Dance with the Devil

Dance with the Devil

A psychotic criminal couple kidnaps a random teenage couple. The woman rapes the male captive, and lets him watch his lover being raped by the man. They then plan to sacrifice the couple

A psychotic criminal couple kidnaps a random teenage couple. The woman rapes the male captive, and lets him watch his lover being raped by the man. They then plan to sacrifice the couple. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony K (de) wrote: So bad. And so gross. A couple of good scares are the only bright spots on this turd.

April V (ru) wrote: A good movie, just love Sandra's character and how passionate her character was toward's the city and their beliefs or whatever,I actually liked the movie! And Hugh's character wasn't so bad either,it was really good!

Pat M (mx) wrote: This film gets a bad rap. It has a few good performances to make it worthwhile just as long as you do not nitpick (Yes, AAA stadiums are bigger, and Roger Dorn is not a smarmy as in the first two films). It's more watchable than the second film.

Gabi P (gb) wrote: Homenaje a Patrick Swayze, que se nos fue a rodar arriba...

Phil J (kr) wrote: Forget The Deer Hunter, this is Walken's finest hour.

Andrew K (mx) wrote: Garbage! Rubbish! A few cool death scenes so I give it 1 star.

David L (nl) wrote: Nashville has a boring and even non-existent story, just awful character development and it is over reliant on music which is solid, but I am not a country music fan and the only two songs I enjoyed here are I'm Easy and 200 Years, the rest are repetitive and forgettable. It is well acted, somewhat funny and solidly made, but it is overblown, has no purpose, story or characters and is at many times tedious. It is an overrated movie from an overrated year that is one of the worst years ever in film history.

Sean S (ag) wrote: why this did,t beat out rocky for best picture i will never know

Weul S (ca) wrote: A big-hearted prostitute, played perfectly by Fellini's lifetime partner Giulietta Masina, searches for love in all the wrong places in this Fellini dramedy with a healthy splash of neorealism. One can really see the budding fantasy that flourish more brilliantly in his later films.

Tony L (br) wrote: Poor casting, unreal and unbelievable. Short on thrills and content; quite the misfire.

Brad W (kr) wrote: Intriguing thriller with an exceptional cast. Wahlberg and Crowe were fantastic working off each other. Crowe in particular was very good at being the sinister mayor. Also like the role of CZJ and Kyle Chandler.

Art S (ca) wrote: Beginning with The Tree of Life (2011), Terrence Malick has been using an impressionistic, almost cubist, approach to filmmaking that allow viewers only shards of narrative and images that jump-cut after only a minute or two. Perhaps this is how he sees memory or even consciousness itself. Add in the fact that Knight of Cups was apparently completely improvised, with the actors riffing on character sketches and occasionally selecting from lines that Malick wrote for possible use, and the experimental nature of the film should be clear. The set-up sees Christian Bale as a screenwriter adrift in L. A. (stunningly photographed by Emmanuel Lubezki), absorbed with the hedonistic scene, but knowing that something is missing. He may represent the younger Malick. Across the film's two hours, we get a running tally of the Bale character's romantic entanglements (each shown briefly before moving to the next) and all the L. A. (and Las Vegas) hot spots you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately, this does deaden the senses a bit, although both people and places are beautiful to look at. The overall Tarot theme does not really lend any meaning to the proceedings (although I plead ignorance on this score) and it is difficult to feel that Bale has found inspiration by the end (even when the film rises portentously to imply that he does). Nevertheless, I enjoyed letting the music, images, snippets of words, and various allusions (to other films, to what we know of Malick, to life) wash over me and thus, I can't complain. But one would hope that Malick can make a film that is less solipsistic with the same techniques.