Dance of Darkness

Dance of Darkness

The dark sensibilities and cultural resonances of Butoh, the radical Japanese dance movement, are explored in this multilayered work. Profoundly rooted in both traditional and contemporary Japanese culture, Butoh arose in a spirit of revolt in the early 1960s. Characterized by frank sexuality and bodily distortions, Butoh transforms traditional dance movements into new forms, stripping away the taboos of contemporary Japanese culture to reveal a secret world of darkness and irrationality.

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Dance of Darkness torrent reviews

Ben M (ru) wrote: Really interesting film.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: Tucker is hilarious with a variety of talents which proves he's an actor and a comedian, but the film is a disaster besides him.

Manuel C (gb) wrote: I'm not very good for this kind of movies. I think not even Natalie Portman could save it for me. Not a bad one though.