A comedy about three friends, two years out of college.... A roller coaster ride of mistaken identity, hilarious confusions, and a sprinkling of underworld into their already tattered plots...

A comedy about three friends, two years out of college.... A roller coaster ride of mistaken identity, hilarious confusions, and a sprinkling of underworld into their already tattered plots... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason M (br) wrote: awesome movie if you believe you will understand

Cieran K (gb) wrote: Love Congo. Loved the cinematic style. found the overall story slightly lacking but compensated for by rich characters and rich individual stories.

kirby d (nl) wrote: This is a great movie!

Andrea B (es) wrote: I actually really liked this movie. I don't really see some of the other reviews points, i think it had a cool concept, and i've been wanting a sequl, even though i don't think thats going to happen.

Markus L (ca) wrote: Tm elokuva on legendaarisen elokuva ohjaaja George A. Romero nimell ratsastava roskapaksa tekele. Kuitenkaan Romerolla ei ole ollut mitn tekemist koko elokuvan kanssa. On ehk paras etten sano tst elokuvasta en mitn sill sieluni itkee tmn paskan takia. Tm on niin kauheaa roskaa mit vain voi olla.

Gavin A (nl) wrote: So good it's the best movie ever

Britt R (gb) wrote: Not so good. Then again I also had to watch it in French...

Terri A (us) wrote: Hands down, this is one of the best alcoholic performances on screen -- Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick were at the top of their game.

Brian B (ca) wrote: This is one of the most powerful and moving anti-war films ever made.When 3 soldiers refuse to continue with an impossible attack, their superior officer decides to make an example out of them.This movie is thoroughly engaging from start to finish. No parts felt too slow and no parts felt too fast. 88 minutes is a short running time but it is just the right length for this movie.Kubrick was a genius filmmaker and this movie succeeds because of its simple yet very effective story. Its story discusses a very important issue and that's what usually makes a memorable and entertaining film to watch.The ending scene which shows a woman singing in a bar sparked such a human empathy in me that it made me cry. It's quite a sad scene which can make anyone cry.My only issue with this film is that since the combat scenes aren't violent, it doesn't paint an accurate description of battle. War movies involving combat need to be violent.The fact that this is based on true events only makes the story more poignant. It's not one of the best films of the genre, but it's still pretty good. This is a must watch for all fans of Kubrick and the genre.

Davey M (ru) wrote: Exceptional storytelling (far more compelling than the book itself), terrific animation from Chuck Jones & co., with a genuinely profound message, and really, really emotionally powerful for a story about an elephant and some people who live in a dust speck. Those monkey dudes are some of the scariest villains in film history. The music is a little weak, unlike Jones' equally incredible "Grinch," which has one of the greatest musical scores ever, but it serves its purpose and doesn't detract from this practically perfect little film.

Maria J (mx) wrote: I felt slowly drawn into this movie as it unfolded. While I am not a follower of Toni Colette I felt she struck the right balance as a jaded, damaged, eye rolling rock chick in her 40s which we could still feel for as she gets her heart crushed. Who really lifts the movie up is Thomas Haden Church. Without him it may have fallen flat. His character is quirky, funny and won me over as the road trip progressed. I left the movie smiling and fulfilled. Like I'd eaten a good bowl of Ramen. And that is a rare feeling.


Patrick M (it) wrote: hates the main chracter and the story, such a stupid movie

jon m (ag) wrote: The special effects weren't bad but the camera angles and teh acting were just too strange. I wanted to like this movie but i just can't.