Dangerous Remedy

Dangerous Remedy

The ABC telemovie event Dangerous Remedy tells the fascinating story of Dr Bertram Wainer. Living and working in Melbourne in the 1960s, Dr Wainer put his life at risk to expose police corruption in an effort to change the law on abortion and put an end to the illegal operations that were killing young women. It’s a truly inspiring story. Dr Wainer’s determination, even when his own life and that of his family’s was threatened, never faltered. He was living proof that one person can make a difference and change the status quo. With the support of Dr Wainer’s family, the filmmakers have endeavoured to capture the essence of his struggle to expose police corruption and change the law.

In 1969, Dr Bertram Wainer is called out to tend to a young woman dying as a result of a backyard abortion. When an angry Wainer investigates the illegal abortion racket, it leads him into ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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