The life of a respected British politician at the height of his career crumbles when he becomes obsessed with his son's lover.

A member of Parliament falls passionately in love with his son's fiancée despite the dangers of discovery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Damage torrent reviews

Nicole C (ag) wrote: Very slow pace movie.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Way too ambitious for its own good. Robert Englund is more cameo than making a impact on the film.

Sandra A (us) wrote: Very funny, witty dark comedy.Great cast.

J K (us) wrote: They Might be Giants was too college radio for my tastes.

Vivien T (jp) wrote: Film un peu amateur. Histoire simple. Jeu des acteurs agreable. A voir, si il n'y a rien d'autre.

Misha K (au) wrote: Anyone considering watching Psycho Ward... just don't bother. Bad knock off version of Saw.

Erik R (de) wrote: A really good C-List movie about the value of life and what choices one makes to maintain theirs. I f you have a dark sense of humor this movie absolutely a must see.

John K (mx) wrote: Alone with Her is a first-hand look into the life of a stalker - fully equipped with all of the "widely available" digital spy stuff from the internet. Doug (Tom Hanks' brother Colin) singles out young Latina Amy (Talancon), and starts to follow her every move. As the audience we are given a direct window into all of the hidden camera footage - nicely edited for our convenience. The two leads are really what makes this sucker tolerable, because it would be boring and weak without their performances. One has to hand it to first-time writer / director Eric Nicholas - he came up with an inventive (and economical) way to tell a somewhat typical and derivative story. Alone with Her is so real and natural that one can believe this stuff actually happens. That guy Doug actually exists somewhere, and he's not an easy guy to like. For that reason, it's actually a bit unsettling to watch this at times so, mission accomplished I guess...

Phillie E (au) wrote: Mildly clever, ultimately a good insomnia prescription.

Chanel D (au) wrote: sean william scott is stupid for accepting this part

Dann M (gb) wrote: A charming and quirky high school romantic comedy, Get Over It is fun and entertaining. When his girlfriend breaks up with him, Berke Landers attempts to win her back by joining the school's theatre production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Of course the story is formulaic and predictable, but purposely so (which is sort of the point). The cast is rather impressive, and includes Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster, Mila Kunis, and Martin Short, who all give good performances. And the comedy of the film really works well; making wait could've been a trite story quite enjoyable. Get Over It is a sweet and comical film that's good lighthearted fun.

Benjamin J (nl) wrote: I think every time I review a Mike Leigh movie (Topsy Turvy and Naked excepted) I say something about how he has a reputation for being miserable, yet that misses the point of how amazingly funny his films are (TT isn't miserable, Naked isn't funny). This is the best example of that model. Considering the heaviness of the subject matter (eating disorders, recession, failure), this is actually a brilliantly comical film beyond "...but it's funny" and into "it's just funny". Despite being quite unlikeable, Timothy Spall's Aubrey is actually quite tragic and yet utterly hilarious. More untouchable Leigh genius.

Alec B (au) wrote: Almost every cheesy and stereotypical 80s cliche appears in this film but its a good laugh!

Jared M (jp) wrote: Classic comedy, great performance as usual from Grant...good supporting role played by Curtis. Great Sunday afternoon stuff.

Ryan S (nl) wrote: Everything about this movie was perfect.