Dans Paris

Dans Paris

Anna has just left Paul who, annihilated by the separation, moves back with his father in Paris. His younger brother Jonathan, a casual student, still lives in his father's apartment and ...

Anna has just left Paul who, annihilated by the separation, moves back with his father in Paris. His younger brother Jonathan, a casual student, still lives in his father's apartment and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve R (nl) wrote: Well, I'm afraid I've got to say that "Freakonomics" was quite underwhelming, compared to its reputation.The tying of sumo culture to Wall St. was interesting, but they spent too much time on the sumo and not enough time on corporate corruption.The part about abortion leading to lower crime rates was a fascinating idea, but they offered little in the way of proof of the hypothesis. I would need a lot more evidence to go on. And Melvin Van Peebles suuuuucked as a narrator.The part about bribing kids had the exact ambivalent outcome that I - parent of an 11-year-old - already knew would happen. Works for some, doesn't for others. Duuuuuhhhh!And the names/success piece was patently obvious in its conclusions.Yeah, underwhelming about sums it up.

Edward C (mx) wrote: Blended(2014)Starring:Adam Sandler,Drew Barrymore,Wendi McLendon-Covey,Bella Thorne,Terry Crews,Joel McHale, Lauren Lapkus, Kevin Nealon, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Emma Fuhrmann,Anna Colwell,Abdoulaye N'Gom,and Kyle Red SilversteinDirected By:Frank CoraciReviewSINGLE DAD, NO CLUE. SINGLE MUM, FLYING SOLO.I've never been a big fan of that crazy Adam Sandler,I once beat the hell out of my buddy cause he said he liked Sandler. Most Sandler movies that I've seen their worst then piss,and trust me this is bad but it's not as most of his others, I mean I stopped and said what the buck is this? So many crappy movie I've seen from Sandler while this movie may be bad it's not as bad his others or maybe even his next one. So for now I'm Ok with that crazy Adam Sandler I won't beat ya if you like Sandler,and I'll try to understand ya, if you like Sandler.The film revolves around Jim who after a blind date decides to spend more time with his kids by booking a trip from his boss for his family at Africa,as does his date Jenn with her kids. They form a bond at the vacation through their children.The movie did achieve it's goal for only about a small percentage. I only laughed six times in this film,I counted six times. You maybe like me where I have seen comedy's were I have laughed my butt off. I recently did with last year's The World's End were every five minutes I was laughing so hard I almost fell of my couch and spit out my soda.The film is funny at least which is more then I can say for click or the Grown up movies. The film presents it's humor through funny dialogue and actions. Sometimes their funny,most times their not.The story did not interest me in the least and if you've seen Sandler's Just Go With It,then it might no interest you that much either.The performances from Sandler and Barrymore are not terrible but their not that good either cause half the time I felt like I was watching a sop-opera special or something. I have seen nine Sandler movies one which was 50 first dates and I actually enjoyed that picture,so I guess maybe when he's not that bad. The supporting cast is the worst thing in the film though, I was getting really tired of that actor Kevin Nealon in the movie, for every time he and that blonde chick were at on screen I was really annoyed because they just weren't funny. Terry Crews however every time he was on screen I just looked at the screen and thought to myself this is even worse then Expendables 3.The direction is just terrible. He doesn't direct his actors cause every time Sandlers on screen he's just doing his usually kind of thing he does for the people at Happy Madison. The usually can get tiresome and very boring unless you provide something new which this movie does not.The elements of any good comedy are not present from start to finish,the acting is not all that impressive and the direction is terrible,I'm going to shred this terrible movie in my blender,Blended gets a two out of five.

Chris W (ru) wrote: A three hour meditation on God, creation, prayer and sacrficie, told in nearly complete-silence. Philip Groning spent a year with a group of monks and the result is a documentary that invites us to contemplate their lives and meditate on our own lack of silence and discipline. It's tempting to complain that the film doesn't give much background, but the point of the film is not the monks but rather on the issue of stilling oneself before God and not becoming encumbered with the things of this world. It's a film that demands concentration and participation, and I found myself drawn into some deep introspection, meditation and even worship as the beautiful images played before me. Not for everyone, but those who are up to the challenge will find a film that is endlessly beautiful.

amber f (kr) wrote: Very entertaining movie! He never gives up on those kids!

cli o (de) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Robert B (br) wrote: Election is the type of satire where one is more likely to wince than laugh. It is a bit dark and edgy and is reminiscent of American Beauty. The performances are good, though a bit overwrought. Election, while not thoroughly enjoyable, is a still a remarkable film.

bill s (es) wrote: As a card carrying member of Sox nation,I wanted to hate this fluff but I found myself liking this fluff more than I would have liked....damn it.

Jason S (de) wrote: extremly boring movie

armand e (jp) wrote: I think the cartoon was better...

Jordan T (ag) wrote: early turn by Hackman as sped-up bent cop, Harry Dean Stanton comes apart at the seams, and Kristofferson just plays it cool and stoic. totally slept on as a great outride of the late 60s...

Matthew L (us) wrote: Delightfully risque pre-code musical about a tailor who visits an aristocratic estate to collect an unpaid debt, where he is mistaken for nobility and falls in love with a beautiful princess. Featuring great musical numbers and energetic performances, "Love Me Tonight" is a classic, unheralded piece of musical cinema.