Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain

Peter is the dark brooding type. Leading a vacuous, shapeless life, he longs for the ideal woman, while at the same time, half heartedly continuing with his habitual girlfriend, Marusa , who is considerably older, a fact that Peter is quick to point out. As an aging actress, struggling for parts in her local theatre, she oozes insecurity and breathes uncertainty. Together, they spend their time in the local restaurant, smoking, drinking and trading verbal blows. "I bet you'll just end up a drunk," she tells Peter each time. Peter just grins and tells her how old she looks. Compounded by a thankless director who soon shows her the door, Marusa finds her identity being squeezed harder and harder against the wall. To escape, Peter and Marusa dream...

Peter is the dark brooding type. Leading a vacuous, shapeless life, he longs for the ideal woman, while at the same time, half heartedly continuing with his habitual girlfriend, Marusa , ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (es) wrote: involving doc about two boys growing up in a small town

Sutthirak P (fr) wrote: It reminded me of the sweetness of youth and the realistic life more than recent South Korean romantic flicks.

Dawn K (de) wrote: Very raw and real movie about addiction and the aftermath of getting "clean". Very heavy movie for Anne Hathaway [who is BRILLIANT in this. She totally inhabits this role. Completely.] with little to lighten it. Mich like "28 Days" with Sandra Bullock [though this takes place outside of rehab], this is a compelling story of coming home [for her sister's wedding] after rehab and the consequences of that and the actions that landed her in rehab in the first place. Shot almost docu style, there were many moments where I had to remind myself that this was a movie and NOT "real" life. Very good movie with an excellent ensemble cast that just shines in their roles. This is NOT a happy movie, so don't expect that. But do expect real and raw and amazing.

Aurlien R (ca) wrote: Docu pas mal interessant qui prend totalement a contre pied les stereotypes sur les yakuzas en les presentant sous leur aspect le plus banal. Il nous donne l'image d'un monde extremement codifie et pesant peu a peu pousse vers l'extinction. La demarche de Limosin n'est pas ininteressant mme si les elucubration du boss se revelent rapidement plus interessantes que les taches menageres effectuees par le novice qu'il a choisi de suivre. Le principal reproche a adresser a ce film porte sur le montage qui, s'il a certaines qualites, presente un aspect reellement decousu et plutot repetitif a partir du milieu.

Dylan C (gb) wrote: Even people who laugh at the most lowbrow sex comedies will have a hard time finding humor here. The is nothing in this movie that hasn't been done better in dozens of other comedies. A laughless, pointless, and impressively unimaginative waste of time. No matter how many movies you've seen, I can guarantee you, there are still other movies out there for you to watch that are better than this.

Cristbal D (us) wrote: Real-Life movie. I heard someone say that in Brazil there are as many footballers as rice corns in China.

