Danny Roane: First Time Director

Danny Roane: First Time Director

A television actor drinks too much and gets blackballed from the industry, and then he decides to break back in by directing his own movie. Eventually, he gets sober, and then falls off the wagon and goes crazy and turns his film into a musical.

A television actor drinks too much and gets blackballed from the industry, and then he decides to break back in by directing his own movie. Eventually, he gets sober, and then falls off the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex N (it) wrote: Compelling, scary and uplifting - brilliant

ShawnRay M (fr) wrote: Not too long ago there was a trailer mash-up that came out called The Transforminators. It was actually pretty funny in it's lampooning of Terminator: Salvation and Transformers 2 using actual footage from their respective trailers. I joked then that someone should make that movie, being as how the two principle films, in my opinion, were awful. Well, someone did. Although an infinitely better made movie than the original Transmorphers, it's still a pretty bad movie. Aside from the acting, which, with the exception of 2 people, was god awful, the awful dialog, horrible CGI, and just plain stupid mistakes (since when do the backdoors on cop cars open from the inside?), you have a ridiculous choice in wardrobe, unrealistic leaps in logic (a career cop, his neice, and a former soldier-turned-cable guy are better at deducing than Sherlock Holmes) and did I mention the dialog? Seriously, for as "smart" as these people are supposed to be, they say some of the most stupidly obvious things. However, if I had to choose, I'd rather watch this than the other Transmorphers movie because at least it's bad in a fun way.

Paix S (it) wrote: Ttulo sugestivo, por eso la quiero ver.

Manolo P (de) wrote: One of the most difficult films to watch, however, it is positioned among the best. "Mysterious Skin" by the controversial director Gregg Araki, produces a magnificent work of which it is difficult to discuss and obtain a single verdict, because many different conclusions can come out. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with the character of Neil McCormick protagonists this supreme melodrama, whose interpretation as well as that of the co-protagonist Bryan (Brady Corbet) show us what it is to make a really good, memorable, widely thought-provoking and f psychological-character study rather than deep. The rest of the cast, including Elisabeth Shue, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jeff Licon, Bill Sage, Chase Ellison, Billy Drago, Mary Lynn Rajskub, among others; Some more famous than others, and some with more appearances than the others, are also exceptional. Araki's film product sets the sad, gloomy, and very harsh experience of two eight-year-old boys, both team-mates from a Kansas township baseball team. The parallel histories that are shown, position Gordon-Levitt and Corbet in a mysterious atmosphere during their infancy in which diverse circumstances lead them to severe traumas with which not only their lives change, but they will suffer from so many changes during their adolescence due to the traumatic consequences that their childhood will have left them,having to face the challenge of having to deal a life full of bumps and obstacles full of why's, full of what is not clear, blureness, and the fact of living among what is disturbing and unknown.Araki talks about pedophilia and the several of its impacts; he offers a wide and detailed discourse from the moment of trauma to its confrontation, always sowing doubts, but without being confusing, they incite the audience to think, to reflect and to act, trying to find possible answers and solutions; He also proposes a dense and difficult journey to assimilate, in which the determination is placed to get the audience to come in and live face to face the painful reality that many around the world pass through. It is funny when people commonly say that they are aware of what trauma is and what it can leave, they mention understanding hunger, pain, suffering and despair from many facets, but they seldom stop to wonder , What would happen if someone close lived such a thing, or worse, what would have happened if one by him or her self were under a situation like that one. It is most striking how many of the most questionable and uncomfortable topics are among the most recurrent in our society, including homosexuality, prostitution, violence, family break-up, drug abuse, among others, that we always prefer to turn around and cover our eyes. Many of the taboos that especially in this century have been intended to collapse leave many others still intact, and so it is not unfamiliar that there are those who react negatively towards this film. Yes, the positions are divided: you could love or hate this movie, but is that really the goal? Not quite; In fact, it goes beyond all that, the film is made to feel aberration, to feel compassion, to feel an infinite and disheartening pain, but also endowed with an air full of inspiration and hope."Mysterious Skin" arises from nihilism as a pessimistic way to cope with life, perhaps the innovation of Araki lies in not seeing the traumas as the end of the world, but as a melancholic and affective form of surpassing what could be in all senses the worst that could happen to anyone. The film is full of challenges, and on many occasions it is too revealing to the point that it puts itself under a terrible risk. Yes, the tape is full of darkness, but if we analyze in detail we find that it is very illuminated too, and indeed quite. You do need to be prepared to watch this film, because it is not easy. The audience must know that they will face explicit images, which are carefully placed, but they are still shocking and heavy; The story effectively manages to maintain a well-established basis of what is being talked about, so the issues do not falter. It manages to push away the clichs about homosexuality because the movie does not detach itself towards insanity and defines facts that explore the effects of events that can destroy anyone.Disturbing while victorious, this Art-house product aims to make this story as realistic as possible, using magnificent minimalist cinematographic resources that bring you closer to the eighties and the nineties, and not for this minimalism the special effects are left behind, indeed, these are recurrent and very well elaborated, fitting opportunely when they are required. Photography is luxuriant, there are exuberant shots that denote the knowledge of good handling in many of the scenes. Music is embracing, it is more than powerful. Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd produce as always, a soundtrack that manipulates you and takes you away and that works as a key in this movie because the dream that envelops you is meant to feel which could be a long, soft nightmare, sweet, but blunt and endless."Mysterious Skin" is a devastating but sublime and charming film that honors its fragile characters with vital respect. Excellently the film, through the novel that represents, is challenging and like most movies that are good, it is not made for the audience to wait or demand something, but quite the opposite, the film demands something from you. One could cover or even flee from it, but those who watch it with attention and seriousness, are and will be sent undulating between their thoughts. 98/100

