Karrer plods his way through life in quiet desperation. His environment is drab and rainy and muddy. Eaten up with solitude, his hopelessness would be incurable but for the existence of the Titanik Bar and its beautiful, haunting singer. But the lady is married and Karrer is determined to keep her husband away...

Karrer plods his way through life in quiet desperation. His environment is drab and rainy and muddy. Eaten up with solitude, his hopelessness would be incurable but for the existence of the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Damnation torrent reviews

Kat S (de) wrote: Good movie, brillant cast

Kevin H (de) wrote: Incredible movie documenting the history of extreme skiing.

Shamith G (ca) wrote: I have never seen a movie that has been so craftily directed giving so much attention to minute details. The natural flow of the actors involved and a tense gripping environment till the very end is a pleasure for the eyes but above all it has outdone every other movie in one beautiful thing: cherishing the heartbreaking sacrifices of the passengers of flight 93.In my opinion, this is the greatest directed and edited movie I have ever seen

Leanne O (it) wrote: Moving and difficult, but important to see.

Hannah F (fr) wrote: Beer milkshake anyone????

Ishman N (au) wrote: is a old movie [email protected] must c................

Luis A (ag) wrote: Ahhhhh the music!!! the music!!!

Andy F (br) wrote: Teressa rates it 5 Tears

Tree Hugger M (us) wrote: 9/10 a cool and original psychological thriller with a girl and grim kick

Larry W (fr) wrote: The definitive TNG movie.

Jayakrishnan R (br) wrote: 89%Watched this on 13/2/16I don't know why some people call it soft or simply glossing over racial themes, well the film is simply about black women and the forms of racism they face from white women. It's made worthwhile by terrific performances from an all female cast especially Octavia Spencer who steals the show, Viola Davis and perhaps people like Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain. At moments when it feels low or when it seems to slip, director Tate Taylor brings it back to track by effectively making use of the film's emotional quotient and not making it a simple tear jerker.

Galvy F (nl) wrote: When we have trouble seeing places we ought to be. When don't see anything on coming at times when we are overjoyed. When something We see we need to ask but others things we just know. When we can see that come people are sweet, funny, beautiful and the one. When we see things by the book and others see things by to dangerous or harmless fun. When we see things for What they are but don't matter when we are with some people. 2hen we don't see those whom are sights for soar eyes we miss. When we have eyes on those who are our superiors and ask for their permission. 2hen we think we know some people to see that it's just right. When we don't see something's coming when some people need explanations or dont see eye to eye on some thkngs. When somethings we rather steer clear of qhen we see issues doqn the road but see clearly it's a small obstacle. When somethibgs we can't see when they just happen and stuck in the middle of. When we are in charge of seeing to all dangers and communicating instructions and help and steering safely those to safety. When seeing is too late when it's already here and we see What is to happen if we don't do something. When seeing is believing when we seen everything that happens on board. When we live in a time where seeing is hard but listening is easy when we communicate using radios. When we prefer others not see or speak to others when we are at work. When the sounds of things we can clearly see it's going to be bad. When we only see work to be done. When it's hard to see somethings meant for insult or just nothing. When we can see things are dire and no joke. When we see those whom we respect and others respect. When we can clearly see the damage done. When we can see whom we don't want to speak when they put those down. When We see that time is of the essence and need those to speak up to take action and give hope. When others can't see and believe we show them. When we clearly see we know our surroundings when we come up with answers then questions. When we see others need to ask us questions to answer to. When we see that others don't respect us in what we do and don't do when we lack a voice. 2hen we don't need to see 2hen we base it on someone's voice and see clearly conditions are effecting everyone when they are bad. When we see that others have suffered the same fate to know the chances are slim. When we know and see based on the symptoms that it's bad. 2e seeing is one thing and aiming is another when are good at both.what others don't see or know we step in and make them see. When we see it's more about saving lives for others and being the man for some. When we see we can't do nothing in some places, we see less of hope for others. But see if we can try to help. When we see others are not fit to lead when they don't know and it's dangerous to try. When we see that when it matters we have those on our side to guide us. When we see that we follow orders and get anyone to help. 2hen we see things is a mission for the experienced, brave, and loyal ones. When we see we have no time for others when we have to work. 2hat we don't see 2e don't know what actions they take. 2h3n seeing is part of the job when coordinates and direction is part of it that we all work together as a team. 2hen we see we all have a role in steering the ship. When we can't see we naturally go see in person. When 2e never seen some p3ople before or know them. When seeing we need light in time of darkness. When we clearly see some love others tremendously to go through great lengths. When it's not only seeing but feeling when we kno2 what's the problem. When we don't see why we venture such bad conditions when it's our duty to do it. When We don't see what goes on here, but happy some regard us. When others don't see how important one Is to others we storm out. When others are not fit for these kind of conditions to know it's not for all. When We move forward we see it's worth it and continue 2hen it works. When what we see we droWn with what soothes our minds. When we see there is no going back and face things head on. When We see how the sheer force can destroy and take down somethings but not us. When anything can happen, and can go 2robg we see that we have those in charge to steer us there out of danger. 2hen we once used to steer clear of dangers to see when face them head on. When we are the closest to those to see if we can help to steer head on to save them. When we see that it's worth a gamble, but still time is of the essence when it doesn't solve the problem. When we see that everything has enough time before they go when everything is not meant to last. When We all work together and see we all serve a greater purpose when it counts the most and hope to last longer in bad conditions. When we see some help is not as easy comes then others,. When we don't need to see but know by name and word who some people are to know Who they are. When we see that we are not made for some conditions and break down easily. When we see all hope fading and we wait for the worse. When sitting back and 2aiting and not being part we see we can't do. When we see what we came for but see we could help as much as we can. When we see that little boat that can bare through the storm and save so many lives. When we see Why it's called ill-fated voyagecqhen those don't return through one Miss step. When 2e see we are responsible for all those on board to be the last one they save when we are the leader. When we see that the last one off is the honor, when we see those whom care for their craftsmanship and engineering go for the last time. When we see that we were saved a moment too soon before we saw the end. When We see a new problem when We don't know how to return back. When we see it's impossible what we did to another impossibility. When 2e see ourselves less then others when what we do is luck or font know. When we don't see Where we are going, and don't want others to worry. When we see we are counted on and others have our backs when we work as a team. When we realize how important this is for others to do We see they had to go. When we see the worse is behind us and need a bright light to guide us there. When we can't wait to see those return and wait for however long it might be. When We thought we would never see the day of light, our loved ones and be back on land and home again to see we are given a 2nd chance. When others can't wait to see us. 2hen we can't Wait to be with those whom 2e 2ant to spend the rest of our life with When 2e have two passions. When we don't see ho2 much we are appreciated in history for our bravery. When we see that when conditions get really bad would we be prepared for the worse, when voyaging into when we don't know When it 2ould end to having the right people and machinery to last the Test of time and conditions when the worse happens. When not many things are meant to last but we see that man has stood the test of worse conditions and rose to be dominant with the help of our inventions and innovations to steer us through a new frontier.Visuals-4Directing-3.5Music-4.0Screenplay-4.5Acting-4Level of Interest-5Complexity-3Timing-5Twist & Turns-3.5Message-5