Dance of the Drunken Mantis

Dance of the Drunken Mantis

A year after training young Jackie Chan in the Drunken Fist, Sam the Seed discovers he has a son, Foggy. He tries to train Foggy but to no avail. Foggy is then trained in Drunken Fist from ...

A year after training young Jackie Chan in the Drunken Fist, Sam the Seed discovers he has a son, Foggy. He tries to train Foggy but to no avail. Foggy is then trained in Drunken Fist from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jens T (ag) wrote: Another adaption of the popular Varg Veum series. It was quiet allright, just a relaxing avarage thriller, rattle original or poor. This time the private investigator Varg Veum is being hunted by his past, when convicted murder is on the loose and want to prove his innocence by terrorising Varg until he finf prof of his innocence. An above avarage film. Thumbs Up.

samantha L (fr) wrote: i didnt really like it i mean the story was jumping all over the place... it was too dark you couldnt see anything overall not very good even the story was kinda stupid...

Shianna Soontobe Tweede E (ru) wrote: i loved this picture....and Idris Elba really showed that he cans tep out of the box and play any roll.....cudos


Brenden K (nl) wrote: UPDATE 4/22/16 I thought Antz was a cute, clever flick for the kids, with a little bit of adult humor. Many people say this movie is deep to the political propaganda, but I don't see it. I've sworn I seen that in other kids movies. For Dreamworks' first animated movie, and being the second computer-animated film to be released in theaters after Toy Story, they did an excellent attempt at competing with Disney.Compared to A Bug's Life, I think Pixar's movie is slightly better. But out of curiosity, It won't hurt to give this film a chance.

Eric R (au) wrote: Italian director Antonio Magaretti is quickly becoming my all time favorite guilty pleasure directors. Unlike his director brethren Mario Bava and Dario Argento, Magaretti wasn't concerned about making critically acclaimed genre films. He was perfectly happy making B-movies and B-moves he made well. I can honestly say was never not entertained by any of his pictures, no matter what genre. "Alien from the Deep" proves that even at the tail end of his career, even with the Italian film market floundering, that he was still able to craft likeable B-movie adventures.Like a number of his later films "Alien From the Deep" takes an environmental slant when two members of green peace sneak onto an island in order to video tape footage of a corporation dumping toxic waste into a volcano (well shit, that can't be good). Out of nowhere an alien meteor crash-lands in lake near the volcano and soon an alien breaks loose, causing lots of explosions and death.The plot structure of this film is extremely awkward. It starts off like typical Magaretti jungle adventure with Macaroni Combat influences sprinkled in then at the 45 minute mark, an alien shows up. I literally forgot there was even supposed to be an Alien in it all by the time it fucking made its appearance!Due to the Alien not showing up until halfway through, the last half is on fast forward as all the plot elements about the Alien are quickly thrown at the audience. We literally learn that it's bio-mechanical, immune to almost everything and only harmed by hydrogen in a matter of minutes.Typical with Magaretti films the special effects are rather shotty but loveable at the same time. We get poor miniatures and the Alien is mostly shown as a giant 'claw' that likes to squeeze people and then let it's slime mutate their skin. When the full alien is revealed in the climax it's obviously influenced by the final confrontation in James Cameron's "Aliens". Our sexy heroin even fights the beast only clad in underwear (a tribute to Sigourney Weaver in "Alien") and fights the beast with a construction loader, similar to the forklift battle in "Aliens".The cast is all likeable, despite having silly dialogue to spout out at each other. Julia McKay is lovely to look at and her love interest Bob (Daniel Bosch), a snake farmer forced to aid her in her quest, is surprisingly charming. Of course veteran American actor Charles Napier steals the show as Col. Kovacks, the leader of the illegal dumping operation. He, like most bad ass American actors in Margaretti films, is underused and isn't given much to do other than bark orders over computer consuls."Alien from the Deep" is an enjoyable B-movie venture. Good? Hell no (mostly due to its odd story structure) but it has that loveable Magaretti charm that his films always endure. I put off buying "Alien from the Deep" due to its steep retail price on DVD ($26.99!) but scored a used copy for less than half that. For me it was worth the cash and it will be for you too if you enjoy Italian trash.

Andrew L (ca) wrote: This is a mostly silly martial arts flick. Considered as one of Van Damme's classics. If you're into martial arts or MA movies, you'll probably enjoy it for what it is. Having done martial arts, a lot of what they do is absurd. For instance, no one blocks in this movie! They just let Van Damme kick them in the face! smh...

Habib I (es) wrote: very nice movie...loved it till the of the masterpieces from HK...

Jorban J (kr) wrote: They should've stopped.

Bella R (nl) wrote: As i expected this movie is no dissapointment, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks have done an amazing job on this film. DiCaprio plays a Con artist who makes fake cheques to buy lots of things to his heart consent whilst a lonley Tom Hanks is an officer doing his best to catch him. Brilliant movie, can't wait to watch again.

Jeremy Y (es) wrote: Oh Santa Cruz waves.

Charlene H (ca) wrote: Wow, that was boring. The tale of the Sorcerers Apprentice was not completed.

Charlie G (ru) wrote: Plenty of laughs. This is one I'd see again.