The fictionalized story of Daniel, the son of Paul and Rochelle Isaacson, who were executed as Soviet spies in the 1950s. As a graduate student in New York in the 1960s, Daniel is involved in the antiwar protest movement and contrasts his experiences to the memory of his parents and his belief that they were wrongfully convicted.

Based on the true life story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were convicted as spies for giving nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, the film features their fictionalized son on his journey to find the truth and clear his parents' names. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (mx) wrote: The Four is a living breathing comic book brought to live action. Based on a supernatural mystery zombie art novel, The Four tells the story of four powerful warriors, part of the King's special task force called the Divine Constabulary. They must work hand in hand with the competitive Department Six, to stop a counterfeiting ring by a diabolical fire and ice wielding supervillain.As an investigative thriller, The Four fails. In fact, most of this movie is recruiting new characters X-Men style and trying to keep up with the confusing plot. There is very little action in the first half, but the climax pretty much makes up for the lack of everything else.In the grand and explosive finale, The Four finally get to use their martial arts skills. They take on a small army of resurrected ice zombie fighters and the villain of the movie. In a giant and visual effects extravaganza, they punch, kick, throw shurikens, and use all their combined powers for one hell of an entertaining end to the movie.Only the first of an intended trilogy, The Four is decent escapist entertainment and is worth viewing for the climax alone. Getting there is another matter entirely.

Akiko A (mx) wrote: A family secret in the Hollywood industry is slowly revealed when a young girl Agatha comes to town searching to make amends to her family. She meets a limo driver Jerome who is intrigued by her eccentric behavior. She tells Jerome the story of how Carrie Fisher met her online & she decided to come from Florida to see Holywood. An actress suffering from mid career crisis hires Agatha to be her assistant based on a recommencation by Carrie Fisher. John Cusack is Stafford who is a self help therapist who has a huge sucess and is married to Cristina who manages her son's acting career. Benjie is a recovering addict child star with a dufficult disposition. All of these lives are changed when a secret hidden for many years surfaces, destroying the thin veil of Hollywood fantasy revealing truths about the people who compete for a spot in the spotlight. Good film, twisted commentary about the inside lives of people in Hollyowood.

Ashton S (ca) wrote: This is damn fine drama with a plot unique to Japan. It really keeps you guessing as the actors take you down a very twisty tale.

Barry H (gb) wrote: Average film which I didn't like to much maybe worth a watch once.

Marcus M (ag) wrote: more miss than hit, but there are some chuckles to be had, nice to see Rik Mayall on the screen

Aaron H (gb) wrote: Better than the last entry, Tremors 3 takes on the theme-park premise, similar to Jurassic Park. Burt Gummer returns for thirds to take on the next generation of below-ground creatures, while keeping his business going.

Christina E (ru) wrote: Ed Gein himself was a twisted individual. The horrors uncovered in his house show how unstable he was. But for some reason, the movie downplayed what he was. This film could have had so much potential.

Chris G (gb) wrote: Overlong and not well connected 100% of the time, it succeeds by using it's stellar cast to it's advantage while providing one of the strangest and out of left field endings of all time.

Nick P (it) wrote: Daft, retro, shallow and wholly implausible mess in a sharp 1990s suit. The sort of film they really couldn't keep making after Austin Powers came out.The immense potential of Sean Bean as Bond's evil twin is mostly wasted, but the film's made watchable by absolutely superb camerawork, Famke Janssen's outrageous vamping as one of the series' most watchable villainesses, and Pierce Brosnan making Bond the paragon of slickness (though he communicates entirely in one-liners).

E S (au) wrote: Richard Gere have today proved that film by film he has matured+becoming a great actor!!!

joey d (fr) wrote: recomended. It's another drama

Dylan W (fr) wrote: One of my favorite films. The perfect buddy cop movie. Non biased 4stars, personally 5 stars. The set up to the characters is great. The comedy is funny, a couple of gut busters. The action is real and believe able. The crash of characters fit the actors very well. Excellent writing, good performances, solid action, and all around good film making.

