Land, a family, a future. They're "dreams, fried up, short order" for Blayde Hollister (Gary Cooper). Rightly or wrongly, this ex-Confederate from Georgia has waged his own war to settle past injustices. Now he's a wanted man. And he can feel the law closing in on him. Posing as a Boston dandy, he comes to the boom town with a gun and a plan: to smoke out the notorious Marlow brothers (including Steve Cochran and Raymond Massey), then give 'em a whiff of gunsmoke. Director Stuart Heisler (Along Came Jones) keeps the pace flowing like the local saloon's liquor. Max Steiner's score gallops like a hell-for-leather posse and screenwriter John Twist fires scene after scene with lines like "you'll get your pockets picked in a graveyard". Dallas, here we come!

A former Confederate officer hunting for an outlaw who wronged him finds him in Dallas, but now as a wealthy, respectable citizen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wendy M (us) wrote: A fun movie showcasing lots of Seattle best places, including Rob Roy- one of my fav cocktail bars!

Joanna B (es) wrote: The cinematic equivalent to a prostate exam (uncomfortable, intrusive and generally unwelcome), Canadian director David Cronenberg's adaption of Bronx-born writer Don DeLillo 2003 novel is obtuse, remote and somewhat irrelevant to the current economic climate. Cronenberg's theory that movies should not be easy and the art of exploring human nature is worth a little bit of confusion, proves that his previous efforts of 1999's eXistenZ, 1991's Naked Lunch and 1983'3 Videodrome were merely a jumping point for his existentialism. His tenacious mindset to adapt simply unfilmable books leaves his works in the unenviable position of having limited appeal. The day the presidential motorcade brings the city of New York to a grinding-holt, Asset Manager Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) decides he wants a haircut. Demanding that his omnipresent chief-of-security Torval (Kevin Durand) disregard traffic and a creditable threat to Packers life; the young dotcom billionaire capitalist lounges in his ultra-plush personalized stretch limo as they travel clear across town for the meaningless errand.A revolving door of accommodating visitors jump-in the vehicle as summoned. Computer whiz kid Shiner (Jay Baruchel) helps track loses in the funds hemorrhaging Yuan, Art Dealer Didi (Juliette Binoche) enthusiastically provides sexual indulgence, his finance minister Jane (Emily Hampshire) speculates on the business ramifications of the days' fiasco in fortunes as an unfamiliar doctor provides his daily check-up and states irrelevantly he has an asymmetrical prostate. Riding the tumultuous money market wave as it descends into chaos, Packer is oblivious or rather unperturbed that the literal world around him is also in a similar state of discontent. Only ever leaving his mobile penthouse to harass and eat with his attractive but disconnected robotic new wife, Elise (Sarah Gadon).The corporate mogul weathers a violent demonstration by protesting anarchists carrying giant symbolic rats and spray painting his car but it all solicits no reaction; a testament to his lack of interest for life. Reaching his barber destination, the haircut fails to satiate whatever need pulled him there; in search of a new end-game Packer actively seeks out the antagonist who threatened his life. A tragic failure of a man who wants desperately to count for something, Benno Levin (the ever talented Paul Giamatti) poses only questions that cause further indifference. Can anything reach the emotional ameba that is Packer?Full of ideas that are lost in stylized translation, the talky dialogue - reproduced almost unchanged from the book - is a definite weakness. Reading is not the same as listening and the gapping chasm between prose and motion does DeLillo's disturbingly fascinating book no favors. Cosmopolis's manufactured and stilted sentiment about world economy, self- indulgence and political pretentiousness attempts to invite analysis, discussion and opinion but its frustrating tedium creates a fog of disinterest in which viewer's attention is lost. Between the overwhelming use of perplexing and overtly contemplative narratives regarding capitalism, technology, control and sexual urges, and the surreal nature of the story, we are emotionally distance from the core subject and have little to no empathy of the films lead and by extension the film itself.It is yet to be seen whether pubescent fans will acquiesce Pattinson's exodus from cult teen dream roles but his vehement pursuit of gritty characters is knowingly calculated. As an expressionless passion lacking character that holds his own psychotic declarations as prudent certainties, Pattinson is given the opportunity to perfect the art of brooding, which he does with alacrity.In a blink and you'll miss it instant, there is a wonderfully natural moment where we are privy to a Brad Pitt Fight club style persona that Pattinson is obviously gifted at performing. Hopefully a future role will allow this room to flourish and for Pattinson to become memorable for something other than a frozen faced vampiric caricature. Constrained by only 20 minutes' screen time, the far too late arrival of the truly talented and Oscar nominated Paul Giamatti gives the film's final act it's only sincerely engaging sequence whilst Gadon and Binoche's characters are both too affected to connect. The Verdict: A great book does not equal a great film, especially when it poses the question, what does it all mean? And viewer's dismissive response after mulling it, why should we care?Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 10/08/2012

Bruce B (br) wrote: As the title implies this film is kind of weird, in the same line of comedy as usual suspects. 2 potheads are in debt to a drug dealer, so we have a intertwining story with cults, midgets, and a teenage wanna be. Enjoyable and funny at times. A Canadian Comedy but no more the 3 1/2 stars.

Sharon G (it) wrote: Love Pierce Brosnan. This was a great romantic comedy. Brosnan is witty.

Smashproplaya (ca) wrote: Probably the only good one.

anthony r (fr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Marshall P (mx) wrote: Hilarious movie boom boom boom

Russell H (us) wrote: Tom Cruise is usually pretty good. It had a lot of different things going for it. A lot of funny parts and I didn't realize a lot of familiar quotes come from this.

Aaron B (fr) wrote: Understated and effective. Two taxi drivers look for Chan, who functions as the "McGuffin" of the story, since the real agenda of the film is to explore all the different kinds of people who make up San Francisco's Chinatown. Each of the people they talk to has a different impression of who Chan was, and the impressions are mutually incompatible, in the same ways that American society's image of Asian Americans contains lots of conflicting stereotypes.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: With an excellent performance by Steve McQueen and a stunning cinematography that employs a large depth of field to explore the setting and thus the gravity of the situation, this compelling prison film works so very well despite losing some of its credibility in the third act.

Brett A (nl) wrote: I have to admit, I decided to watch this just because of Denise and Neve - what I was surprised by was the fact that this was a satisfying murder mystery and detective movie... it was worth watching,

Barry P (gb) wrote: Meh innocuous enough. As others have noted it is modest in aspiration which is not altogether a bad thing. Casting is problematic in one way (i) that guy has never been single for 6 years, and (ii) he's forgetting ever human he has ever met the moment he meets that girl.