Rafael J (nl) wrote: A perfect blend of fantasy, comedy and drama. Pleasantville works admirably as a satire, a coming of age story and a message deliverer that hits right in the hearts and minds of any viewer. An astounding feast for the eyes, an important message for our daily routine and a resonant story for the soul, definitely one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen.

Martin D (nl) wrote: In this romantic comedy, wealthy Chicago publisher Linda (Bonnie Hunt), hosting a wedding at her suburban estate, narrates the tale of how the couple arrived at the altar: Womanizing sportscaster Max (David Schwimmer) and novelist Jay (Jason Lee), friends since childhood, have different attitudes toward women. Incurable romantic Jay still carries a torch for his departed girlfriend Natasha (Vanessa Angel) and is unable to picture himself with any woman in the future. When Jay matches Max with his book editor Samantha (Mili Avital), the two strike such sparks that they get engaged within 14 days. The thought of settling down puts Max in such a panic that he proposes a peculiar loyalty test -- one that involves Jay seducing Sam. If Sam remains faithful to him, then he will proceed with the marriage. Jay doesn't agree to this, but book revisions keep bringing him together with Sam, forcing them to deal with the way they really feel about each other. Director Doug Ellin (Phat Beach) filmed at locations in Chicago.

Deidre L (nl) wrote: So I saw this on... I think perhaps HBO, I don't recall. It turned out to be a movie about boobs, which is ALWAYS good, but I got a healthy dose of breast implant history, and that was pretty neat. And boobs. I have to give boobs so much credit.

Trevon R (ca) wrote: My 2nd favorite sports movie

Linda R (ru) wrote: didnt watch it all, after the first 30 mins i turned it off, not funny and the script sucked.

Anthony C (de) wrote: An awesome time capsule. It's basically the true story of the beginning of Def Jam and Russell Simmons. Musical appearances by The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, LL Cool J, The Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow, etc .. how can you go wrong??It gives you a feel of what it was really like when Rap was still a burgeoning underground phenomenon. Exciting.Suprisingly most rappers and non-actors (Rick Rubin) did a really good job with the acting and playing themselves.It coulda been better, but it's great just the way it is. Classic.

Brandie M (de) wrote: Great Christmas Classic! Wouldn't be Christmas without!

Mark S (us) wrote: Not one of the better Freed unit musicals, but it does boast some pretty great dance numbers, particularly the "storm at sea" sequence and of course the "dancing on the ceiling" bit.