Diana S (es) wrote: Wow. Pretty lame title. Anyway, this past weekend featured a Friday the 13th. And you know what that means...bad horror movies! I love tradition. When picking the films, I usually just go for the worst looking cover boxes. But this time I cheated because I really wanted to see The Woods. And I'm always hoping for so bad it's good. But no luck here. [b]Dark Town[/b]. Wow. I'm not even sure where to start with this movie. If I had a video camera, I could have made this. Just get a few girl friends who don't mind making out in their underwear, some cheap make-up and some actually awesome vampire fangs. Then let everyone improv their dialogue and ta-da! Instant horror in suburbia. Just avoid this. Now, [b]The Woods[/b] was a truly great movie. I'm going to watch it again when I don't have a bunch of giggling teenage girls over so I can focus more on it. But even now, I loved it. Lucky McKee ("May") rules. He's excellent at creating atmosphere, characters and keeping the film tight. Agnes Bruckner ("Peaceful Warrior") is impressive as Heather and Patricia Clarkson ("All the King's Men") is appropriately creepy as Ms. Traverse. Also, really, really good use of music. I will own this film. I gave [b]The Grudge 2 [/b]a 3 because I decided that it was, in fact, better than The Wicker Man remake. But just barely. I went in prepared to like it. I was watching it alone, late at night, in a theater with good sound and that is the perfect setup for me to freak myself out. I don't even need that much help from the movie. But about halfway into this one, I realized that this was one of the most ludicrous things I'd ever seen. Grudge 2 has three story lines. Only one of them is vaguely interesting mostly because that little boy (Matthew Knight, I think) was out-acting everyone else in the film. Then there was overuse of the creepy sound. And then the end [spoiler] if the monster can get you from inside your hoodie, then there is no point in having a film at all. No suspense. No chance of escape. How can something attack from inside your clothing (unless it's bugs or a flesh eating virus?). [/spoiler] Super, super ridiculous. And then there was [b]The Covenant: Brotherhood of Evil[/b] (known as "Canes" on imdb). I picked this because it starred the MIA Edward Furlong ("The Visitation") and Michael Madsen ("Scary Movie 4"). Please note that a good cast does not a good film make. Furlong gets passed over for a promotion at work and then gets blinded by a freak mugging incident. Madsen offers Furlong his sight back, but he must pay WITH HIS SOUL! Overly dramatic. Poorly acted. Maybe Furlong is only good in certain roles (Terminator, American History X, Animal Factory). I don't know. What I do know is that I lost interest in this movie before the half way point. So bad horror movie night only scored one winner, but I still love the tradition.

Elisabeth B (us) wrote: Monique's in it so you know it's going to be funny

Torxen A (mx) wrote: ok , the idea is very good , though the movie is very slow .

Colt K (fr) wrote: Loved this movie as a kid.

Miles H (ca) wrote: It redeemed itself somewhat once Ned Beatty appeared, and Tara Fitzgerald was charming, but I was never really feeling it.

Robert K (ag) wrote: Dracula is back and ready for revenge! He does this by ensnaring the beautiful Maria (Veronica Carlson), the Monsignor's niece. That's about it. Hammer horror always looks great, and they're not stingy with the blood, but really, Christopher Lee's Dracula seems to be bored with the whole thing and has his "servants" do most of the dirty work. Let's hope for a more aggressive Dracula in his next resurrection.

John W (au) wrote: One of the greatest crimes in the history of cinema is that this film is not a renowned and beloved classic like other films of it genre from the period. Such as "The Ten Commandments", "Ben-Hur", "Spartacus", and "Lawrence of Arabia". As in my opnion, it easily matches them in terms of power of sheer filmmaking, spectacle, and arguably most importantly storytelling. I would say that after thinking on it and seeing it more than once that it has become one of my favorite films of the genre (though to be fair there are a ton of films in this genre I have said that about, haha), as well as films in general. Perhaps the most disappointing thing with regards to this film's obscurity is concerning how relevant it's story and message have become in our post 9/11 world. Creating a great divide between humble members of certain faiths, and their extremis counterparts who give them a bad name. Telling a grand story about how the Christians and Muslims of Spain came together to defend their homeland from being conquered by a group of extremists bent upon world domination. Though it is interesting to note that two of the biggest Medieval Battle Epics of modern times were heavily influenced by this film. Those being Mel Gibson's "BRAVEHEART" (Another film about a country's national hero that fought for the freedom of his people, uniting and inspiring many others) and Ridley Scott's "KINGDOM OF HEAVEN" (Another film that deals heavily with Christian and Muslim conflict of that era and the necessity of tolerance).

Catherine T (ru) wrote: A bit cheesy... not as good as "Lassie Come Home," but sequels rarely are. And I'm afraid that Canada stood in for Norway... I'm sure I recognized those mountains! But the scenery was nice, fake or not, and my word, Peter Lawford was a handsome man!

PrincesseTiah K (fr) wrote: Trs beau film qui reflete bien la souffrance d'un pays suite a une guerre

Austin p (gb) wrote: This is the film that made Clint Eastwood a star . One of the greatest films ever made. The man with no name may of made Clint a star but Dirty Harry made him a legend . The film was wonderfully crafted and directed by don Siegel

WS W (nl) wrote: Dunno since when biopic-making was about a certain phase than lifetime achievements.