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Danske piger viser alt


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Du F (mx) wrote: Its Just another Live Action FOP movie... if you have seen the first 2 you know what you are getting into....This was obviously Made for children so I won't be to harsh...but if you're looking for a good movie.. please use your hour and a half watching a spielberg movie or something because this movie is as childish as it gets , other than that it's just nicks attempt at pulping out of what's left of the FoP Franchise

Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (nl) wrote: the best of the trilogy. and seriously.. what an excellent casts!

Zo B (ca) wrote: hmmm so so great music

Don S (br) wrote: For some reason this movie clicked with me. It was an original story, a little quirky and had a few good laughs in it. Not going to win any academy awards but well worth seeing.

borderlinefilms (de) wrote: Menage a QuatreYou may like Closer because of its flawed characters and their doomed relationships. I like it because it's square. The assorted combinations of love and friendship, scorn and resentment, among two males and two females are literally geometrical. Typically, the dependable love triangle pits three characters together, often a heterosexual convention establishing a male lead zig-zagging between two females, or a female lead choosing between two male suitors. What if we include an extra character? How many triangles can be made with four individuals? Four! And Closer expertly covers them all. Next time you see it, draw out a square with each character occupying a corner. Then connect each of the couplings and triangles as they occur, beginning with Julia-Jude-Natalie. Jude falls for Natalie, introduces her to Julia who gets intimate with her camera. The Jude-Clive-Julia triangle is a clever one. Clive is introduced when Jude seduces him online pretending to be Julia who he meets at the aquarium. Often when a movie script or stage play adheres to a strict formula, it turns out flat and predictable. Not Closer. Applying a quadrangular network forces each character to cover all the bases, tagging up every way possible, pushing each juncture to the limit.

Kaleb S (kr) wrote: This one was pretty great. I enjoyed the style of storytelling. It made what would have been a pretty standard film much more enjoyable.

Jill W (nl) wrote: really good family fun film