Dan Bellows finds former stage star Joyce Heath a penniless drunk and takes her to his Connecticut home for rehabilitation. Unaware that she is married to Gordon, he asks his fiancée Gail to free him and offers to sponsor Joyce in a play. When Gordon refuses to give Joyce a divorce, she runs the car into a tree crippling him for life. Joyce urges Dan return to Gail, opens her play, and begs Gordon for forgiveness.

An alcoholic actress considered a dangerous jinx is rehabilitated but shows she's as dangerous as ever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dangerous torrent reviews

Lee A (br) wrote: Not as powerful as the first one, but still had some amazing fight sequences.

Andrew S (us) wrote: A twisted true story, brilliantly told.

myrada h (br) wrote: It was a cute independent movie. I enjoy it.

Francisco S (nl) wrote: With a lot of cliches that are reimbursed with the funny jokes and the talented cast.

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 79%Saw this on 29/4/16Enjoyable but falls short of The Departed in all modes imaginable. Despite having a shorter running time, the film lacks the pacing or tension that surrounds Departed, the ending is also disappointing in comparison. The film also suffers from unnecessary melodrama and ineffective direction.

D V (au) wrote: This is your run-of-the-mill K-horror flick - it, however, pales in comparison to One Missed Call and the likes. If you have seen a few of those, Phone might be a waste of time.

James P (jp) wrote: A film based around the premise of staying true to one's self, that sees a brilliant performance from Connery, though the film was somewhat overshadowed by the superior, Good Will Hunting.

Isadore H (au) wrote: Ron Perlman is a perfect fit for Hellboy, a strange creature who fights paranormal entities. This was a very well done movie, it just fell a little short in terms of an engaging script and could've used a little more action or at least slightly better special effects, but since it was made in 2004, there were limits to how much could be done. Overall, Hellboy is easily a movie I'd recommend but it could be improved on.

Cody Y (fr) wrote: This movie seems make it pain-stakingly obvious that it was trying it's damndest to become a truly deep, meaning, and crazy cult-hit, and its overbearing pretentious atmosphere seems to take away from the obscure, compelling setting it's trying to have. It tried too hard to get across a half-baked meaning that barely held any relevance to the broken storyline, and it's falls flat into trite meaningless and inconsistency that's bright as day. This aside, the movie was fairly comedic and the inventive insantiy is interesting enough to give a watch through most of the movie, but the characters are so forgettable and 'weird for the sake of abnormality', that this film hardly deserves the film cult status it's been achieving in the underground community.

Daniel K (us) wrote: An very odd film, no idea why I watched it. The poster makes it look like an action movie, but it's not. A young Pierce Brosnan is an Irish debt collector that helps save his community from an evil chemical company. Give it a miss.

Tom H (gb) wrote: cool 80`s action flick.bronson is on the top of his game as he always is.

Michael W (nl) wrote: Great performances all around!

Jacob B (ca) wrote: While uneven and cliched a few times, Ferris Bueller's Day Off benefits from the charming performance of Matthew Broderick in the role of the fourth-wall breaking Ferris Bueller and tons of laughs galore, primarily from Jeffrey Jones as Edward Rooney the film's villain.The film not only focuses on being young, but also manages to capture the spirit of Chicago making this one of the best teen comedies of the 80's.

Jill B (us) wrote: This movie was really spectacular. This woman's extraordinary life is only superseded by her art work.