Dangerous Seductress

Dangerous Seductress

Susan is beaten by her boyfriend and flees to her sister who works as a fashion model in Indonesia. There, she finds a magic book and as she reads a spell men she was a witch who makes her incredibly beautiful in exchange for that she get blood to the witch by seducing men and empty them of blood.

The Evil Queen returns to possess an American girl who she orders to go out and claim victims to sate her blood lust. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jarrad b (jp) wrote: Not a bad little horror movie, but why doesn't anyone have a mobile phone?

Rabeea (ca) wrote: Amal needs to work on his acting but otherwise the movie wasn't bad.

Magda P (it) wrote: I quite liked it. It's cheesy and silly not much of a plot and a strong emotional message, but overall this film made me feel better. It was funny and cute

Adam C (jp) wrote: This doc is bananas!

Philip N (us) wrote: Innnnteresting. But I have mixed feelings about some of the resolutions.

Tabitha R (gb) wrote: one of my favorite movies

Gareth J (es) wrote: Listed as one of Takashi Miike's lesser known masterpieces is Fudoh, a film boasting an outwardly pulpish exterior beneath which lies a deep and complex exploration into the importance of belonging. The intrguing thing about Fudoh is that this quest to find one's place applies not only to the title character but also to the majority of the supporting cast, with each one finding some degree of personal fulfillment in helping young Fudoh avenge the death of his much admired older brother and thus become a dangerous yakuza boss. Certainly, the unfetted nature of Miike's more mature pieces goes a long way to gauge audience invovlment in the story and it certainly manages to add extra weight to the film's many serious contextual questions, elevating it beyond the likable though largely blase comic book charm which infested Miike's similarly scenarioed Crows. The only real improvement which could be made to Fudoh is the duration. The third act introduces characters and situations which touch on Japan's unstable relationship with South Korea - a rare moment where Miike touches on political history - and it would have been nice to have seen the director devote more time to this issue than simply keeping to the strict confines of the film's 90 minute package. Still, what's on offer is nothing to be sneezed at and remains far superior to the majority of commercial films coming out of Hollywood (although the same can be said of all of Miike-san's works). Undoubtedly, Fudoh is a triumph of all that appeals about the director and sits right up there with Audition at the top of Miike's cannon.

Allan C (kr) wrote: I've always thought this was my favorite football film. I'm not a football fan, but I really liked the unglamorous portrait of professional football, depicting it as a bunch of pain pill popping, womanizing, drug and alcohol abusing, adolescent man-children. The film follows pro football player Nick Nolte who's goes through the film in constant pain, which is what seemed to stick with me the most about this film, and develops a relationship with the non-football fan Dayle Haddon, who's quite good and who I don't really remember from anything else. While the film isn't strong on narrative, which is mainly Nolte's character coming to the realization that the NFL isn't about the game or the players but about money, it does have a great feel for the time and place. I'm not sure how much connection this has to football today, but taken on it's own, this film seems like a pretty honest portrait of what football must have been like in the 1970s. The film also features a strong supporting cast that includes Charles Durning, Mac Davis, Bo Svenson, John Matuzak, G.D. Spradlin and Dabney Coleman. Directed by the underrated and underused Ted Kotcheff with a good score by John Scott.

Spookie M (nl) wrote: I enjoyed this campy 70s haunted house movie. Sadly not enough of the late great Burgess Meredith who shines in his scenes.

Garwin S (ag) wrote: Rubbish. A Brit tribute to American Pulp Fiction reads like a poor pastiche of a Jack Vettriano painting. Falls flat and the Albert Finney character is unlikeable without any charm whatsoever.

M C (au) wrote: This movie actually has good qualities, including decent acting and some creepy ideas, but the character's decisions get so stupid and ridiculous that the movie becomes very frustrating to watch. Movies like this get much worse, but that doesn't excuse its flaws. 40/100

Paul B (ru) wrote: A big movie that doesn't short on drama, action, and British military incompetence in the late 1800's. A true historical account of Khartoum in the Sudan, there was no holding back of the budget on this grand display of Charlton Heston and Laurence Olivier. Wow, is Laurence Olivier tan. The sweeping landscapes, cast of thousands, and dramatic sequences make this a very good historical and theatrical watch. The drama is a little over the top sometimes but everything else is strong.

Jessica H (mx) wrote: Classic Bruce Willis film with good guys vs Bad guys with a good amount of firepower.

James H (mx) wrote: Fairly ordinary crime mystery, very much a product of the era it is from. It is boosted by Sidney Poitier's presence and a fine score by Quincy Jones. The characters are a bit stereotyped and things are spelled out a bit too much. Plays a bit like a cop show from television in the 1960's.