Dallas 362

Dallas 362

Rusty (Shawn Hatosy) has been bailed out of bad situations more than once by his understanding but distraught mother, Mary (Kelly Lynch). When Mary starts dating a psychologist, Bob (Jeff Goldblum), Rusty connects with the man and begins talking to him about his problems. As Rusty benefits from the therapy sessions, his best friend, Dallas (Scott Caan), still very involved in illegal and dangerous activities, takes issue with Rusty going straight and cleaning up his life.

Rusty (Hatosy) starts to pursue a path to a more meaningful life, thanks to his connection to Bob (Goldblum), the boyfriend of his mother, Mary (Lynch). His new take on life causes friction with his best friend, Dallas (Cann), and both men find their friendship pushed to its breaking point, causing them to make life-changing decisions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lauren B (ru) wrote: I liked the set-up of everyone being essentially brainwashed into believing that there are terrorists everywhere. But this movie was so over-the-top. Terry is totally unbelievable. I only give vague praise for the wife that thinks he is as ridiculous at the viewer does.

Bruce F (jp) wrote: While not devoid of some strands of humor, the film just felt too mean spirited for me to enjoy.

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Fievel Mousekewit Cholena (kr) wrote: It's not so bad if you give it a chance. Obviously being a straight to video release it's not as good as the first two. But I still like it. You get to hear Tony sing. XD

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Joe H (nl) wrote: Liked it. Can see why Tarantino loves it. 80's slasher version of Psycho pretty much.