Edith N (es) wrote: Why Shouldn't Women Be Explorers, Too? I have no real opinion about whether or not Don Ameche should have won Best Supporting Actor given the slate of nominees he was up against. Of the five movies in the category for 1985, I have seen three, though I don't really remember having seen [i]Jagged Edge[/i]. (It seems I thought the performances were the best part but that Peter Coyote was better than Robert Loggia, the actual nominee.) I haven't seen [i]Prizzi's Honor[/i] or [i]Runaway Train[/i], though obviously it won't be much longer on [i]Prizzi's Honor[/i]. However, having now seen three of the five, I think perhaps it was a weak year for the category. Don Ameche wasn't bad, but he didn't have much to do in this. I realize the Academy liked [i]Out of Africa[/i] a lot better than I did, but still. And apparently, [i]Jagged Edge[/i] as a whole is just that forgettable. I mean, couldn't they have found someone else? A bunch of old men routinely trespass on the property next door to the old folks' home where they live to swim in the pool, figuring no one will care. No one has lived in there for years anyway. Only now, a group of people have rented it, not to mention Steve Guttenberg's boat, for mysterious purposes. And now, the old men swimming in the pool have started to feel great, and Steve Guttenberg is in love, or at least lust, with the girl (Tahnee Welch). The old men find out that their hosts are aliens. They freak out. The police get involved, and since there's no proof that the neighbours are aliens, the old men get a warning for trespassing. But Ben Luckett (Wilford Brimley) arranges a deal with "Walter" (Brian Dennehy), and the old men--and now their wives--are allowed to go on swimming in the pool, provided they keep secret about the whole thing. Only, being human, they can't. And the title cocoons are suspended animation pods, and having too many people draw on their energy kills the aliens in them. I can't help wondering what the actors in this movie thought about the characters they were playing. We know that they discussed whether they would take the aliens up on their offer (which you know, because it's in all the commercials, but which I think would have been better kept secret), and we know that not all of them would have. Maureen Stapleton, for example, said she wouldn't. However, that's not really what I'm thinking about. I talked yesterday about the music that shaped me, and I guess that's part of what I'm thinking about here. We see the effects of the rejuvenation they get from the pool--instead of going ballroom dancing to the big band sounds of their youth, they go to the clubs young people are going to these days. However, that doesn't ring true to me. I think they'd still like the same old music, and while they might be up for some jitterbugging, they wouldn't be interested in break dancing. These are, in short, Magical Old People, and that bothers me. I suppose it doesn't help that two of the actors in this movie have certain cultural legacies that could not have been foreseen in 1985. The most obvious is Wilford Brimley, who does a fine job in this movie. However, I would say that the average person who didn't grow up on [i]The Waltons[/i] or whatever looks at him and thinks of either Quaker Oats' being the right thing or else "diabetus." I'm not completely sure I've seen any of the commercials about the latter, but I know he did a bunch of them. As for Steve Guttenberg, he may have been riding the success of those first two [i]Police Academy[/i] movies at the time (and we will [i]not[/i] be getting to those!), but whenever I see him, I get the Stonecutters theme stuck in my head. ("Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?/We do!") Not, I think, that the [i]Police Academy[/i] legacy is an unalloyed good, as evidenced by how determined I am never to bother with one of them despite my fondness for The Guy Who Played Rizzo on [i]M*A*S*H[/i]. I suppose, in the end, the answer is whether death is something to be feared or not. I find the scene where Bernie (Jack Gilford), who has always distrusted the pool, tries to revive Rose (Herta Ware) a touching one, but it means that I completely understand the reason he doesn't want to go. Live forever without Rose? We're supposed to have admired Joe Finley (Hume Cronyn) for saying that he wouldn't want to live forever without Alma (Cronyn's actual wife, Jessica Tandy), and I presume the argument here is that Bernie will be living without Rose either way. That's certainly true. However, Bernie is old and isn't going to live very long. That means his time without Rose will be relatively short. Yes, it's partially that he's lived his whole life in fear of one thing or another, but the fear of grieving for all eternity sounds like a pretty reasonable one to me under the circumstances. And who knows--just because we only see Mary (Stapleton) and Ben's kids doesn't mean Bernie and Rose didn't have any, right?

Laurie S (ca) wrote: suprisingly saucy,haha.

David L (de) wrote: It unfortunately influenced too many romantic comedies these days and the ending is silly, but Pillow Talk succeeds due to wonderful performances from its stars, evident chemistry and a number of laugh out loud situations and scenes. Shallow and by now cliched, probably yes. Charming and hilarious, yes.

Matt G (us) wrote: I'm not entirely sure why I watched this film. I'd never heard of it before seeing it on television, and I sincerely doubt that anyone I know, film-buff or not, is familiar with it either. It is a tightly structured little thriller, with a few surprisingly intense moments, although it also contains an unfortunate amount of dull, dry narration. The ending is oddly similar to that of "The Third Man." This is a thoroughly unremarkable film, but, provided one has a certain amount of tolerance for outdated forensics equipment, it can be enjoyed. There are far worse ways to spend 75 minutes.

Louis G (de) wrote: Just a horrible movie. I could not believe that De Niro was in it. It seemed like a very bad B movie if that is at all possible?

Kim H (ru) wrote: I really enjoy listening to Henry Rollins speak, he is a very knowledgeable and entertaining speaker. I've enjoyed his acting in previous movies, and Sons of Anarchy. So I was really looking forward to this movie.I'm happy that I didn't pay a rental fee to see it. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen (that would be Alex's Apartment), but it has to be in my top ten of worst films. It wasn't the actors that made the film not to my taste, but the story line. There was so much potential to the story, but so much time was wasted watching Henry's character, Jack, lie on his bed, that it didn't have time to live up to it's potential.Jack was depressed, and didn't want to go on living, but he can't die, so that's why he tried to sleep all the time. Okay, I completely understand that, but cutting down on the number of times we see him sleeping, would have allowed more time for story development.It was about halfway through the movie before we even learn that he has a daughter, and that's when the action finally starts to pick up. We still see him barely going about his day, but watching him play bingo with his daughter, or interacting more with the waitress, had an endearing feel that added a bit more depth to this movie.The reveal as to why Jack is the way he is, was very interesting, and I wish they would have focused more on that story line. And the scenes with the violence and gore were done well. I didn't feel as if any of them were unnecessary, and I was really amused by the shower scene.If you like Henry Rollins, you may want to give it a watch, but otherwise, I would say that you should find something else to watch.