»Dancers« is centred round a dance school run by the bright and lively Annika and her no-nonsense mother. One day Annika meets Lasse and falls passionately in love. But there is something Lasse hasn't told her, something he has done that is not so easy to forgive. Confronting an unknown darkness in Lasse, and in herself, Annika is forced to recognize the high cost of saying yes to love.

When a woman falls for the electrician at the dance studio she runs, she must face his difficult past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dancers torrent reviews

Oliver B (kr) wrote: very unique movie with a great soundtrack.

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Scott R (it) wrote: I was bored and barely laughed

Liam U (jp) wrote: Decent for what it is.

roger t (fr) wrote: the movie that kick started Hitchcock's career.......