David G (jp) wrote: As goofy as King Solomon's Mines was it was one of my favourites as a kid and even today I'm fond of it. This tacky sequel doesn't completely suck - it has some nice scenery and funny dialogue - but it doesn't have even a fraction of the charm and adventure as the original and the recycled soundtrack, dodgy sets and dodgier special effects give it a nasty, cheap feel.

Michael W (kr) wrote: It really might have been good...if it hadn't been so preposterously stupid.

javier l (kr) wrote: watching this movie made me wanna go back to the aquarium of the pacific of long beach ca

Kade C (ag) wrote: An absolute marvel of cinema with fantastic special effects and a wonderfully simple yet enthralling story. Jurassic Park is always a blast to watch, and everything cgi-wise still holds up extremely well today. One of the best aspects is the film's ability to have a normal happy scene turn into absolute horror in a second, gluing your eyes to the screen the entire way through.

Dave J (it) wrote: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 (2011) Puncture DRAMA One of the advantages about watching movies at home is that you're able to use your fast-forward button while playing on scenes that are somewhat deemed to be unnecessary, and that even as a result of doing that on here it's still a better movie to watch than a fine portion of John Grisham movie adaptions. The scenes I didn't care about too much are the drug use sequences which the central character was using. I also want to say that it's sometimes a fresh change to also see that lawyers are imperfect people too which is what we don't often see from many court room adaptions. The movie based on fact, centering on the number of accidental needle sticks happening throughout many hospitals all across the United States when those incidents can be avoided if safety point syringes were used instead. What is keeping these 'safety syringes' from going into our hospitals one may ask. It is the bureaucracy and pharmaceutical companies that exist to prevent that from happening. At the beginning, the movie focuses on an unwanted situation where a long time faithful ER nurse accidently pricks herself with a contaminated needle. Because she is unable to work anymore and is receiving WCB, she then notifies a small law firm called 'Danziger & Weiss'. From there it is when the two lawyers of Paul Danziger(Mark Kassen) and Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) take over the film which they initially didn't want to do had it not been Mike Weiss craving for a huge payoff. He also happens to be a frequent drug user and is unfaithful as a husband. Weiss may be the epitome of the guy you don't want as your lawyer, but what he does on his personal life doesn't seem to affect what he does during the courtroom since he does have a consistent record. But by the time he takes on this, it would almost seemed impossible since he's going after pharmaceutical giants. Viewers are then introduced to the 'rules and regulations' upon submitting any product to hospitals to use, which is something I had never seen before. We're also shown what can happened if a safety product is intervened into hospitals and why the system has to change. That it would require the involvement of the senate for anything to take action since "money" has always been the main objective and not so much on the safety and health of others. Since popular novelist John Grisham has made court movies popular again, I have to say this is probably by far the best movie about court proceedings I had ever saw, since it's not only insightful but is also based on fact. This is not your typical pretentious courtroom drama as it's based on actual people- better than 'Erin Brocovich' and 'Michael Clayton'- two movies raved by critics because it's so polished and that the characters are black and white. It is what we see from Perry Mason and from John Grisham movie adaptions which does not reflect what happens in real life. We need to see more movies such as this. 3 out of 4 stars

Mark B (fr) wrote: Woody Allen gives us a series of sketches related to his love of radio just before the beginning of the Second World War in America. Some are brilliantly done, some not so brilliant, so the energy lags. Many affinities to Neil Simon's later plays (no surprise there).

Gavin P (mx) wrote: Ben Stiller's first directorial effort, and it's not bad, but nor is it a great comedy. It;s sort of a romantic dramadey, but it never really clicks into gear and is only really saved by the good cast - Hawke, Ryder & Garofalo are all good, but Stiller doesn't give himself too much to do. Decent premise - 'what do I do with my life after uni?", but it's hardly original or specific to any one generation. Overall = adequate.

Luc M (kr) wrote: Better than the first, several funny scenes and good fights, a good story, but still not having something very special, but the film is engaging fun, and has mysterious end, a good movie.