Dangerous Flowers

Dangerous Flowers

Miki, the daughter of a professor and martial arts master is sought after by an organized crime syndicate for her knowledge about the location of a hidden treasure, the Andaman Pearl. Five sexy undercover agents Rose, Lotus, Pouy- sian, Spadix and Hibiscus - known as Chai Lai Angels are enlisted to protect her. However, the Chai Lai Angels are overtaken in an attack, which concludes with Miki being kidnapped. These dangerous flowers must use all of their resources and skills to fight and recover Miki and protect the Andaman Pearl. But, as they soon find out, this mission is unlike any they've encountered before.

Five undercover agents, each with her own specialty, must combat international terrorists who have come to Thailand. They must use every resources available and known to them as this mission will be one that is unlike any they have known. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter P (ca) wrote: A government agent with a gambling problem is locked in a box in the trunk of a car, terrorists want to know the location of a secret base where the president will be and are going to keep him boxed up till they get it. It's kinda a action movie in a car trunk, it has some cool moments, but the twist ending seemed dumb. 2 Beards Out Of 5

Huw G (ca) wrote: As purely a visceral thriller it goes well at first but tapers off a bit ineffectually, and the lack of context switches from being a strength, to joining the budget as a limitation. Instead of building some sort of narrative, you flounder around making wilder and ever weaker guesses, until you give up and wait powerless for the inevitable.

Matt H (ag) wrote: This is the type of movie I generally love, but there's still something missing from it. Langella is very good, as is Ambrose, though I don't think her character as written really comes off the page. Lily Taylor; man, there's just something about her, she has a natural aura of beauty/grace/whatever that the camera is unexpectedly able to pick up, and has been apparent since I first saw her in a film (probably Say Anything). The 2nd half feels like it falls a bit off for some reason.

Ryan W (de) wrote: Awful in every aspect

Rowan L (es) wrote: This movie was amazing. It was a fascination emotional journey through the last free day of a man's, Monty's, life. I will admit with out spoiling anything, there was one point in the film where my mouth was gaping open and tears were streaming down my eyes. Edward Norton's performance is phenomenal with a fantastic supporting cast.

Robert H (de) wrote: plenty of people absolutely have a hate on for this film but I can't say I dislike it as much as most. The FX are decent and while it's another one of those, everything that can go wrong does go wrong, versus, the slimest chance of survival wins the day, I can't honestly hate the film.The acting is decent, the look of the film is pretty good, the CG still stands up even in HD, and despite the plot seeming to be absolutely ridiculous... it is still just a work of fiction and is mainly there to be entertaining. Of course, it could be more entertaining with a better story, but it isn't entirely boring even if there isn't much tension. Had everyone lived and made it home in some crazy happy ending, then I could honestly say, the film had little merrit. But this film doesn't shy away from people dying and for that alone, I'll give it some credit.

Jordyn S (de) wrote: brings back lovely memories. between this and toy story I had no real reason to leave my couch as a child.

Leon B (au) wrote: Review:Man, this film was extremely boring! It's a simple case of boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy goes on Facebook to find out about girl, boy realises that he is doing everything to please the girl to woo her, boy comes clean about not being himself and then they fall into each other's arms. I was expecting a romantic comedy with some jokes, but it's totally not funny and it just seems to drag after a while. Justin along was really dull in this movie and he didn't even attempt any witty lines. He just moans through the whole film, which is surprising as he actually made it himself. The impressive cast list got wasted because there not really in the movie that much, so you end up watching Sam, the main character, making a big deal out of a simple loving relationship. Waste Of Time!Round-Up:Brendan Fraser, Sam Rockwell and Vince Vaughn must have done this movie as a favour to Justin Long because I can't really see them reading the script and thinking to themselves "I Must Be In This Movie" because it's really not that good. It's obvious that Justin Long isn't that great at playing the lead because he was annoying in Die Hard 4.0 and pretty annoying in this movie. I was hoping for a light hearted comedy with loads of funny jokes, but I was totally disappointed.I recommend this movie to people who are into there Rom-Com's about a man who looks on Facebook to woo a girl and ends up doing everything for her whilst not being true to himself. 2/10

William James S (it) wrote: This film has some cool visuals and interesting make up effects, unfortunately even the powerhouse cast can't save this overwrought horror flick. Sam Raimi's heavy handed direction only adds to the melodramatic acting. However, despite all its shortcomings it still makes for diverting entertainment on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Miquel C (fr) wrote: Brutaaalll, encara en tenc malsons!!