Dance of the Steel Bars

Dance of the Steel Bars

This riveting feature film about redemption follows Frank Parish, a retired US fireman and philanthropist who finds himself wrongly accused of murder and jailed in the Philippines. Stuck in prison, Frank was beginning to lose faith in everything he believed in until he becomes friends with Mando, a convicted murderer who denies his passion for dancing just to prove his masculinity and Allona, a transsexual who tries to contribute to prison reforms by teaching his fellow inmates dance exercises. They get involved in a tricky struggle between the positive changes initiated by the new warden and the corrupt system that weighs down the inmates' chance to become better individuals. Frank finds himself caught in an intricate web of lies and must choose between concealing what he knows to keep himself out of danger or to help his fellow inmates by revealing the truth. Will he remain on the sidelines as an observer, or will he dance the dance of the steel bars?

A story inspired by actual events in a Filipino prison, the struggles that inmates experience and their quest to feel human again. This riveting feature film about redemption follows Frank ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franois D (ca) wrote: Tres bien comme film, mais on a parfois un peu tourne des coins ronds, ce qui m'empeche de donner le score parfait. Ceci dit, la vie de Mandela, son combat et celui de son peuple, sont tellement puissants que c'etait probablement impossible d'y rendre totalement justice. Peut-etre bien l'homme le plus inspirant qui ait vecu au cours de ma vie d'adulte.

Rawballs B (de) wrote: Excruciatingly intense horror/mystery/suspense film... Totally you will feel the setting of the movie if you understand Hiligaynon...

Chris S (us) wrote: There were a few parts I thought were unnecessary, but, oh boy was this an entertaining movie!

Private U (es) wrote: i saw it only once .. and when i saw it was in italian language ... but language wasn`t a matter really

Thiri Mon K (mx) wrote: I like Barbie so Much :)

Pan C (ru) wrote: Not overly spectacular, but a fun movie that doesn't take itself too seriously, but just serious enough (something the sequels lack, those are mainly just monsters with giant dongs and stuff). The film makes a hobby of pointing out what the audience should be thinking, which is fun. It doesn't always work though, and in the end a movie devoted to subverting all your expectations still has to admit you were right on the biggest one the whole time. It's a should-see for so bad it's good lovers, but not a must for everyone else.

Rosabella D (de) wrote: To many different story lines at once. Confusing

Jocey D (it) wrote: Beautiful story pulls at the heart strings. It's great to see a strong relationship develop for selfless love.

hiannon M (gb) wrote: alright not great great

Mike C (br) wrote: A true masterpiece that gets more relevant every year. Michael Douglas's performance is as gritty and malevolent as riot-era Los Angeles once was.

Matt C (gb) wrote: Exhaustive but at times also exhausting portrait of every weed smoking teenagers reggae hero. At 2.5hrs it out-stays it's welcome a fair bit after a really interesting first half. It never really delves too much into some of the darker and more interesting aspects of his life either. Perhaps because the film is co-produced by his son that explains the kid gloves approach but by the time you get to the hands across the nation conclusion you might have (like me) lost interest.

A Z (us) wrote: Probably a bit too long, but good and interesting nonetheless and Sarsgaard is great.