Dance with a Stranger

Dance with a Stranger

Based on the true story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in Britain, Mike Newell's Dance With a Stranger (1985) concentrates on Ellis's (Richardson) short-lived relationship with motor-racing driver David Blakely (Rupert Everett).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   jealousy,   dancing,  

A woman can not accept that her boyfriend dumped her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy Y (it) wrote: Another fun trip thru some history. Not as much action or as well paced as its predecessors, but visually well done.

Joe H (gb) wrote: Worth a watch fo sho

Subha S (mx) wrote: quite terrible. the plot, the acting - everything is bad. easily missable

Rachel N (au) wrote: a pretty clever parody of the hk crime genre... i was surprised by how much i enjoyed it.

Trent W (br) wrote: I've read Jesus' Son and usually I really enjoy seeing adaptations but this movie didn't really do it for me. It's just one of those books that I would rather leave in my imagination.

Mc C (ca) wrote: Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby, Harry Belafonte, Richard Pryor, Flip Wilson, Roscoe Lee Browne is why this film remains a true classic.

Ryan V (ag) wrote: Like a lot of Sam Peckinpah's films, this early effort takes place in a land where the Wild West is being overtaken by the 20th century. The story follows an honest yet poverty-stricken lawman (Joel McCrea) who is hired to escort a gold shipment. He asks a friend (Randolph Scott) to assist him, but this fellow lacks any sort of scruples when it comes to lifting the shipment for himself. Things take a left turn when the pair get unwittingly involved with a runaway teen (Mariette Hartley) who naively marries a member of a ruthless gang. While later Peckinpah efforts would improve on this film, Ride The High Country contains solid performances, an involving story, and many of the mannerisms that make its director one of the most engrossing filmmakers of his era.

Grant S (it) wrote: Mediocre.Written and directed by Woody Allen. A magician/illusionist, Stanley (played by Colin Firth), is invited by a fellow magician to travel to the South of France. The reason for the trip is to investigate, and hopefully expose as a fraud, a woman, Sophie (played by Emma Stone), who is apparently psychic. He is fervently of the belief that psychics, clairvoyants etc can't exist - he's a man of science and rationality. Once he meets her, however, things get complicated...Started well. There is the usual Woody Allen lightness, warmth and offbeat humour. However, it is not exactly laugh-a-minute stuff. There is also an air of mystery about the whole thing - how does she know so much about people, could she really be psychic?However, the movie pretty quickly runs out of steam. The mystery disappears quite quickly and there are dull periods. Moreover, the movie becomes a romantic drama, and an overly schmaltzy, contrived and implausible one too. The implausibility is heightened by the age gap between the two characters.Not anywhere near Woody Allen's best.

Scott W (es) wrote: Great cast and great work by Brad Pitt

Jane L (it) wrote: Sadly, the consensus describes it perfectly. I thought AnaSophia Robb was fine as Bethany (I've always enjoyed her performances), but this film's premise is begging for a better writer or director or both. Bethany Hamilton's incredible story of recovery in the face of losing everything deserves a better film than this. Is it horrible? No. Will it scar you for life? No. Is it MANOS? No. It's just well-intentioned and harmless, without giving you any new ideas, perspectives or anything more memorable than the plot line itself. It's semi enjoyable as an airplane flight film, but one can't help but whistfully think about the movie SOUL SURFER could have been, as opposed to what it was. This is the equivalent of the MY SISTER'S KEEPER film--something that should have been edgier and more complex and should have been made for more intelligent people than those who consider Nicholas Sparks' novels as actual literature.

Hal M (ca) wrote: Good, tense low-budget spy film. It's in the realistic tradition of John LeCarre (The Spy Who Came In From the Cold), not of Ian Fleming's Bond films, so there are a lot of filmgoers who find this disappointing. It's not sensational enough for them.

April N (au) wrote: Nice plot twists. I will watch anything with Jim Cavieizel. Worth a watch...

Gabriel M (fr) wrote: Surprising at all times, you do not know what to believe or that moment to end. very good.