Damn Yankees!

Damn Yankees!

Film adaptation of the George Abbott Broadway musical about a Washington Senators fan who makes a pact with the Devil to help his baseball team win the league pennant.

Film adaptation of the George Abbott Broadway musical about a Washington Senators fan who makes a pact with the Devil to help his baseball team win the league pennant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Damn Yankees! torrent reviews

Anthony K (jp) wrote: Boring and self-serving, even coming from a huge fan of podcasts, Community, and documentaries of troubled subjects.

Nishit M (it) wrote: Nice burger at the end.

Marc B (ru) wrote: Decent indie thriller - didn't go down the usual route of killing people for the sake of it, and very likeable characters.

Dean K (nl) wrote: I wanted to like it but overall it was rather slow and boring, real shame considering the actors involved in this.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Stallone is back on his own this time and it's very good, The plot is old but it's very well done, A little dark in places but Stallones don't give a fuck humour makes up for it, Stallone himself is looking great he can't move as good but he pulls it off as he always does, The action is done pretty well, There was allot of bullets to the head as the title gives it away, The kills were done well and quite realistic, Overall it's not as good as The Last Stand because of the action, But definitely worth a watch.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: A pointless sequel that really shouldn't have been made if you're interested in blood & guts this is your cup of tea

Heather B (us) wrote: Topic is important, but the movie just didn't do it for me. Could have been terrific if perhaps a huge production co, director/producer were behind it.

Victor L (kr) wrote: A motto to carry with you for life: "??????????,??????."

Charlotte L (br) wrote: It's wonderful to hear northern voices on film, though most won't be able to understand a word any of the characters are saying! Hilarious and poignant, even though Alan Shearer gets on my wick =p The characters are well drawn, and even though they are rogues, you still want them to get their beloved season tickets!

Nelson P (gb) wrote: Completely insane and not really heavy on plot, character development, or special effects (there's a talking blunt at the end of the film), it is without thought, a thoughtless movie. But a fun, good time and great movie to kick back and watch with whatever stoner friends you like. Mindless entertainment for a while, but at least it's funny.

Matas S (br) wrote: No es lo que yo esperaba. Profundizan ms en la batlla, pero no muy buen guin.

Karen H (it) wrote: 2015-08-22 pretty good, although the Rene-Clint relationship was a bit weak.

Hannah R (us) wrote: It's an interesting little movie. Dora liked it, and so did I.

Nicolas A (kr) wrote: Jean-Pierre Melville made another masterpiece in his very typical directing style, this simply is a must-see film! Directing:Jean-Pierre Melville uses again his superb directing style by shooting on location, little music used and not much conversations. He makes the film look very reallistic. The locations are just terrific, their somber look makes the film look truely special, it reminded me very much of 'Le Samura'. The combination of all of that and the fine acting makes this movie a true masterpiece!Story:The film focusses on a French resistence group in the second world war, unlike allot of diffrent movies in that genre, this film doesnt have lots of action, no explotions, no sabotage, no escpaing of allies. It focusses on the internal problems of the group, getting rid of rats, try to not get arrested, escaping jail, etc... This makes the film look very intense and builds up the suspence quite creative. Not much conversation is used in this movie, but everything they say is remarklable.

Issac L (ru) wrote: Howard Hawks' western venture starring Wayne and Clift (his career debut indeed) as two plumb opposite types of men from almost every aspect, lead a mighty cattle migration in the vast prairie and notably to stride across the red river, but en route, the bigoted Thomas (Wayne) slowly loses his trust among his crew, and dissent emerges, eventually his adopted son Matthew (Clift) has to oust Thomas in order to finish their drive to the right destination, an ultimate chase from Thomas will heighten the drama to its peak. To say nothing of the deployment of the night stampede rumpus, plainly wielding such a massive quantity of cattle is undisputedly taxing for the crew meanwhile an awe-inspiring spectacle for its audiences in the primitive black and white. All along this laborious trek, there are presumable threats looming large (native Indians or borderline gangsters), but what's fatal to the solidarity is the disruption from within, Thomas is a hard-bitten fogey, his tyrannical domination of the bunch is short-sighted, but in propria persona, he is not a loathsome character (at least not as he assumes to be), he has a wound in his heart, a responsibility to shield his properties, and a paternal attachment to Matthew, so he takes the mutiny too seriously and there is a death wish in his heart to sacrifice and sublimate himself to a higher cause of love, very stupid and rather egotistic in hindsight, but probably is the fashion for the sake of manhood during the time within a tunnel vision. However, rather interestingly Matthew represents exactly another fashion of manhood, a percipient, tender-hearted gunslinger with a slender figure and an appealing face, exuding an irresistible sex appeal which panders to meet more modern eyes. Thus the conflict can also be reckoned as a combat between these two sorts of aesthetics, yet, in my humble opinion, the biggest letdown is the hasty ending, in the brink of an eye, a gratuitous buffer (a babbling Dru) abruptly jumps into the foreground and lambastes them in a most comic way which is not align with the wholesome tone whatsoever, then everything has been miraculously resolved, what an inadequate happy ending and an overkill to all the tension amassed for almost 2 hours. Anyway, it is a solid western picture and Wayne even proves to be a qualified thespian against a ravishing Clift, Brennan is the comic relief and Dru is literally redundant with a ridiculous and belly-laughing reaction after being shot in the shoulder by an arrow. But the most LOL reference is a tacit pun comes alive with Ireland's banter with Clift - "There is a good-looking gun you were about to use back there, can I see it? Maybe you'd like to see mine!", hell yeah, no one can resist that!

Mike W (nl) wrote: Dirty Dancing Havana Style!

Fiona C (gb) wrote: Nice story, somewhat educational and not oversensationalised. My 8 yo gave it 10/10.