V (it) wrote: Not as taut as it should have been or as meaningful

Robert R (de) wrote: Bridge to Terabithia was to me a really silly, over the top, sappy, unrealistic melodramatic kids film until the third act which made up for it.

Laura H (mx) wrote: Great film about Bipolar disorder!!!

Tom V (br) wrote: A dark, twisting vision for Matheson's novel. Perhaps the script took too many liberties though!

John A (au) wrote: A Top-Notch Political Thriller Which See's A Pretty Decent Story, Great Script, Great Direction & Top-Notch Performances From Eastwood & Malkovich. Released In 1993, This Thriller See's Eastwood (Delivering One Of His Finest Performances) As Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan. A Man Haunted By The Events Of 1963, When He Failed To Respond To The Assassination Of JFK. 30 Years Later (1993), & He Receives A Call From A Mysterious Psychotic (John Malkovich), Threatening The Current President's Life. This Assassin Involves Harrigan In A Tense Game Of Cat And Mouse. This Is One Of Very Few Films In Which Eastwood Stars, That's Not Produced By Malpaso Productions (Eastwood's Production Company), Since It's Creation In 1967.